Sunday, July 14, 2013

Very strange ufo sighting bright colored lights

This UFO sighting is certainly different, is it a genuine UFO, probably not but it certainly is different from anything we have seen. This story ran on ATS which is where we found the video. 

After a night out on PCH in Encinitas, walking back to our car, my wife and I saw a group carrying on about something in the sky. They asked us if we could see the weird light and the black dot above it. I used my camera to zoom in on it and give everyone a closer look. I couldn't capture the black dot, which was about the same size as the lighted object, and hovered, still, above it and to the left. But after extensive examination and analysis, I'm fairly confident that the lighted object convulsing in the night sky is, in fact, Magnemite, or perhaps Magneton.

Or not.

Anyway, it was fairly low in the sky as we looked East from the West side of PCH at about 10:45pm.

Share your best guess as to what it is, especially if you saw it in person.

And make sure to check out (UFO Encinitas CA, May 4th 2013 - "OCTOPUSSY" - Enhanced) to get a 'clearer' look at this thing. I still have no idea what it could be.
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