Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Video Emerges Showing UFO Activity at ECETI Ranch in Washington

ECETI ranch has long been famous as a UFO hotspot. We have run multiple stories about ECETI Ranch and UFOs that have been seen and filmed there are famous around the world. BBC ran a special on ECETI with Danny Dyer as the host. 

An exclusive new video uploaded to YouTube on August 31, 2013, shows how trees on the ECETI Ranch were backlit by a mysterious object travelling south over the floor of the White Salmon River valley near Mt. Adams, Washington. The images were recorded with a Pulsar Recon X550-based digital night vision camera after a series of witness reports describing lights in the trees surfaced at the ranch earlier this week.

Photo taken at ECETI Ranch, Mt. Adams, Washington in 2009
The case highlights challenges in UFO field research where interference along the observers' line of sight results in imperfect data collection leading to thoughtful speculation.

These limits to physical measurement may point to the necessity for intensified efforts in developing intuitive means for evaluating contact-related incidents (including telepathic contact with ET intelligences behind the events).

ECETI Hotspot

The appearance of mystery lights near ground level is nothing new for this Pacific Northwest UFO hotspot. Video recordings from both 2009 and 2010 reveal how these objects have previously appeared on the ECETI "Field of Dreams," in the trees along the edge of the White Salmon River and flying below treetop level for cameras and witnesses.

Further testing may reveal the role played by automobile traffic travelling along Trout Lake Highway in this latest incident (which cannot be entirely excluded as a possible source of the lights). However, an initial line-of-sight evaluation demonstrates no exposed roadway at the estimated location along the ridge against which the lights would have appeared.
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