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Two Incredible UFOs in One Photo, Colorado - Video

These UFOs were not seen by the photographer until he transferred the images to his computer. This is pretty normal for decent UFO photographs. This image was taken on July 28, 2013.  We are currently working on a piece that explains why the camera picks up more than the eye. We should have it posted next week.

UFO Picture Taken Over The Chevin. United Kingdom

An amateur photographer who accidentally captured a mysterious fast-moving UFO over the skies of Belper has come forward in a bid to find answers.

Derek Manley was testing out his new digital camera by taking pictures of The Chevin from the top of Long Row.

However, it was only when he came to look at the snaps later on his computer and zoomed in that he spotted the strange object.

Now, he has decided to appeal for anyone who might be able to identify it after reading a report in the Belper News about strange lights, which were spotted over Smalley.

Mr Manley, aged 70, said: “I didn’t see the object. I was simply checking the new camera to see what it was capable of.

“I took three photo’s in quick succession and it only appears on the second one so it must have been moving so fast across the horizon.

“It was a new camera so I don’t think there were any faults.

“If you take it down to a certain resolution it does look like a classic flying saucer.

“We do get military planes coming over here every so often, but if it had been aplane I would have heard it.

“It would be great to hear from anyone who can tell what is going on in photo.

“At the time I never did anything about it. But after spotting the records in the National Archives which were released I decided to see if anyone could tell me anything about it.”

Mr Manley’s sighting was on June 3, 2006, but he has only come forward now after other UFO reports from the area were revealed.

Early in July, another person came forward on internet UFO spotting site to report a hovering craft which kept changing direction in Bargate in June 2012.

At the beginning of July, we told how unexplained ball-shaped lights were seen hovering over Smalley.

The sighting was revealed in Ministry of Defence records released by the National Archives.

The reports were revealed when the MoD shut down its UFO hotline after more than 50 years faithfully recording reports.

Another sighting detailed in the files involved a low- flying craft spotted by a motorist travelling from Matlock to Carsington Water in November 2009.

In January 2010, the Belper News told how a small black sphere with legs and landing feet ‘floating’ was spotted by an 11-year-old boy while he was looking out of his windowin Pingle Lane.

Mr Manley himself has previously spotted a strange lights at the top of a hi-rise building while driving through central London.

Art Bell's New Radio Show On SIRIUS XM - UFOs & Ghosts

NEW YORK -- Art Bell, radio's master of the paranormal and outward edges of science, will return to the microphone on Sept. 16 with a new nighttime show on Sirius XM Radio.
Bell was one of radio's top syndicated voices in the 1990s before walking away from his nightly show in 2002 due to family issues. He worked occasionally after that but hasn't been on the air since Halloween 2010.

"I missed it terribly," said Bell, 68, whose weeknight show will air live from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET. Sirius is building a studio at Bell's rural Nevada home where he will work.
A Sirius representative contacted Bell through social media a few months ago, leading to the formation of his show, "Art Bell's Dark Matter." He'll talk about things like UFOs, ghosts, near-death experiences and weird aspects of science. He'll do interviews and take calls from viewers.

Scott Greenstein, Sirius XM president and chief content officer, said the show will be "uncensored, unrestricted, uncluttered and utterly unique."
"There's probably more interest in the genre now than when I did it," Bell said. "When I did it, I was damned near alone."

Bell was on some 500 radio stations nationwide and "quit when he was at the top of his game," said Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers, a magazine that covers the radio industry.

Harrison said Bell's subject matter has roots in old-time radio, and he predicted it will become popular once again in the coming years. "He'll be looked at as one of the veteran, old masters," Harrison said. "He's the real deal when it comes to marching to the beat of a different drummer."

There's also a potential rivalry with George Noory, who replaced Bell on the syndicated show. Bell isn't a fan, saying he considers Noory "not edgy enough." Noory's program is on later at night, so the two will not compete directly live.
No contract terms were divulged.

Bell said he's intrigued to learn the differences between satellite and terrestrial radio.

"It seems to me they are the next step in technology," he said. "I've always been a technological junkie. The mix of what they're giving me, the freedom that they're giving me, is priceless."

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The Best UFO Sightings July 2013 - Video Compilation

This is by far the best video compilation of UFO sightings for the month of July 2013. Every effort has been made to weed out fake sightings and known hoaxes.

New Way To Capture UFO Sightings - Sky Fishing

Carlos Clemente presents new UFO recording technique which is carried out using surveillance cameras calls, their results have yielded new evidence on the strange objects across the sky or appear suddenly on some places.

UFO Investigator Recounts Case Of Tall Aliens Landing in Normanton

An illustration by David Sanke of how the UFO/ETs in Normanton Looked
Three mysterious figures dressed in silver suits were seen in a field in Normanton before taking off in a “dull grey” object shaped like a “Mexican hat.”

The unusual sighting on July 7, 1980 was reported by Joyce Westerman.

Mrs Westerman reported the incident to Pontefract UFO expert Philip Mantle and said that her six children had been playing on the street when they spotted a UFO-like object land in a field near where they were playing.

UFO Fleet Filmed Over Kansas City

Since 2011 Kansas City has become a hotspot for UFO sightings. Here is one UFO story out of Kansas City.  If you type Kansas City into the search line you will get multiple stories.

Posters Comments
Not for sure what they are, but I got several videos of them and pics. Looks like a ufo fleet.

