Tuesday, June 18, 2013

UFO Fleet Takes On Triangular Shape Above Virginia

I was walking to my car just after dusk (9:12 p.m) when I immediately saw multiple glowing red spheres floating above the trees in a zig zag formation Northwest. I come from a family (4th generation) of fire fighters and was raised to never panic and always assess the situation. However, I panicked. I have never seen UFO's nor did I really believe in them but for some reason, I knew right away these were UFO's. 

I threw down my bags on the side of the street and pulled out my Gopro Hero 3. The Gopro is horrible in low light but these spheres reminded me of burning red flares (I assume from the reflection of the sun). They were not planes because of the way they defied gravity and they did not follow conventional flight trajectory or emit any sound. They were beautiful.
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