Monday, June 24, 2013

Is ET Ready To Openly Walk Among Us

Are Extraterrestrial ready to walk openly among us!
I am writing with reference to the latest sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects shown in the news a few days ago.

We have, over many years now been subject to similar events, including reported encounters with alien beings, abductions into spacecraft etc – many by people of proven sense and responsibility.

Tend to ignore them
I can recall clearly that when these stories first began to circulate we were all rightly alarmed. But as they steadily mounted up, we have become so used to them we now largely ignore them.

Because, I suggest, it is human nature to dismiss anything that makes us uncomfortable rather than confront our fears.

Ministry of Defence UFO project
And now the government department responsible for recording and checking out these strange events has been disbanded on the grounds that there is no apparent threat to us.

Not, you note, because such alien events or beings do not exist.

Alien invasion
It is my suggestion that not only do such events and beings exist – whoever they be, or from wherever they come – but that they will shortly be arriving openly among us.

And that the constant stream of unexplained sightings over the years has been a sort of build-up, a rehearsal if you like, carefully orchestrated so that when the inevitable happens we will not panic but instead merely accept it.

This letter from Ron Chonner from Lake to
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