Rancher Concludes That Her Cows Were Mutilated by ET - News Video

These stories always seem strange to me and at first they very hard to believe but when you read enough of them the similarities are astonishing. It makes no difference if the cows are found in Colorado, Missouri or South America it is always a mystery that baffles veterinarians and law enforcement. 

There are always certain body parts missing, always a bloodless scene and the reproductive organs have been removed. There is no doubt that these stories are somewhat gruesome but they really do make you wonder, who or what is mutilating these animals. After thorough medical and criminal investigations have been performed the ranchers seem to reach the inevitable conclusion that extraterrestrial are responsible for these horrific event. 

I understand that it is extremely hard to believe but what other possible explanation could there be! Here is a recent mutilation story out of Colorado that has all the same hallmarks of this story from Missouri.

HENRY COUNTY, Mo. - A Missouri rancher is getting tired of making disturbing discoveries on her Henry County land. Lyn Mitchell said she is out of reasonable explanations and now thinks aliens could be to blame for killing her livestock.

Mitchell said she's normally a private person, but the deaths of three of her cattle have her speaking out.

"It's just something I want some answers to," she said.

Mitchell found the first cow in December 2011.

"She had obviously been cut on the side of her jaw," Mitchell said. "Her tongue was gone, her ear was gone."

She initially assumed the animal had fallen victim to teenagers or was part of a sacrificial ritual, until earlier this month. Mitchell made the next discovery on July 9.

"I looked first to see her tongue was gone, then immediately noticed the udder had been completely removed," Mitchell said.

The reproductive organs were gone too, Mitchell said. A char mark outlining the cow's body - still visible today - made the death even more mysterious.

Finally on July 19, Mitchell found the third cow. She said its heart was exposed and its teats were cut off.

All three animals' tongues were also cut out.

Mitchell said the cuts all looked surgical with clean, precise incisions. And in all three deaths, Mitchell said there was no blood despite the animals' gaping wounds.

Since the cows graze in such an isolated place, nobody saw or heard a thing. Mitchell said the sheriff's department and a veterinarian have investigated, but can't come up with an answer.

"The more it happens, the more questions you get. And the more you learn, you find more and more things that make you ask more questions," Mitchell said.

With all other reasonable causes debunked, Mitchell said she is open to the possibility that extraterrestrial life could be responsible.

Similar cases of animal mutilation have been reported in Missouri in the past few years. The FBI nearly investigated in the 1970s. With the unsolved mysteries looming, aliens have become a common answer.

Mitchell is considering installing cameras to catch the person or thing in action the next time they visit her ranch. She just wants the killing to stop.

"Something happened to these cows and it's not something that you see every day, it's not in your normal, so something else is going on," Mitchell said.

This explanation and description accompanied the video from MUFON
I am reporting this incident for information purposes at the request of Chuck Zukowski and State Director Debbie Ziegelmeyer. No UFO was seen, however, there is a possible landing mark and since UFOs have been seen in connection with animal mutilations cases in the past it may be useful to have this on record. This is the third known mutilation on the same ranch. Please see the attached reports for more detail. The case is ongoing, I am setting up camera traps on the site and have submitted samples for lab analysis through Chuck Z. Date of discovery: July 19, 2013 Time: 9:30 a.m. NW corner of Henry County, 84 miles SE of Kansas City ______________________________ 7/19/2013 The rancher called me at 10:00 a.m. this morning to report that she had another dead cow that she just found on her property. She called the sheriff and a veterinarian and they were already on their way to the site. The witness had been at the site on Wednesday and left at 6 pm. She took Thursday off and returned on Friday morning to find the dead cow. It had been 39 1/2 hours since her last site visit. I arrived at 1:00 p.m. with another investigator. The site is approximately 75 yards from the second gate to the property, and it was another 100+ yards to the gate at the road. The vet just left the scene and he examined the cow. The cow was found with a cut in the front of the body between the front two legs, and the heart outside the body. All of the teats had been cut off of the udder, the tongue was cut out, and one eye was missing (the eye may have been missing due to vultures or maggots, which were already on the cow). The vet had the rancher roll the cow over with a tractor so he could examine the other side so when we arrived the animal had been moved slightly but was in the same location. The men opened up the wound in the front of the cow between the front legs in order to view the interior better. This included moving the ribs. The vet said that there was no blood on the ground, the cuts were precise, and that the heart and chest cavity had little blood in them, which was very unusual and unexplainable. He vet also said that he knew animals did not cause the wounds. He looked for bullet holes or other injuries to the cow but could find none, and he does not know the cause of death. The rancher is going to obtain a copy of the report from the veterinarian and the police report in the next couple of days. The rancher said that this was another of her best cows, and that she produced a calf every year. The cow was 7 years old and valued at approximately $2,000. What we found on site: A strange darkened outline around where the cow was lying on on the ground, which looks like it has been burned. Also found an imprint in a cow pie that does not match up to any known animal or human boot print. No people should have been on the property besides the ranchers. It was not a tire print. Could this have been a landing site? ----------------------------------------­- 7/11/2013 Received an e-mail from Chuck Zukowski about a cow mutilation case in Henry County. I spoke to the witness today and she stated following: The rancher found the cow yesterday, July 10 in the North side of her property. It was lying dead on her left side, with her rear end, tongue, and udder removed. The witness did not raise the head of the cow to look at the second eye. The witness had driven by the night before, but did not see anything, however, it was dark and the cow is black so it may have been there. The cow had maggots on it, so it had been there at least a couple of days. It has been very hot, up to 100 degrees and very dry. The witness saw vultures on her on July 10. The witness said that normally birds will fly around when something dies, but they were not there before July 10. It was 100 degrees at the time she found the cow so it is decomposing rapidly. She has registered Black Angus Cows and this one was her best, a 7 ���year old in her prime that would have produced more calves in the future. The cow was worth $2,000. She wonders if it was random or if whoever/whatever did this was looking for the best of the herd. The witness has not seen any other cows going near this one. Note: The witness says that as of today - July 24 - no coyotes have eaten on the carcasses. This is not normal. -------------------------------- Dec 2011 A mutilated heifer calf was found on the site with its tongue and female genitalia removed and part of the jaw tissue and muscle removed to the bone. The rancher buried the calf at that time. ---------------------------------- I made two YouTube videos with interviews with the witness"

