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UFO Disclosure, Will it Happen and When?

Stifling the curiosity of mankind 
and the truth is no longer acceptable
We Already Know-UFOs Are Real
It is no longer necessary to convince people that UFOs are real; that scale has clearly been tipped in the favor of the believers. Of course, there is a sizable portion of the population that does not believe, but today these people are clearly in the minority. We should no longer have a burning desire to convince these holdouts. There is not enough return for your investment of time and effort to bring this last group of folks on-board. Besides there are other more important issues at hand.

Defining UFO/Alien Disclosure
UFO Disclosure is not confirming that UFOs are real, it is formal acknowledgment of extraterrestrial presence throughout the universe by prominent global nations, space agencies and religious institutions. Anyone careful enough to connect the dots can clearly see that we have been on a path leading to disclosure for sometime. See countries that have partially of fully disclosed. Of course, some countries have made fantastic disclosure statements but the media does its best to keep this information under wraps; Russian UFO Disclosure is a case in point.

A Bridge Too Far
Many of us play the game of talking about "UFOs" while ignoring the real questions which are, are extraterrestrial beings visiting earth or are people seeing super advanced secret technology employed by the government? Talking about aliens is just a bridge too far for many people to cross. UFO has always been code for aliens, let's bring that issue out of the closet. After all a UFO is just a mode of transportation, no more important than a car, bus or train.

Sure we would all like to know about UFO technology but that is chump change compared to knowing why they are here, where they came from and whether or not they are friendly to the inhabitants of earth.

Most people from this planet are afraid of the unknown, but it is time to push the frontiers of knowledge out further. Consider this, if radical, beyond cutting-edge technology is being used by the government, then the question really needs to be addressed, where did they get such technology? The answer would appear to be........not from earth. It could have been back engineered and as far-fetched as it may sound the government could have full knowledge of extraterrestrial beings and somehow ended up with advance ET technology. Whatever the case the public has a right to know.

The Cover- Up
A whopping 68% of the American public believes the government is covering up information about Unidentified Flying Objects. That is no small number, imagine being in a group of ten people at the grocery store, in class, or at your kid's soccer match, seven of 10 people standing or sitting next to you believe there is a UFO cover-up by the government. These are daunting numbers, not lost on both the younger and older generation of secret keepers.

It has never been about preventing panic by citizens of earth; this is a great story, but that is all it is "a story." It has nothing to do with shaking the foundations of people's religion, that is simply a smokescreen. It is about maintaining a military advantage and keeping the current geopolitical boundaries in place. People don't like change, even the secret keepers and especially the secret keepers who gain power through technology and information.

The public has a right to know what the government knows about extraterrestrials, and they should release their research into the subject, and release more top-secret documents to the general public. Top government officials (particularly the old guard), including science advisers, stand hard against public disclosure, and want us to believe that the UFO phenomena a frivolous matter. This attitude and behavior are no longer acceptable.

Calculating the cost of decades of institutional denial surrounding the enduring mystery of UFOs may be impossible, so let's not even to try. It is more important to know that we are members of a greater community that inhabit the universe. That knowledge alone will change our thinking, our attitudes and put us on a road to a better way of life. Looking back will serve no useful purpose so our focus should be on the future. 

Back in the Day
Back in the 1940s all the way through the early 1990's people believing in the UFO phenomena were in the minority. It was relatively easy to plant misinformation and write people off (no matter how legitimate) as unstable or eccentric that reported UFOs.

To this day, the government admittedly plant's misinformation and disinformation as a way of disguising the truth. Along with the government, the UFO field has not done itself any favors. It has been run amok by people that think they see rabbits on Mars or UFOs in every major worldwide event.
The media was and to an extent still is a willing participant, reporting about little green men and talking on the UFO subject in a childish manner. A small number of mainstream media outlets have come into the realization that people take the UFO phenomena seriously. News organizations that continue to treat their viewers and readers as children (not confined to just UFOs) are finding themselves on the ever growing trash heap of discarded mainstream media outlets. 

A New Reality, Trust in Government is Waning
The days are gone that an accepting public believes and trusts the government at face value, and the secret keepers have awoken to this new reality. The undercurrent of mistrust from the public is growing exponentially. The silent majority is having a long stretch and yawn just about ready to stand up and say.... I need the truth, no more lies. This insistence upon the truth is not confined to the UFO phenomena, but it is a general across the board demand for honesty from all departments of government. Those in government that are slow on the uptake will pay dearly for clinging to the "old ways".

The UFO Community in the Forefront
The UFO community and the people who believe strongly in the UFO phenomena are at the forefront of this drive to achieve honesty and accountability from government, but they will not be the first beneficiaries. After all the UFO community, has been demanding disclosure for decades, credible UFO witnesses are in the hundreds of thousands if not the millions.

The issue of UFO disclosure will not be miraculously plucked out of thin air and solved overnight. It takes a sea change. It takes intolerance by the masses to get things solved. It takes shaking the confidence and foundation of government to get positive momentum started.

Demanding honesty from government is just around the corner. The silent majority in the United States is about ready to have it out with both parties. Insisting and demanding a really transparent government, a government that at least makes an effort not to waste taxpayer's money. The writing is on the wall, and it is only a matter of time before the slumbering giant says, "I have had enough." When this day finally arrives (and it will sooner than your think) people will demand answers from the government. Human nature dictates that people will demand from government real programs that offer material services from their tax dollars. There will be a backlash aimed at our elected officials who will be forced to open a floodgate of tangible services, and UFO disclosure will flow right along with these other changes.

