Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UFO Sighting Vancouver, Canada

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I scanned the skies for almost 2 weeks with no sighting then this. Tonight I skywatched for more than 3 hours and nothing , fell asleep on the couch then was awakened by the TV but it was on mute? half dazed I hit the volume and the TV went on, so I turned off the TV fell asleep and again voices and awakened and they were gone, looked outside and saw I left my Yukon on the balcony, did a quick scan of the night sky and here it was just spinning/wobbling. 

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Unfortunately the true details have been lost in the YT transfer and total of 15 mins, circled almost twice in the same area and then B- lined directly north east , second object showed up and responded to my laser..it was quite wild, prior to this I caught another orb like UFO blinking, will post later, this one was great because of the detail and moving with purpose, hole in the center or dome, your guess as good as mine, I may later try to get more detail from the video but now sleep time, I was excited and wanted to get It out there..wow thanks!

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