Ben Rich of Skunkworks Said We Have Technology To Take ET Home

According to a UCLA engineering alumnus, in 1993 a fellow alumnus, who happened to run one of the most advanced and secretive aircraft development organizations in the world, says the key to the technology that will allow us to travel to the stars, without taking a lifetime to get there, lies in ESP.

Lockheed Marting
Skunkworks Logo

Ben Rich was the director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991. Skunk Works is a division of Lockheed Martin that develops super high-tech aircraft, and is responsible for developing the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber, and the F-22 Raptor.

In a recent interview with Open Minds, Jan Harzan, the new director of the Mutual UFO Network, told us about a presentation by Rich he attended in which he feels Rich shared some amazing insight. Like Rich, Harzan received an engineering degree from UCLA. In 1993, Harzan received an invitation from the alumni association to attend a talk by Rich at the alumni center.

Harzan attended the lecture with his friend Tom Keller, who is also an engineering alumnus of UCLA and shares Harzan’s interest in UFOs. Keller wrote a book on the topic titled, The Total Novice’s Guide to UFOs, which was published in 2010. Harzan estimates there were about 200 engineers in attendance.

Rich’s presentation consisted of a slide presentation outlining his 40 years with Skunk Works. The last aircraft he discussed was the F-117 which was developed in the early 80s, but was not revealed to the public until the late 80s. Rich alluded to more advanced technologies which have been developed since the F-117 but still remain secret.

Harzan says, “He intimated that there was a lot of other stuff going on that he could not talk about.” It was here that Harzan says things began to get really interesting. Harzan told us, “He ended his talk with a black disk zipping out into outer space, and he ended it with these words: ‘We now have the technology to take ET home.’”

Harzan says after this statement the crowd laughed, but he and Keller were shocked. He says, “Tom and I just looked at each other, ‘Did he really just say that, and are these people really not getting that what he is saying is real?’”

After the lecture, Harzan says 20 or so engineers gathered up around Rich to ask more questions. One lady asked about the technology to take ET home, but Rich sort of ignored the question. However, after being pressed by a couple of the other attendees, Rich asked one of the engineers if they thought it was possible to travel to the stars.

The engineer replied, “I don’t know, it would just take a long time to get there.” To which Rich responded that it would not. He told the group, “We found an error in the equations and we now know how to travel to the stars, and it won’t take us a lifetime to do it.”

Harzan says Rich did not say what equations he was referring to, but Harzan assumes they are what are known as Maxwell’s equations. However, he admits that this is just a guess.

Ben Rich in front of SR-71 Blackbird

Finally, Rich excused himself and began walking towards the door. Harzan called to Rich to ask him one last question. He told Rich, “I have a real interest in the propulsion you are talking about that gets us to the stars. Can you tell me how it works?”

Harzan says Rich stopped and looked at him, then asked Harzan if he knew how ESP worked. Jan says he was taken aback by the question and responded, “I don’t know, all points in space and time are connected?” Rich replied, “That’s how it works.” Then he turned around and walked away.

Harzan doesn’t know if he gave the answer Rich was looking for, or if Rich was simply referring to ESP as being the key to how the technology works, but he does believe there is something to Rich’s response.

Harzan says he feels he left the presentation with three very important clues, “One, we have the technology to take ET home. Two is there is an error in the equations… Finally, the way ESP works is the same way that this technology works. So there you have it. All that is left up to us is to go figure it out.”

