Sunday, August 11, 2013

UFOs in the Sky Over the Jersey Shore - Police Involvement

Last night while taking photos out in Ocean City, NJ, I saw some bright lights appear one by one and then slowly disappear. I wasn't sure what it was, but kept the camera moving and continued to enjoyed the night. A few minutes later I saw similar lights in a different area of the sky and then a third time shortly after that. The lights lasted less than 20 seconds in each spot and then were gone. I texted a few friends about it and couldn't come up with any conclusion as to what it may have been. We made the obvious jokes about how I would be paid a visit by guys in suits and end up disappearing. Oddly enough, somewhere around 30-40 minutes after I saw the lights, a cop car drove up on the beach and started asking questions. They asked how long I had been there and if I saw anything weird. After I told them I had been out for a while and saw something earlier, they mentioned a possible flare or fireworks over the ocean. They didn't seem sure of what it was either and asked that I call if I saw anything else. The lights showed up in 4 different frames with the times indicated in the corner of each. What do you guys think?

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