Saturday, July 27, 2013

Amazing UFO Photo from Jet Over Japan, Video Removed From Internet

There is a video that accompanies this UFO picture and unfortunately it has been made private, consequently it can no longer be viewed by the public. There has been no reason given for taking this video out of the public domain. The good news is that we did manage to grab one of the photos (screenshot) from the actual video. It certainly is an intriguing UFO. 

At least one website has take the picture below and made a video out of it with accompanying music, if you have viewed the picture below than there is nothing new to see. If the original video becomes available again it will be published here. 

The UFO has been described as circular with blinking light that run around the perimeter of the craft. Apparently the sighting caused quite a bit of commotion among the passengers who were straining to get a look out the windows.
It has also been described as being similar to the mothership from the Spielberg's classic film Close Encounters. 
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