Memory Manipulation and Creating False Memories - Very Much Real

Researchers at MIT have implanted false memories into the brains of mice, causing them to be fearful of an event that didn’t actually occur. This is a very important study that demonstrates just how unreliable memories can be, and goes a long way to explaining why humans regularly recall things that didn’t actually happen — such as alien abductions, or when giving eyewitness testimony that they believe to be true, but is actually a false memory.
This breakthrough comes from the same team that discovered that memories are stored in individual neurons – and the process of implanting (or “incepting” as the researchers call it, in a homage to the film Inception) false fears is essentially the same, but with a vital extra step added to the end.
The researchers place a mouse in a brand new environment. As the mouse explores this environment (Place A), new memories are created in the hippocampus (the region of the mammalian brain that we know is deeply involved with memory formation). In Place A, the mouse has the time of its life. The mouse is then relocated to a different environment (Place B). While in Place B, the neuroscientists stimulate the memory of Place A using optogenetics (more on that below), while simultaneously delivering electric shocks to the mouse’s feet, causing fear and pain. Then, when the mouse is returned to Place A, it freezes in fear. This is because the mouse’s brain has somehow confused the fear of electric shocks in Place B with its memory of Place A — in other words, a false memory has been created.
What a mouse looks like with an optogenetics system plugged in
This is what a mouse looks like with an optogenetics system plugged in
Optogenetics is, as the name suggests, meddling with the genetics of cells so that they are sensitive to light. In this case, the MIT researchers used a virus to infect the neurons in the specific region of the hippocampus where Place A memories are formed. This virus changes the neuron’s DNA so that they produce a protein switch that is sensitive to light. Then, when these neurons are struck by light (a hole is drilled in the mouse’s skull and a laser is shot into that region of the hippocampus), the memory is turned on. Optogenetics is one of the most exciting developments in neuroscience as it allows us to interact with very specific regions of the brain in vivo — in living, breathing, memory-forming test subjects.
Diagram of a mouse's hippocampus being infected with a virus, and having optic fibers inserted
A diagram of the mouse’s hippocampus being infected with a virus, and optic fibers that will be used to control the neurons via optogenetics.
Now, freezing in fear isn’t on the same level as the elaborate false memories that humans sometimes conjure up, but it shows incontrovertibly that false memories can be created — and, more importantly, that the physiological process of creating and recalling false memories and real memories is very similar. This doesn’t explain how we create such fantastical false memories as being abducted by aliens, but it does explain why we so vehemently believe that these memories are real. More research is needed, but it seems that, as far as we’re concerned, false and real memories are both equally real.
The next step, of course, is to actually do something with these findings. The research group would like to use its memory manipulation technology to fix/treat undesirable brain function, such as anxiety and depression. Being able to delete or reprogram bad memories, a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, would probably make short work of many mental woes. Perhaps more excitingly, though, is the potential to directly encode new memories into our neurons — kind of like when Neo learns to fly a helicopter in The Matrix. That’s probably a few years away yet, though.

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Photos In Thunderstorm Capture Possible UFO - United Kingdom

Lee Steemson, 33, of Birchwood Lane , took the picture in his back garden. He said: 
“It was the perfect opportunity to photograph a lightning strike. I started using my iPhone. I took over 200 pictures with only about six capturing the lightning. Afterwards I found the one with strange lights and zoomed in. I don’t believe in UFOs or alien life but I do find it strange and inexpiable as there couldn't be a reflection as I was outside and I wasn't using a flash. The eye didn't see it but the camera did.”

Geometric Structure on Mars Similar to Ancient Structure in Kofun Japan

This geometric structure that NASA's Curiosity rover located on Mars is very similar to the ancient structure that still remains in Japan to this day. We don't really know enough about either structure to determine if there is a link. It could well be that this similarity is just a coincidence but it warrants further study and it is worth keeping an eye out to see what else is uncovered on Mars. 

UFO Filmed Over Queensland Australia

While this UFO sighting occured in March of 2013 it has only been made public in the past week. 

Witness Report
The anonymous woman reported her UFO sighting to the Bundaberg NewsMail--Bundaberg's daily newspaper. She explained to the paper, "At about 9:15 pm as I was watching television I saw through the open lounge room door a blue light that came down like a beam not far from our house, or at least it looked like that . . . It came down from the sky, deathly quiet, and then disappeared."

She posted her video to her Facebook page, and sent it to the Bundaberg NewsMail as well, hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on the mysterious object she observed. She told the paper, "Of course there could be quite a simple explanation for it, but I can't think of one."


Crop Circle Appears in Sleepy Cemetery in Town of Friday Harbor Washington

Friday Harbor is the county Seat on the San Juan Islands just off the coast of Washington State. There are only 2100 residents living in this small village

A crop circle appeared in a quiet cemetery in Friday Harbor Washington and what makes it rare is that it was binded grass curled and hooked at the ends. Visitors attending the park found it fascinating and felt a little bit of fun centering the large circular pattern. This is the first and only crop circle from Friday Harbor and maybe it will become a regular occurance as most patterns appear next to past paterns. Have you say anything strange you would like to report?

Brilliant UFO or Meteor Over Puerto Rico? - Video

It should be noted that many people are calling this a UFO while the authorities are calling it a meteor. Whatever it is it made a spectacular entrance over Puerto Rico on July 21, 2013. 

There are some reports of recent bright Meteor sightings over Puerto Rico and other countries. The "Sociedad de Astronomia del Caribe" (Caribbean Astronomical Society) explains that as part of Earth's orbit around the Sun, sometimes our planet enters into a zone where comets left behind some debris; when those particles enter Earth's atmosphere at great speeds, friction causes them to burn and viola: we see a meteor. Some meteors look really bright, like the fireball seen on this video.

It should be noted that many other websites are calling this a UFO 

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Daytime Sighting Over Ecuador, Object Appears To Be Landing

Stunning Night Vision UFO, Oregon

The object flashes and catches my attention and is moving slow, so decide to start filming. Fortunately it is heading almost overhead to the north, but slightly west of the position on the ground. The night vision portion shows no structure between both objects. Zooming in the HI-8 portion reveals amazing detail. One of the objects is a cluster of of orbs and the other is the airplane type mimic light, yet both are moving silent above with almost 8 minutes of running time.

One Of the Better UFO Video's From Russia

Unfortunately, there's no more information about the date and the location, but the video worth a look as the lights appears to have an unusual behavior.

