Friday, May 10, 2013

Extremely Large Fleet of UFOs Over Melbourne Australia

Here is a video by Lou in Melbourne Australia, he posted a shorter version of this a while back and this is the entire video. It is difficult to see much until the 80 second mark. Keep in mind that this video has been shot during the day and NOT at night, so these are not stars in the sky. It will help immensely if you view this in 720p and at full screen.

Posted and comment on by Lou20764
Previously posted. This is the complete footage. I tried everything to enhance the video. My fault, samsung sdc-435 set on the wrong settings for 'DAYLIGHT'!!!! (Around 7a.m on a Monday morning as I recall)
Comments are either, birds, ballooons or stars at night in fast forward. I don't think so. (SORRY FOLKS, HEAVY ENHANCEMENT to SHOW 'OBJECTS')

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