Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Back Story Behind the Recent UFO Sighting at Empire Bay Australia

Photographer Drew Ryan snaps UFO hovering over Empire Bay

It was large, spherical, luminous and hovering over Empire Bay. Drew Ryan had no idea what it was.

Mr Ryan is a hobby photographer, and managed to snap has numerous images and extensive video footage which he says back up his UFO claim.

"I have seen many unexplained things in the Central Coast skies, but most recently, on Tuesday night I observed and photographed a large luminous ball shaped object over Empire Bay,” Mr Ryan said.

"The ball changed colour several times until it went orange, and then it moved slowly across the sky to hover over Woy Woy for some time.’’

Strangely enough, the day of the sighting was World UFO Day.
But it is not the first time Mr Ryan has seen this particular phenomenon.

This was the fifth time I have seen this same object in the Central Coast skies in the past couple of months," he said.

Many other people have mentioned seeing it to me.

I drove to Staples lookout to try to get a better view and some people there told me it had appeared pear-shaped to them."

Mr Ryan, who is affiliated with several UFO groups, said he was often called upon to view footage taken by other people.

am certainly no expert but I have been photographing these phenomena for a long time," he said.

"Many of the pieces I look at can be easily explained."You have to consider the camera equipment and software used to decide on authenticity of footage.
“But there is no doubt in my mind there are things flying in the skies which cannot be explained.
"And sightings are definitely growing in frequency I would like to see a real investigation of these phenomena take place.
"As an ex-military man I have never seen anything like them."
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