Noteworthy points during the video occur at the 1:34 mark when two hovering orbs are met by a third, forming a triangle shape which slowly begins to move as one across the night sky, and the 6:14 mark when one sphere bursts into a bright light, disappearing completely. Finally, at the 8:17 mark, the strange lights are approached by yet another fast-moving orb that disappears without a trace.

UFOs, Reason To Believe - UFO Documentary

Since the 1940 hundreds of thousands of people claimed to have seen UFOs. In the United States and Canada alone approximately 12-15% of all people claim to have seen UFOs. This outstanding film takes a look at some of the most famous and well documented UFO cases to establish if they ware merely hoaxes, hallucinations or in fact legitimate .


Take a look at our full library of  UFO and Alien Documentaries.  Each one is a full version, some are hard to find, others have been removed from the internet and all of them are entertaining and informative.  

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MUFON's Best UFO Sighting For 2012 - Video

Open minds recently attended the 2013 MUFON conference, they put together this report showing  the best MUFON UFO video case for 2012. 

At MUFON's 2013 annual symposium they handed the press a press release outlining the top 10 UFO cases of 2012 as determined by their newly formed science review board. MUFON's science review board is headed by their director of research Robert Powell. It consists of scientists with degrees in physics, chemistry, geology and electrical engineering. The board's work experience includes working with NASA and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and many leading high-tech companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman.

Of the 10 cases, one of them is an intriguing UFO video case that took place in Ball Ground, Georgia, a town about 50 miles north of Atlanta. The witness says "We saw a black, bird like shaped object that made no noise along with blinking lights in the sky."

Amazing UFO Photo from Jet Over Japan, Video Removed From Internet

There is a video that accompanies this UFO picture and unfortunately it has been made private, consequently it can no longer be viewed by the public. There has been no reason given for taking this video out of the public domain. The good news is that we did manage to grab one of the photos (screenshot) from the actual video. It certainly is an intriguing UFO. 

At least one website has take the picture below and made a video out of it with accompanying music, if you have viewed the picture below than there is nothing new to see. If the original video becomes available again it will be published here. 

The UFO has been described as circular with blinking light that run around the perimeter of the craft. Apparently the sighting caused quite a bit of commotion among the passengers who were straining to get a look out the windows.
It has also been described as being similar to the mothership from the Spielberg's classic film Close Encounters. 

UFO News, Alien Space Probes, UFOs in Australia - Spacing Out

Episode 55
Open Minds covers UFOs in Australia, Alien Space Probes and they check out the MUFON Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also the latest UFO news and reports are covered in this episode. 

History of British Police UFO Sightings - Gary Heseltine

Gary has been researching this subject since 2002. He has now amassed over 350 sightings between 1901 and 2008 involving over 700 British police officers. Gary's presentation will comprise of a brief history of how his research began before giving a selection of the types of cases contained on his PRUFOS Police Database website i.e. radar/visual, close encounters. He will also comment on recent UFO/ET developments in the UK.

D.C. Gary Heseltine (ret) presented "The History of British Police UFO Sightings" at the 2nd Annual British Exopolitics Expo on Sunday August 8th, 2010 held at the University of Leeds.

Friday, July 26, 2013

UFO Sighting Hull, UK, "I saw what I saw and it was very vivid."

Jean Dearing, of Bedale Avenue, Southcoates Lane, said: "I can only say what I saw. I've always wanted to see a UFO and now I have.

"I saw what I saw and it was very, very vivid."

Getting her washing in before the storms hit on Monday night, Mrs Dearing saw moving lights and shapes in the sky over the Humber.

She said: "It was so bright and almost a fan-shaped object, half the size of the moon.

"I dashed in to get my camera and when I looked up again the object was beginning to move in a clockwise circular motion, clearly visible and then dropped quite sharply downwards and then back upwards.

"I tried to put my camera on video but my hands were shaking with excitement, so I just held up the camera and snapped.

"The object then climbed higher into the sky and disappeared at great speed upwards and out of my sight."

Mrs Dearing, who worked for development agency Yorkshire Forward before her retirement, says she knows other people who have told her convincing stories about seeing UFOs.

Now she is appealing for other people who saw something unusual in east Hull on Monday to come forward.

So far she has had no corroboration. By the time she had fetched her husband, Martin, into the garden, the strange object had gone.

After seeing the pictures, Mr Dearing is convinced his wife saw something special.

But, reacting to the pictures on the Mail's website, others were less easily persuaded.

One reader commented: "I saw it too. It was only a moment later that I noticed the man with the remote control device in his hand and realised what his game was."

Another commentator, linking the sighting to a lorry fire yesterday, wrote: "Chinese lantern heading towards that recycling lorry on the M62?"

More sensible suggestions have included a flight coming in low to Humberside airport to avoid turbulence.

And, posting on the Mail's Facebook page, reader Laura Wilson said: "I saw the exact same thing but not on Monday, it was last night near Holderness Road."

Whatever the doubters say, Mrs Dearing is convinced.

She said: "When you look at the pictures, you can see its movement.

"It stayed there for one minute and it was too big to be a Russian spy plane. I've always said I believe in alien life. I don't think we're the only ones in the universe.

"Maybe it was significant that it was the day of the royal baby."

Craft of Unknown Origin - Award Winning UFO Documentary

This is an award winning short film, winner of Best Short Video Category at the 2012 International UFO Congress.

