Sunday, July 7, 2013

Author Says Meetings With Extraterrestrials Have Taken Place - Video

There are several ways to look at the closure of the MoD UFO Desk, one is the British Government says UFOs pose no threat, they do not think UFOs are real or the alternative is they know all too well that UFOs and Aliens are real. Why keep a UFO desk staffed around the clock when you already met ET and already have all the answers to the UFO phenomena. 

Author Timothy Good tells Sky News the threat from UFOs is serious and governments around the world are not dismissing the phenomena. The Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk and "hotline" in a year when sightings reported to the department had trebled.

The latest tranche of declassified files covers the final two years of work carried out by the MoD's UFO desk. In a briefing for the then defence minister, Bob Ainsworth, in November 2009 a civil servant, Carl Mantell of the RAF's Air Command, suggested the MoD should try to significantly reduce the UFO work

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