Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pentagon UFO Ranks As MUFONs Top Sightings in 2012

A recent study by the Mutual UFO Network says 2012 was a record year for UFO sightings, with one of the best cases reported in Milano, Texas. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)employs trained field investigators with backgrounds in science and law enforcement that interview witnesses to identify UFOs. 

Most of the reports prove to be known celestial objects, the organization said, however, a small percentage of cases are deemed “true” and “credible” UFO sightings. Those cases are reviewed by a science board. Sightings reports increased from 5,650 in 2011 to 7,290 nationally in 2012, a 29 percent increase, a MUFON spokesperson said. 

Several of those cases were reported in Texas. A witness in Milano has been credited with having as one of the strongest cases that cannot be identified by any known object. 

Actual photo of pentagon UFO taken from 747 over South America
In all of the top 10 cases, witnesses describe the object to be a triangular craft that became translucent, a circular sphere that flew alongside private aircraft and disrupted its electrical system, a pentagon-shaped craft that hovered over a vehicle and the classic saucer-shaped craft that swayed from side-to-side. In the Milano case, the sighting was first reported in July of last year on Highway 36. A repeat event was later reported in January of this year. 

In the first incident, two male witnesses saw a pentagon-shaped black object hovering over the highway in front of them, witnesses told investigators. At each apex of the pentagon were pulsating lights, with more intense lights at the center of the craft. Witnesses reported seeing panel lines or vents as they drove under the aircraft which was silent, a spokesperson said. The second sighting occurred in the same place by a different person about six months later. Reports show a woman and her son were headed in the same direction, northbound on Highway 36, and saw a similarly-described object, however, much wider across. In both instances, the drivers of the vehicle said they were too scared to stop, but the mother did capture cell phone video from a distance. Other Texas cities that made the list were Cleburne and Van Alstyne. MUFON is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization founded in 1969.

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