"Craft of Unknown Origin" is a 30-minute documentary that examines the subject of UFOs. Drawing from a number of credible UFO witnesses and UFO reports, the video is crammed with diagrams, as well as 2D and 3D animation, that accurately visualize the strange vehicles that these witnesses report seeing.

Most notably, the makers of this video worked closely with Sgt. James Penniston, U.S. Air Force (ret.), to accurately visualize, for the first time anywhere, the UFO craft that he saw. Sgt. Penniston is one of the principle witnesses to the celebrated Rendlesham Forest UFO event of 1980. Through animated video, viewers will see what Penniston saw as he describes his feelings and actions of that night. Often referred to as "England's Roswell," the Redlesham forest incident remains one of the most well-documented UFO events ever.

Respected UFO author Leslie Kean (UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record) is also interviewed. Listen as she shares her insight about UFOs, cutting through the sensational reporting of the subject to get to the indisputable facts.

Award-winning G. M. Productions is the production company of San Antonio animator Mike Fisher. Mike has been creating animations and videos for over 10 years. His videos have won awards at film festivals all across the country.

Weird Daylight UFO Sighting - United Kingdom

Posters Comments
"Taken with Sony HDR-UX19E, 15x optic zoom,+telephoto lens,focus was manually set to infinity and exposure decreased as well due blinding light from sun.' STABILIZED BY YOU^TUBE. Amazing luck i got when i spot this thing after sky watching early at morning.

Is NASA Ready to Go To Warp Drive?

NASA Warp-Drive Engine Closer to Reality

According to NASA physicist and engineer Dr. Harold G. White, 43, it is possible to bend the rules of time and space that Albert Einstein constructed when he said that it is impossible to exceed the speed of light. If White is correct, NASA could be closer to the dream of Trekkies everywhere of building a warp-drive engine and to travelling faster than the speed of light.
How might it be possible to exceed Einstein’s galactic speed limit?
White’s research and thinking about the possibility of creating a warp-drive engine and flying faster than the speed of light is  based on the theories of Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, who in 1994 theorized that exceeding Einstein’s galactic speed limit was possible if scientists discovered a way to harness the expansion and contraction of space.
The way this expansion and contraction of space might be harnessed is by creating a “warp bubble” that expands space on one side of a spaceship and contracts it on the other. By doing this: “the spaceship will be pushed away from the Earth and pulled towards a distant star by space-time itself,” according to Dr. Alcubierre in his hypothesis.
As one step towards realizing his goal, Dr. White is trying to warp the trajectory of a photon to see if he can propel its travel at faster-than-light speeds.  His laboratory floats above a system of underground pneumatic piers. It was constructed in a way that it would be free from seismic disturbances. This is because his team’s measuring devices can pick up the smallest vibrations, even those created from people who are walking nearby.
Since nature can travel at warp speeds, Dr. White reasons that there is a chance that humans can figure out how to do it too.
According to White:
Space has been expanding since the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. And we know that when you look at some of the cosmology models, there were early periods of the universe where there was explosive inflation, where two points would’ve went receding away from each other at very rapid speeds.”
The potential construction of a spaceship like the USS Enterprise lies in the distant future, but White is convinced that such a project could open doors for far-reaching space travel. Developing such a warp drive would allow NASA to drastically reduce travel times to other star systems from tens of thousands of years to weeks or months. Astronauts, with such technology, could take quick trips to explore other solar systems.
Edwin F. Taylor, a former editor of The American Journal of Physics and senior research scientist at MIT, states:
The idea is crazy for now. [But] check with me in a hundred years.”
According to Richard Obousy, a physicist and president of Icarus Interstellar, the idea:
…is not air-fairy, pie in the sky. We tend to overestimate what we can do on short time scales, but I think we massively underestimate what we can do on longer time scales.”
Dr. Alcubierre, who has never met Dr. White, said that a major problem that would have to be overcome is that a warp bubble “cannot be reached by any signal from within the ship” and can’t be turned on or off in the first place.
Dr. White and his team are continuing their research despite the odds. They believe that they can bring warp speed into the realm of the possible, and if they are correct, NASA might be closer to bringing a warp-drive engine like the one that the Starship Enterprise uses to reality.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Great UFO Photos Take by Popular Radio Host Paul Koffy - Minneapolis

Paul Koffy has a popular morning radio show on BUZ'N 102.9 in Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota from 5 am to 10am. On July 24 he saw a UFO and decided to take several pictures. It should be noted that, at first he saw the UFO with his naked eye therefore lens glare would be ruled out. 

Koffy's Description"So I saw one blip with the naked eye yesterday so I opened up the camera app and took some pictures on the cell phone. Some of the shots had definite camera glare – which no point in posting those, but for these…idk maybe it’s camera glare? but I did see one light bubble deal with just my eyes so ….for what its worth."

The Hunt For Alien Spacecraft Begins For Real

In the field of planet hunting, Geoff Marcy is a star. After all, the astronomer at the University of California at Berkeley found nearly three-quarters of the first 100 planets discovered outside our solar system. But with the hobbled planet-hunting Kepler telescope having just about reached the end of its useful life and reams of data from the mission still left uninvestigated, Marcy began looking in June for more than just new planets. He's sifting through the data to find alien spacecraft passing in front of distant stars.

He's not kidding - and now he has the funding to do it.

