Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rare Historic Footage of UFO Sighting, Sir Francis Chichester, 1931

Sir Francis Chichester
Most people associate the start of the modern UFO age with Roswell in 1947. The fact is that when the aviation industry was just beginning to get started there were numerous UFO sightings, many of them have been lost over time but this is extraordinary rare (but short) interview with Sir Francis Chichester making the first flight between New Zealand and Australia managed to survive. There is little doubt that when mankind was just developing life changing technologies we were under some form of scrutiny. The next large wave of worldwide UFO sightings coincided with WWII and the development of the atom bomb. 

First-hand account from 1931 of one of the world's leading avaiation pioneers, Sir Francis Chichester, describing an unexplained craft flying next to him during his inaugural flight from New Zealand to Australia.

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