Saturday, May 11, 2013

Encounters With Star People Author to Speak at Jesse A. Marcel Library

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke will be speaking to a group at the Jesse A. Marcel Library (JAML) on May 14th at 7 -10pm. Admission is free and it looks like it will be a great event. For those who do not know of Dr. Clarke she is a best selling author and has written several books, she will be talking about her latest endeavor, Encounters With Star PeopleThe address of the event; 11 Ponderosa Rd. Helena MT. For directions follow this link.

Here is a brief synopsis of the Author and the Book

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University and a noted American Indian researcher offers up a collection of intimate narratives of encounters between contemporary American Indians and the Star People.

The first person accounts, described as conscious experiences and recalled without the aid of hypnosis, reveal a worldview that unquestionably accepts the reality of the Star People. The stories also reveal cultures that almost universally regard Star People as ancestors, which allows for interactions that take place without fear and helps explain the uniqueness of the encounters and experiences.

The stories are told by people from all walks of life. Some had graduate degrees; others had never attended school. Some were adept at technology; others had never used a cell phone, owned a computer or a television set. A few of the stories are about events that occurred before the 1947 Roswell incident, however, the majority of the events took place between 1990 and 2010. This book significantly contributes to the knowledge about UFOs from a group that until now have mostly remained in the shadows. For readers, it is likely they will never look at the UFO phenomenon in the same way again.

The author of 12 children's books and the best-selling, Sisters in the Blood, lives in Montana with her husband, Kip; her beloved Lhasa Apso, Prairie Rose and her Maine Coon cat, Rez Perez. While retired from academia, she continues to work as a consultant to American Indian tribes and indigenous communities worldwide. 

She has been adopted and given traditional names by three Northern Plains tribes including the Blackfeet (Woman with Great Knowledge), the Northern Cheyenne (Walks all Woman) and the Lakota Sioux (Woman who Helps People).

She is currently writing a followup to Encounters with Star People, which will focus on interviews conducted among the indigenous people of Central America and Mexico. She is also engaged in the final editing of a fiction novel.

She maintains a blog, a poetry page, and a photo gallery entitled “A Day in the Life,” which embodies the beauty of Mother Earth and her creatures, at

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