If intelligent life is common in the galaxy, "where is everybody?
Last fall, the Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic organisation dedicated to investigating what it calls the "big questions" - which, unsurprisingly, include "Are we alone?" - awarded Marcy $US 200,000 to pursue his search for alien civilisations.

As far as Marcy, an official NASA researcher for the Kepler mission, is concerned, that question has a clear answer: "The universe is simply too large for there not to be another intelligent civilisation out there. Really, the proper question is: 'How far away is our nearest intelligent neighbour?' They could be 10 light-years, 100 light-years, a million light-years or more. We have no idea."

To answer that question Marcy has begun to sift through the Kepler data and to search the heavens for a galactic laser Internet that might be in use somewhere out there. (More on that in a bit.)

Launched in 2009, Kepler was designed as a four-year mission to detect planets - habitable or otherwise - around distant stars by measuring the dimming of those stars as orbiting bodies pass in front of them. In May, a component of the spacecraft designed to keep it pointing precisely failed, dealing a crushing blow to Marcy and his colleagues who last year convinced NASA to extend funding for the mission into 2016, which Marcy says would have allowed researchers to further refine the number of known Earthlike planets in our galactic neighbourhood.

"It's a heartbreaker," he says. "People are reacting a little bit as if a close family member died. There's this combination of severe depression and confusion, coupled with denial."

Successful so far

Kepler has been wildly successful in its four years. To date, it has found 132 exoplanets - that is, planets outside our solar system - and possibly 3216 more that await confirmation. Researchers have extrapolated from Kepler data that our Milky Way galaxy alone contains at least 100 billion exoplanets, as many planets as there are stars. Still, with the telescope - which is 40 million miles from Earth - having collected data on 150,000 star systems, researchers are only beginning to pick through all the information.

Marcy hopes that hiding within it will be hints about intelligent life abroad. What if, say, the dimming of a star that Kepler observes is caused by something even more fanciful than the passage of extrasolar planets? Something synthetic, perhaps? Marcy admits that even he's not certain what he's looking for.

"I do know that if I saw a star that winked out, then at some point it winked back on again, then winked out for a long, long time and then blinked on again, that that would be so weird," he says. "Obviously that wouldn't constitute the detection of an advanced civilisation yet, but it would at least alert us that follow-up observations are warranted."

Such an irregular pattern might signal the leisurely and unpredictable passage of massive spacecraft in front of the star. But, perhaps more likely, it might indicate the presence of a Dyson sphere, a mainstay of science fiction first proposed by physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960.

The concept is simple. The energy needs of a civilisation a thousand or a million years more advanced than our own would probably be vastly greater than those of even the most profligate earthlings. The greatest source of energy in a solar system is its star, and that energy could be captured by building a massive structure tiled with solar panels enveloping the star - the ultimate green jobs initiative.

Under the second law of thermodynamics, the structure would produce incredible amounts of waste heat in the form of infrared radiation. In September, a Penn State team led by astrophysics professor Jason Wright began searching the sky for just that by combing through data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE. The Penn State work is also being funded by Templeton.

If Dyson spheres pop up in the data, Marcy thinks they would more likely appear as a patchwork of solar panels rather than a solid sphere. Perhaps the dimming of a star would be erratic or quasi-periodic, unlike the regular transit of planets.

To detect such aberrant dimming patterns, Marcy's Templeton grant is funding the salary of a Berkeley student to write software that will chew through the Kepler data."Writing the computer code is not easy," Marcy says. "There's no prescription in any computer science book about how to search for aliens."

Galactic laser internet

The rest of the $200,000 grant is buying Marcy time on the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, the largest telescope in the world, to search for - what else? - a galactic laser internet.

While the movie Contact, based on Carl Sagan's book of the same name, popularised the idea of aliens dozens of light-years away picking up an old telecast of the 1936 Berlin Olympics that was unintentionally transmitted into space, our civilisation has become quieter to any outside observers in recent decades. As our civilisation makes the jump from analog to digital, communication is increasingly carried by fibre-optic cables and relatively weak mobile phone repeaters rather than powerful broadcast transmitters. Rather than spilling out messy radio transmissions, Marcy posits that alien civilisations would use something much more precise and efficient than radio waves to stay connected, and lasers fit the bill. At the Keck Observatory, he hopes to spy an errant beam flashing from a distant star system, an observation that would be strikingly obvious on a spectrum.

This shift to new ways for finding E.T. is in part due to the failure of traditional SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to pick up radio signals from deep space. Federal funding for SETI projects ended in 1995, but private benefactors have stepped up to support the search for alien radio transmissions, including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who has sunk more than $US30 million into a giant radio telescope array now under construction northeast of San Francisco.

Nevertheless, the silence underscores the question once posed by Nobel prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi: If intelligent life is common in the galaxy, "where is everybody?"

Marcy admits that this so-called "Fermi paradox" poses a powerful counterargument to the prospect of success for any search for extraterrestrial intelligence. But what if, even if the chances are vanishingly remote, he is successful? More disturbingly, what if (as some respected physicists fear) he finds a Death Star?

"The first thing we do is transmit a message to them that says, 'We taste bad.'


Three Large UFO Maneuver Around The Sun

Three large UFOs were recently filmed near the sun, given the size of the sun these objects would have to be enormous. 

Roswell Witness Jesse Marcel Jr. Speaks Out

Jesse Marcel Jr.

Jesse Marcel jr. talks about the debris that his father brought home after the Roswell incident. He is very lucid, clear minded and seems to remember the details with good clarity. You will enjoy this short 5 minute video. 

