Wednesday, July 3, 2013

UFO Passes Close To The Wingtip of Jet Over New York - Video

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This Ufo sighting was filmed by one of our own guys in his backyard. One of our LooknowTV content producers was filming various planes in his backyard, in Mcdonough, New York while with his wife in early June, 2013.He noticed a white round object passing the wing of the plane. 
At the start of the tape you can see bugs, and in a longer version of the tape at the same location, we looked at a bird, which you can clearly identify. So the bugs & birds in the same video taped on the same day can be ruled out. This object appears to be at a high altitude. We tried to figure out what this object could be using the process of elimination. We even looked into the lens flair theory, but if you have a trained eye and work with cameras often, you can clearly tell this object is a solid object and not a visual artifact produced by a person. 

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We are still stumped over here.  In our opinions this a genuine Ufo sighting from one of our very own. We are excited to present this to you. Thank your for watching & please keep submitting original UFO sightings to LookNowTV! 
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