Monday, May 13, 2013

Will President Obama Start UFO/Alien Disclosure? Video

There is absolutely no doubt that Presidents have been taken out of the loop on the ET presence for decades. The last president to know about the extraterrestrial presence was actually Dwight Eisenhower who left office in 1961. President John F. Kennedy made a serious and somewhat forceful effort to gain access to this information ten days before he was murdered. If this was not the main reason for his assassination it probably was a contributing factor.   So my point is that I truly believe it is wishful thinking that Obama would even know the first fact regarding ET presence on Earth. That being said this hearing, this video and this discussion is moving the conversation in the right direction. It may be moving in small increments but at least it is moving!

Does Obama have knowledge of ET presence?
“President Obama selected for his transition chair John Podesta – the current chairman and founder of the Center for American Progress… I think that President Obama is well aware that there’s an extraterrestrial presence. He was probably tipped off by John Podesta. He can’t do anything about it. And so when we successfully petitioned the White House and they had to respond, it’s possible that they gave such a rigid, fixed, almost indefensible position NOT because they are ignorant, but because that was the best thing they could do to help us out (as opposed to a wishy-washy statement that they could have danced around). And, by giving us such a fixed position like that we can pound, we can break it. And, if we break it, we break the truth embargo. So, it’s just possible that the opposite interpretation is that this is an administration trying to us reach in to help them.”

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