Friday, July 26, 2013

UFO Sighting Hull, UK, "I saw what I saw and it was very vivid."

Jean Dearing, of Bedale Avenue, Southcoates Lane, said: "I can only say what I saw. I've always wanted to see a UFO and now I have.

"I saw what I saw and it was very, very vivid."

Getting her washing in before the storms hit on Monday night, Mrs Dearing saw moving lights and shapes in the sky over the Humber.

She said: "It was so bright and almost a fan-shaped object, half the size of the moon.

"I dashed in to get my camera and when I looked up again the object was beginning to move in a clockwise circular motion, clearly visible and then dropped quite sharply downwards and then back upwards.

"I tried to put my camera on video but my hands were shaking with excitement, so I just held up the camera and snapped.

"The object then climbed higher into the sky and disappeared at great speed upwards and out of my sight."

Mrs Dearing, who worked for development agency Yorkshire Forward before her retirement, says she knows other people who have told her convincing stories about seeing UFOs.

Now she is appealing for other people who saw something unusual in east Hull on Monday to come forward.

So far she has had no corroboration. By the time she had fetched her husband, Martin, into the garden, the strange object had gone.

After seeing the pictures, Mr Dearing is convinced his wife saw something special.

But, reacting to the pictures on the Mail's website, others were less easily persuaded.

One reader commented: "I saw it too. It was only a moment later that I noticed the man with the remote control device in his hand and realised what his game was."

Another commentator, linking the sighting to a lorry fire yesterday, wrote: "Chinese lantern heading towards that recycling lorry on the M62?"

More sensible suggestions have included a flight coming in low to Humberside airport to avoid turbulence.

And, posting on the Mail's Facebook page, reader Laura Wilson said: "I saw the exact same thing but not on Monday, it was last night near Holderness Road."

Whatever the doubters say, Mrs Dearing is convinced.

She said: "When you look at the pictures, you can see its movement.

"It stayed there for one minute and it was too big to be a Russian spy plane. I've always said I believe in alien life. I don't think we're the only ones in the universe.

"Maybe it was significant that it was the day of the royal baby."

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