Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great New UFO Video Out Of Vancouver Canada, Energy Orbs or UFOs?

These two videos ran in the Vancouver Sun on Monday May 27, 2013, along with the accompanying story. It was submitted by Vancouver resident Charles Lamoureux. 

Charles Lamoureux is a registered nurse and amateur astronomer. He told UFO AM that he was skeptic of UFOs until one evening he saw something shoot across the night sky while he was looking at the moon with his telescope. Ever since he has been using night vision equipment to hunt for UFOs and says he has recorded some very interesting objects.
Awesome capture of 2 specific UFO's and "Friends" traveling near city of Vancouver, on original file and zoomed in the pulsating UFO actually looked like it was tumbling, the UFO/meteor actually changed direction before disappearing so strange for sure, other objects noted if you look closely during the entire clip, second capture is my infamous Orb making a brief cameo in my video...awesome!! All captured on my Yukon Night Ranger NV monocular. Nothing all night then suddenly they all showed up, I will try to edit and zoom in particular areas of the video as the loss of quality from uploading will not give you all the details unfortunately., still learning.

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