Friday, August 16, 2013

Classified Anti-Gravity Technology Coming To the Light

"Zero-Point: the Story of Mark McCandlish and the Flux Liner" is a feature-length documentary film about classified anti-gravity technology through the perspective of one man's extraordinary story. 

The subject is very specific - the possible existence and details of one particular top-secret vehicle - yet covers a wide range of associated topics. These include the existence of a limitless, proven but relatively unknown energy source, the very real possibility of faster-than-light propulsion and interstellar travel, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial UFO's, advanced black-budget development within the military-industrial complex, the 'dark side' of free-energy technology suppression, and the cutting edge of modern physics. Framed by McCandlish's detailed, highly personal account, this film is an unprecedented look into a topic very few people know of, yet could represent one of the most important advancements in human history.

Your support is crucial at this point. We feel the topics covered in this film deserve to be brought to a global audience (with a great level of production value) and you can make this happen. With these funds we can create an amazing post-production team and knock this project out of the park. It's going to be released in the Fall/Winter 2013 no matter what, however with your support the finished product will be entirely different and far better!
There are some excellent film-based rewards - besides helping get some amazing information out to the planet - so please take advantage of them!

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

The challenges in bringing any film - let alone a feature - are well known to anyone in the business. Besides scheduling snafu's, creative logjams and variables in the production team, lack of financing is a constant spectre hovering at the door. We've been able to bring the current film to a fairly good state with very little (you don't want to know!) funds and resources, which is why we're on 2 years and counting for general release. It's been very tough at times but also incredibly rewarding.
$5k is a drop in the bucket for basically any film, but will make a huge difference here as it's just being used for final post-production. We have some great people lined up for the team so we're just looking for the cash to feed them! We're in the home stretch now - all we need is this small boost to bring everything together.

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