Sunday, August 11, 2013

Florida Rocket Launch Lights Up Police Phones With UFO Reports

Florida rocket launch prompts UFO calls

Air Force says it received numerous reports after launch

Delta IV Rocket Launch
carrying communication
This entertaining video is making the rounds on the internet and most people are claiming that you are seeing a triangular UFO that is inspecting the launch of this Delta IV rocket. I am afraid it is just normal ice crystals that build up on the outer edge of the rocket during take off.

We are not that quick to accept every explanation that comes from the so called experts. The recent sighting over Naples Florida has been called swamp gas by the "experts" and now some people are saying it was gas from this rocket being launched. Both explanation are not only inaccurate but they are also careless guesses by people that have laid claim to the term expert. 

UFO sightings 2013 – The Delta IV rocket carrying communication equipment was launched on August 7, 2013. During entry into the atmosphere a triangular object was seen. The "ice crystals" which formed into a triangle shape can be seen coming off the rocket.

Witness said:

During the Delta 4 launch on the evening of August 7, 2013 I was able to capture 3-4 lights that formed a triangle formation that held formation while the Delta 4 released its boosters until the rocket went out of sight.Scientist say these are just ice crystals being emitted from the rocket as it enters the atmosphere. These crystals are a very common occurrence and can be seen during most nighttime rocket launches. 
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