In 1947, Major Jesse Marcel brought home pieces of the infamous UFO that crashed outside of Roswell. His son, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., still remembers the strange material. We drove into the desert to hear his story, and returned to his childhood home to see the floor where his father showed him the wreckage.

Researcher Frank Kimbler shows debris he's found in the area, currently undergoing testing for proof of extraterrestrial origins.

Fleet of UFO Engage a Fleet of Military Jets - Florida UFO Dog Fight

UFOs visit US Air Force in Florida (Photos)

If this is an accurate depiction of what transpired in Florida then this is one of the most amazing UFO accounts on record. 

Witness Account
Yesterday, I was driving down Parnell Rd. in Wauchula, FL. and took a picture of a UFO or UFO's when the sun was going down. Later that night at home around 9pm I began to hear a rumbling sound that for thirty minutes or so I thought was the weathers rolling thunder. Then after thirty minutes, the sound got louder and I started feeling the rumble in my chest. I live 16.7 miles from US Air Force Station located in Avon Park, FL. 33825. The Air Force Station is also a bombing range where multiple aviation tests are conducted. When I walked outside my house into my driveway the ground rumbled under my feet. I immediately spotted two fighter jets flying over head so low that the windows on my house started to rattle, even the fenders on my car were making a rattling sound. After spotting the two fighter jets and following them as they flew by, I heard and felt the rumble under my feet and in my chest of the roaring sound of 2 more fighter jets behind me. I called my family outside to see and hear this awesome scene and we continued to watch these jets fly in pairs and seen the after burners on many that flew bye.

I started counting the amount of fighter jets in the sky. I counted 20 jets all in pairs of two with 4 in the south, 4 in the north, 4 in the east, 4 in the west, and 4 above my head, two on each side. I saw that the jets were actually chasing UFO's that would streak across the sky like falling stars and just as fast as it streaked across the sky they would then turn with pin point precision, losing the jets in their wide turns. When I saw the first one, it had a radiant light and then as I counted them I saw that there was some blue, some red, others orange and golden/white neon colored. I counted 55 of these brilliant colored UFOs. For two hrs my family and I along with neighbors, a total of 8 of us, watched this most extraordinary air show that put the US Air Force technology to shame. The UFO's would at times fly solo and it didn't seem to fly but it floated and whipped through the air with ease and it looked like everything that was done by the UFOs it was done effortlessly. Sometimes another UFO would come flying in to accompany the solo UFO; they would fly together for a few minutes and then break away. The Fighter Jets never did break formation but I did see them make attempts to keep up with the UFO's by using their afterburners but the UFOs advanced technology made their attempts look feeble.

After an hour of the activity taking place over head and all around us, the activity went to approximately 27 miles West over the area of the pictures that I posted. The UFOs numbers reduced quickly from 55 to 3, and then 2, and then finally down to 1, in all of 10 minutes. Then the 1 UFO really began to antagonize the US Air Force Fighter Jets. I say antagonize because the UFO stopped flying away and began bobbing and weaving in one place like a Professional Fighter in a Prize Fight. The Fighter Jets started to fire missiles which availed them none as the UFO just bobbed out of the way and back to its regular position. They dodged the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th missiles like it was a walk in the park, fun and games. Their UFO technology is absolutely hands down mind boggling and while watching this whole thing you felt like you were watching the Movie "Star Wars" except instead of 3D it was real life, you could feel the rumblings quaking through the ground into your feet and right up into your chest, you could hear the roaring sounds crackling in your ears like a drag strip speedway, and you could definitely feel the intensity of the moment keeping you on the edge on your seat just anticipating the very next moment. What happened next was nothing short of one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in real life. The Air Force started firing what appeared to be lasers from the ground. Before each firing of the laser an intense glow would emit emerging brighter and brighter, then, a laser blast from the ground shots up at the UFO. The UFO dodged each of the laser blasts that they fired for the next hour.

The UFO continued to stand its ground and merely bobbed out of the way when fired upon. Each time the Air Force would fire at the UFO with their laser, the UFO would maneuver in such a way as to look like they were playing with children. Then, right when I thought that I had seen it all, the UFO started going in a circular orbital motion disappearing and reappearing. After an hour, the UFO finally disappeared into thin air. After two solid hours of none stop action on a Friday night, we didn't hear any more sounds, feel the rumblings of the jets, or see anything else, just silence. I looked at my wife and kids and laughed, "I think we just seen the next sequel of Star Wars, the unedited version." All that I can say about this is, watch the skies, I have a feeling there’s more to come as the truth is disclosed as it just was and as soon as each government of the world and our US President Barack Obama stops fearing there colleagues and discloses the truth about advance intelligences visiting Planet Earth. My message to US President Barack Obama, be the first to tell the American People the truth and not the last. I think that there is someone who can tell you better than I can, here is a famous quote made on July 21, 1969 by Neil Armstrong: “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind.”

Major Changes Announced With MUFON

The 2013 MUFON Symposium was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and Open Minds was there. The theme was Science, UFOs, and the Search for ET. Alejandro Rojas interviewed many of the speakers and MUFON personnel. Two big stories from the conference was the announcement of a new International Director for MUFON, and the partnership between MUFON and France's GEIPAN. GEIPAN is France's official UFO investigation organization. It is a part of the CNES, France's space organization, similar to NASA here in the US.

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