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Unusually Clear Daytime UFO Filmed Over Brisbane Australia May 27, 2013

This Video starts to get very interesting around the 18 second mark. 

Posters Comments
This UFO was sighted in Bribane, Australia on 27.05.2013. Very nice catch!

Large UFO Fleet Detected Over Guelph, Ontario

A large formation of UFO's pass over head in Guelph, The objects have a sync trajectory in flight, moving at a decent speed while all in sync can scrub out the lantern explination. The poster comments: Strange lights over the sky in Guelph ON on May 29 2013 at 9:21pm Credits to: George Nitals

Clear Daytime UFO Sighting Over Brazil

Proof Of Extraterrestrials - The Lost Archive, ( Full Version)

James Edward McDonald (May 7, 1920 -- June 13, 1971) was an American physicist. He is best known for his research regarding UFOs. McDonald was senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the Department of Meteorology, University of Arizona, Tucson.

McDonald campaigned in support of expanding UFO studies during the mid and late 1960s, arguing that UFOs represented an important unsolved mystery which had not been adequately studied by science. He was one of the more prominent figures of his time who argued in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis as a plausible, but not completely proved, model of UFO phenomena.

McDonald interviewed over 500 UFO witnesses, uncovered many important government UFO documents, and gave important presentations of UFO evidence. He testified before Congress during the UFO hearings of 1968. McDonald also gave a famous talk called "Science in Default" to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). It was a summary of the current UFO evidence and a critique of the 1969 Condon Report UFO study.

UFO studies

In 1954, while driving through the Arizona desert with two meteorologists, McDonald spotted an unidentified flying object none of the men could readily identify. Though a rather unspectacular sighting of a distant point of light, this sighting would spur McDonald's interest in UFOs. By the late 1950s he was quietly investigating UFO reports in Arizona, and he had also joined NICAP, then the largest and most prominent civilian UFO research group in the nation. Given his training in atmospheric physics, McDonald was able to examine UFO reports in greater detail than most other scientists, and was able to offer explanations for some previously unexplained reports. Using his security clearance with the US government, he also uncovered a number of well-documented UFO reports from the US Air Force's Project Blue Book, which he judged deeply puzzling even after stringent analysis.

By the mid-1960s, McDonald began speaking about UFOs more openly. McDonald's first detailed, public discussion of UFOs was in a lecture given before an American Meteorological Society assembly in Washington D.C. on October 5, 1966. Entitled "The Problem of UFOs", McDonald's speech was the first of many given to an overflow audience. McDonald declared that scientific scrutiny should be directed towards the small number of "unknowns", which he defined as a UFO reported by a "credible and trained observer as machine-like 'craft' which remained unidentified in spite of careful investigation." He noted that the vast majority of UFOs could become Identified flying objects, and, in his estimation, only about 1% of UFOs were true "unknowns". McDonald also lambasted the U.S. Air Force for what he saw as their inept handling of UFO studies.

In 1967 the Office of Naval Research granted McDonald a small budget in order to conduct his own UFO research, ostensibly to study the idea that some UFOs were misidentified clouds. He was able to peruse the files of Project Blue Book at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and eventually concluded that the Air Force was mishandling UFO evidence. Following the Robertson Panel's recommendations in 1953, the Air Force was following a debunking directive towards UFO reports, and only discussing UFO cases which were considered solved by a mundane explanation. All unexplained UFO cases were classified "secret" and not released to the public (see Robertson Panel for further information).

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3 Different UFO Sightings By 3 Different Witnesses - Vancouver, Canada

This sighting by itself is not all that remarkable but when you take into consideration the stories we published last week it makes it very remarkable. There was another UFO sighting over the North Shore Mountains (also with a photo) and there was some very nice video from the same area. These are three different reports from three different witnesses.
Now that is remarkable.

An amateur photographer from Canada claims to have photographed an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) over the North Shore Mountains in Vancouver, British Columbia.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Anthony Ellis, a resident of the city, only noticed the speck on the slide later, after he downloaded the image to his computer.

"I was quite surprised," he explained, adding that he had not altered the image and the same speck was not visible on other photographs taken at the same time.

Ellis' UFO sighting adds to the number of recent UFO reports; the number is believed to have increased over the past 12 months. According to an annual report from Ufology Research, there has been a 100% increase in the number of UFO sightings in 2012 alone, compared to previous years.

Chris Rutkowski, a civilian science writer and the author of the UFO survey since 1989, explained the increasing numbers of sightings in the recent past by saying there were simply more people watching the skies than before.

ABC NEWs 10 Report - UFO Sightings in Sacramento on the Rise

UFO Visits Garlic Capitol of The World - Gilroy California

Gilroy is well known for its garlic crop and for the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, featuring various garlicky foods, including garlic ice cream. Gilroy also produces mushrooms in considerable quantity. Gilroy's nickname is "Garlic Capital of the World,". While garlic is grown in Gilroy, its nickname comes from the fact that Gilroy Foods processes more garlic than any other factory in the world; most pickled, minced, and powdered garlic come from Gilroy, California

MUFON Witness Statement:

I walked out my front door after hearing something outside my window. I looked across the field and observed 3 bright light low in the sky NW of where I stood. Luckily I had a camera in my truck and ran to get it. I then filmed 3.30 minutes of the objects hovering. They were in a triangle shape and move together so I thought it was a single craft until the one to the farthest right made a path to the north and disappeared. Then the one to the left did the same. Eventually the one left also did the same.
I watch the sky often and have never seen aircraft in this area like this before. I walked back inside to look at the video and heard a couple jets fly over. Now it is pretty silent. Oh, also, while I was outside the neighbors horses were acting very strange.

