Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mary Rodwell Being Interview By Alfred Webre of Exopolotics

"Extraterrestrials, Human consciousness and dimensions of soul: The intimate connection" by Mary Rodwell, Director, ACERN

Mary Rodwell -- ETs, Souls, The New Humans and a coming global Shift

The human connection to extraterrestrial intelligences does it transcend space and time?

“I believe we are trying to explore a MULTIVERSE through the eye of a needle.”

Broadening the mandate of Contact:

The majority of the public and most researchers believe that Contact or encounters with extraterrestrials are defined through two, very limited windows of Contact experience. Firstly, the Abduction scenario, when the individual may feel paralyzed, and taken in a trance, a deep sleep-like state on-board craft. Secondly, the contactee, whom has full conscious recall of their Encounter. My research however, suggests a third far broader category, which is far more common and less physically intrusive. It encompasses some of the above, but embodies more subtle patterns of experience. If we broaden the mandate to be inclusive of this third category, we stand to gain a far more fascinating picture of Contact and how or why these intelligences are interacting with us.

In this article I explore all forms of Encounters and ask why research with Experiencers of Contact with these intelligences; offer such diverse and conflicting data. What approach is the best for the Experiencer seeking answers and verification of their encounters? I explore the benefits of the holistic approach to gathering data. The misconceptions regarding data revealed by hypnosis, and question, if extraordinary data, is confabulation, fantasy, or potentially demonstrating a new reality: a multi-verse. The testimony from Experiencers, challenges not only consensus reality, but our dearly held religious and spiritual beliefs, and demonstrates an intimate and complex association with extraterrestrials, a connection that spans both space and time, including the realms and dimensions of soul.

The broader context of encounters and what makes contact with extraterrestrials real?

It is my belief that the extraterrestrial encounter, when it occurs consciously or in an altered trance state, and involves a communication with non human intelligences, and subsequently changes the perceptions and world view of the individual, is Contact. Although the term abductee and contactee are synonymous with extraterrestrial encounters, in my opinion the third category is far more widespread. It is subtle, part physical and can be experienced in an out of body or dream state (OBE) where the interaction and encounter is with the spirit or soul body of the individual. This OBE Contact, cannot be confused with normal dreams, despite its dream like quality, mainly because it’s easily recalled, months or years later. Normal dreams however, are soon forgotten, seconds or minutes after waking. Communication in this dream state, and also when the individual is conscious, is telepathic, and sometimes experienced as downloads of data. These individuals generally do not seek conventional help, despite feeling isolated, they are fully cognizant such experiences, if vocalized, may incite ridicule or at worst a psychiatric label. A big difference between Encounters is that in the Abductee can feel angry, traumatized and victimized, but the third category of Encounters feel the opposite. They feel their own species is alien and the extraterrestrials are family. They experience a huge sense of isolation, and are appalled by the primitive, destructive behavior of the human species, and cannot relate to it. I use the term, ‘Homo Noeticus’, The New Human, or Star Children, for this third category. What all Encounters have in common is that their interaction becomes transformative. The challenge to their consensus reality through these Encounters acts as a catalyst and triggers awareness of a multidimensional reality, which changes their lives, and perceptions of reality forever.

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