Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Are UFOs Silent? Watch a Video Demonstrating Quantum Levitation

Whether you believe in UFOs or not, wait till you see this video demonstration of Quantum Levitation and you might just start to see the possibilities of quantum flight technology in the near future.

Many people often ask why are UFOs supposedly silent, while if there is no drag or friction and there is no fossil fuel energy source then you have to ask.......why would they make any noise. It has long been rumored that ET might be interested in the resource of gold on planet earth, while you might have a bit of an answer in this video.

This video demonstration of tabletop quantum physics with the use of a saucer shaped superconductor and high power magnets show how levitation and suspended flight is possible. You can even see now levitation is possible both racing around above a round track or inverted suspend below the magnet track for the most mind boggling element of this experiment.

Make sure you want the entire video as it just gets cooler and cooler as it goes:

A demonstration of the Quantum Levitation Kit.

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