Friday, September 27, 2013

Cluster of UFOs Filmed Over San Antonio Texas

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September-21-2013 U.F.O ORBs captured on videotape high in altitude over San Antonio,Texas.
..EQUIPMENT: SONY TRV-138 20X900 ZOOM with a 900nm IR Filter..
Cluster of UFO ORBs were captured interacting high in altitude over San Antonio Texas...As i was Skywatching using a 900 IR FILTER..I notice a Glowing Orb come into view right above me.So i followed best i could....I notice another Identical orb come into view..I could not believe what i was observing... When zooming in you can see these glowing orbs.As i began to zoom in you can clearly see they were not aircrafts..I was luck to have capture some footage..These objects were traveling in all direction.

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As they traveled high in altitude they appear to be glowing...I pan back to find a reference point and ended using the edge of the roof..As i began to zoom in you can clearly see these orbs were not aircraft,balloons,birds....They did not seem to reflect the sun's ray's,they seemed to emitting some kind of glow.It took me by surprised,I did not expect to witness something.A short time later i saw three more orbs come into view and inter act..So i began filming these other ORBS....In my opinion these glowing Orbs were clearly not aircrafts/ weather-balloons or satellites....
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