Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Very Bizarre and Unusual Oval Shaped UFO Over Richmond Virginia

This unusual UFO video was recorded over Richmond Virginia on May 18m 2013.

Posters Comments
I've witnessed three separate UFO incidents earlier in my life which led me to finally purchasing night vision gear and the means to capture the event should something occur. I've captured activity every night I've gone out and have recorded everything. I have hours of material, some of which is posted to my YouTube account, spendiddragon1

I usually stop my recordings after 60-90 minutes each session as that's pretty much the laptops battery life.

Most objects are disks and orbs, and with night vision there is no discerning any particular color characteristicsS other than the IR spectrum in which I record it (either B&W or NV green).

My last two videos, UFOS ON A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, and HOW TO DECLOAK UFOS are probably the most telling of the group. A short excerpt of the DARK AND STORMY video recently aired on UFO Planet.

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