Disclosure is not a Solution to World Problems
Most people understand that UFO/Alien disclosure is not a panacea of solutions for mankind. Some have made the unfortunate connection that when disclosure happens, we will be getting the solutions to global warming, war, famine, sickness and most talked about free energy. The harsh reality is that we must figure out how to solve those problems on our own. That is part and parcel of universal law, nothing of consequence can be given freely, it has to be worked at, understood and then implemented. Disclosure simply means knowing that extraterrestrials are real and possibly understanding their motivation for visiting earth. It is almost a sure bet that we will get no technological advancement from UFO/Alien disclosure. 

Who are The Secret Keepers?
The people knowledgeable about intelligent life in our universe no longer include the President or any of his inner circles. The intelligence community learned (back in the 1940's) the hard way that elected politicians are not to be trusted. Expecting UFO/Alien disclosure to come from the President of the United States is a fool's errand.

There are a few career officers at the Department of Defense, but the majority of the government secret keepers are in highly disciplined organization such as, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Naval Intelligence and last but not least, since 2006 the Military Intelligence Program (MIP). The group has included a select group of military and government contractors since the late 1940's early 50s. There is also a handful of European contractors involved since the late 1960s. The new generation of secret keepers is more disposed to disclosure than ever before, they know that putting this information out will radically change the geopolitical landscape but keeping secret much longer will do more harm than good.

The Changing Face of the Secret KeepersAll of these factors combined to have not been lost on the secret keepers. It is our information that some of the younger generation involved feel that it is only a matter of time before this information must be released to the public. During and shortly after World War II it made sense to keep this information secret but times have change and frankly, so have people and their attitudes, especially towards government. The prevailing thought among the new breed of the secret keepers is that the repercussions of keeping this information secret much longer may be too great to contain.

Disclosure Comes in all Sizes
We need to be thinking about UFO/Alien disclosure within the context of the actual information that will be shared by the public. There is limited disclosure, partial disclosure and full disclosure. Obviously, people want full disclosure, but is that really necessary? A statement backed up by evidence and fact that intelligent life resides in the universe is enough to change mankind forever.

Amnesty for Honesty
As hard as it will be to swallow it is going to be necessary to offer amnesty for the truth. There can be no going back on it, when the truth comes out, it is going to be appalling, and it is going to be outrageous. The sins committed by the secret keepers will range from murder (see James Forrestal suicide or murder) to crimes against humanity. The largess of these offenses will give many people pause to ask, have we done the right thing? Sometimes the ends have to justify the means. So when the time comes, buckle up and strap yourself in because we need this information to move humanity forward. Let the laws of the universe deal with the secret keepers.

Words are important, and the construct of those words will be critical in what information is received from the secret keepers. The offer of amnesty should be limited, partial or full based upon the information the that will be received. The offer of amnesty is probably the most powerful tool in the arsenal of mankind to leverage the truth, and it should only be proposed with a great deal of thought and consideration.

Who Can Provide Acceptable Disclosure
First of all, there are two factions that could disclose this information in a manner that would be accepted and believed. First and foremost is the government and more specifically the American government. Second, and more of a wild card in the disclosure process, extraterrestrial beings could disclose at anytime and for any reason which would entirely neutralize any government effort whatsoever. How, why and when they would make themselves known we can only guessed at, so we will leave that for another post. Keep in mind that there are two sides to this coin, this should serve to insure that we are getting honest information.

Who Will be the Face Of Disclosure
We already know that Presidents, their inner circle and elected officials are no longer the secret keepers. They are as much in the dark as the general population. The military controls the technology, they control the secrets and they have had a truth embargo in place for decades. So when the news breaks who shall do the speaking. When the time arrives for disclosure. We can expect the secret keepers to take a back seat and stay in the shadows, NASA and the President of the United States will be in front of the cameras making this announcement. The information and the evidence they will provide for the world will come directly from the secret keepers.

The growth of social consciousness has always been the responsibility of mankind. There certainly are powers that be in society that depend on secrecy and man's apathy to maintain and grow their base of power. We capitulate this power by being a low information society and not holding our elected officials and media accountable for their actions. There is a fast-growing core of people that are now to paying attention. If you have taken the time to find this article and read this far, then you can count yourself as one of the truth seekers.

We cannot and should not expect government to be our salvation or livelihood, that is misplaced philosophy or ideology, but we should expect honesty and real transparency from the people that we elect. The mainstream media has fallen in lock step over the years right behind the politicians. Both these parties have not embraced the search into the truth nor have they co-opted what is best for mankind. We should demand that government be nimble enough to change in the times and not to be stuck holding on to a truth embargo about intelligent life in the universe that is more than six decades old.

Man is ready for the truth; we are extremely adaptable to change. Knowing that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe would be a change of monumental proportion, but it is a change that we are equipped to deal with. After all, allowing for change is built into our DNA. There is little doubt that disclosure will help us understand who we are as humans and go a long way to help us define what role we play throughout the universe.

UFO Disclosure or more aptly put, sharing the knowledge of intelligent life in the universe is inevitable. Virtually, all of mankind including the secret keepers have already reached that conclusion or are slowly and reluctantly moving towards this inescapable (and necessary) outcome. When UFO/Alien disclosure happens, it by no means is the end of an era it is simply the start of a new beginning of a new period marked by radical changes and new developments.
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