Monday, August 26, 2013

Lively NSA Internet Discussion Mysteriously Disappears From UFO Forum

A thread in which posters explored the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden and related subject matter disappeared without explanation Saturday atUFO Casebook online discussion forum. The thread, which consisted of over 500 posts and some 3,700 views, was apparently restored Sunday afternoon, but moderators and administrators could offer no explanations for its temporary deletion.

"No one associated with the forum removed the thread," Casebook administrator B.J. Booth informed 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' Sunday. "We are trying to find out what happened."

Mr. Booth added that it seemed the situation was some kind of malfunction. Such glitches are not entirely without precedence on Internet message boards, but given the overall circumstances, combined with the extent of attention some forum members had invested in the thread, the situation increased suspicions related to the American intelligence community.

"This thread was not deleted by anyone," an administrator from Conforums explained Sunday, "but for some reason, and I can't fathom how it happened, it 'dropped' out."

The administrator additionally stated that he would try to find how the situation happened in order to prevent it from recurring. Conforums is the service provider for the UFO Casebook forum.

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