Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daytime UFO Emitting Glowing Energy -Video

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May-04-2013 a U.F.O was captured on videotape over San Antonio,Texas,traveling N/E...
It was a clear day with no clouds in sight..As i was Skywatching facing north,i notice this glowing object traveling high in altitude...I grabbed my camcorder for a closer observation..When zooming in it appears to be emiting some kind of glowing energy...It did not seem to reflect the sun's ray's..At times this U.F.O appears to Rotate as it travels overhead.

As you can see on the video STILLS,this object was clearly no aircraft ..This U.F.O was traveling at a high altitude right above my house. I did not hear any noise coming from this U.F.O...I followed until it was out of sight....Clearly an UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECT...In my opinion this glowing object was clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite....
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