Monday, August 12, 2013

Russia's Area 51 - The M -Triangle, is a Fascinating Place

Written by: Mack Maloney

Mack Maloney’s new book, Beyond Area 51 looks at twenty inexplicable sites around the world that are similar to Nevada’s Area 51.

There’s an isolated, forested place in Russia called the M-Triangle where people come out smarter than when they went in. So smart, that in one case, a barely-employed, military washout became a cosmonaut after spending only two weeks there.

Researchers there have recorded the sounds of traffic speeding by them, even though the closest road is almost 40 miles away. They’ve heard choirs singing, watched the stars align in fantastic formations, and have even seen strange letters and symbols written across the sky.

Cell phone use is impossible within the M-Triangle…unless you’re standing atop a small piece of ground, dubbed the Call Box. Then you can call anywhere in the world. No surprise the KGB wouldn’t let civilians into the area before 1988. This may seem the stuff of science fiction but, assuredly, the M-Triangle is real.

The M-Triangel is
the  only place on earth

with a monument to aliens

Even though I’ve written two books about UFOs and done many radio and TV interviews on the topic, I admit that I’m still skeptical about many claims made by the UFO community. I’m pretty sure the Nazis don’t have a secret base on the moon. I think it’s unlikely that 50,000 aliens live inside a mountain in New Mexico. Nor do I believe NASA has a covert space program and hundreds of secret space soldiers flying around the solar system.

But …there seems to be good evidence the Navy built a secret base inside the Bermuda Triangle knowing full well all the strange things that go on there. And that Richard Nixon showed Jackie Gleason the remains of a UFO and its deceased crew. And that something almost “heavenly” is happening inside the aforementioned M-Triangle.

What I found while writing Beyond Area 51 opened my eyes to many highly unusual locations around the globe: San Luis Valley, where people see flying men; Ong’s Hat, where renegade scientists may have been jumping universes; Rudloe Manor, where Britain probably hides crashed UFOs; Kapustin Yar, a place where aerial dogfights with UFOs seem to be common.

When Hamlet said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”, he was right on the money. Even the cream of today’s scientific community would be hard-pressed to explain what’s going on at these places. There’s some comfort in that. While I’m still far away from being a True Believer, it’s good to know that we live on a planet that’s about more than just Lindsey, Kim, Brad, and Angelina.

Mack Maloney has written many popular Conspiratorium galleries such as “Real Monsters You’ve Always Feared” and “Your State’s Weirdest Unexplained Phenomenon”. He is the author of UFOs in Wartime, Beyond Area 51, and the long-runningWingman series. The latest Wingman novella, “Attack on Area 51” was inspired by his research for Beyond Area 51.
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