Source MUFON:

West Australians Seeking Help With Alien Abductions & UFO Sightings

MORE than 400 West Australians have sought advice or counselling after claims of seeing UFOs and meeting extra-terrestrials. 

Mary Rodwell

Many have joined Perth's UFO Abductee Contactee Support Group, run by the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network and its founder, Perth counsellor and therapist Mary Rodwell.

Others regularly photograph the day and night-time skies and post pictures online, documenting what they say is evidence of UFO activity over the Perth Hills and the western suburbs, the South-West and Wheatbelt.

Ms Rodwell, a member of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, started her support group in Perth almost two decades ago after taking on a patient who was convinced he had been contacted by aliens.

Since then, more than 1200 Australians, including more than 400 from West Australia, have sought her advice or counselling, which she offers free or for a donation and business has never been busier, with record numbers contacting her in the past year.

It includes a "buddy system" for "contactees" to share experiences, while those who want deeper hypnotherapy sessions are charged $70.

The 65-year-old grandmother said contactees were men and women of all ages, including housewives, children, farmers, students, teachers, lawyers, doctors, professors and even psychologists. Most have ongoing experiences.

The author of the book Awakening admitted her claims would sound unbelievable to many, but evidence was stacking up worldwide.

"It's all very X-Files but the truth is we live in a universe of billions of stars and it's very unlikely that we're the only life," Ms Rodwell, who lived in WA for 18 years and moved to Queensland three years ago, said.

She said contactees had reported about 60 types of extra-terrestrials. Many experiences involved "going up on a spacecraft".

"A beam of light takes them up to a small craft which takes them to the mothercraft," she said. "Presences around them. Bright lights. They are put on to a table where certain medical procedures are done.

"They're also taught things on the craft. Some remember things consciously, particularly children. Most have a missing time episode. They may find marks on their body, strange needle marks like fine microscopic surgery.

"Some are left with tiny implants."

She said aliens were showing themselves to humankind as part of a "slow desensitisation".

But military and government were in contact with extra-terrestrials and had obtained technology such as fibre optics, night vision, Teflon and digital chips, she said.

The Australian Medical Association WA declined to comment but one Perth psychiatrist urged anyone who thought they'd had alien contact to seek medical help and a psychiatric assessment.

Ms Rodwell is expected in Perth in June to speak at a forum tied to her collaboration with Perth Theatre Company for their coming play Alienation.

Can UFOs Advance Science - Sunrise Group Wants to Find Out

This book aims to re-confirm the self-acceleration effect, which is based on the principles of a charged object emitting electromagnetic radiation, through the study of government sanctioned UFO reports. If proved and then implemented, the self-acceleration effect could provide faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly transportation for the world.

Canberra,ACT -- (SBWIRE) -- May 2013 -- SUNRISE is seeking public financial support to fund a new book titled Can UFOs Advance Science? to be printed and released by August 2013. This is the first stage in what could possibly be a momentous discovery if found to be true.

SUNRISE is looking to raise a total of $9,500 to publish the book (free services in the form of full color illustrations, artist impressions, editing, marketing and promotion will also be accepted). Once the book is printed, proceeds will be used to undertake the second and final stage of building a patented electromagnetic device from an American physicist that closely mimics the observations people have had of UFOs. Furthermore, through re-testing this patented device, it should prove whether an obscure electromagnetic principle mentioned in a few advanced university physics textbooks known as self-acceleration does occur in reality. If self-acceleration does exist, SUNRISE will succeed in solving the UFO mystery.

Despite lack of government support, SUNRISE has examined multiple UFO reports collected through the years and found something intriguing. A common claim in UFO reports is a string of electromagnetic observations such as glowing effects similar to an electric light bulb, disruption to manmade electrical systems, the smell of ozone, light beams, occupants wearing skin-tight metallic suits with no sharp objects such as belts and fasteners, smooth symmetrical metallic discs for the UFOs, buzzing sounds reminiscent of an electrical generator, symptoms of radiation poisoning and burns suffered by some witnesses, and so on. Some people believe that these phenomena might be due to ball lightning, or some kind of long-running secret military experiment on a new electromagnetic flying object. SUNRISE has looked at these two possibilities, but they are essentially flawed. SUNRISE now believes that the observations are based on a large-scale electrically charged object emitting radiation and leading to rapid exponential acceleration. Furthermore, such an electromagnetic technology has not been the subject of any study by any establishment in the world prior to 1980 despite these electromagnetic UFO observations going much further back in history. The only time we hear of a possible man-made electromagnetic flying experiment to mimic UFO observations is the Cash-Landrum UFO case where black unmarked military U.S. helicopters surrounded and escorted a diamond-shaped glowing UFO in Texas and left the witnesses experiencing symptoms of radiation poisoning. And in more recent reports, some members of the public claim the USAF are allegedly testing electromagnetic symmetrical flying objects with glowing surfaces at night from a top secret testing ground known as Area 51 since the 1990s.

It is not the first time people have noticed a connection between electromagnetism and UFOs. The late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of Project Blue Book in the United States, noticed between 1952 and 1953 something electromagnetic in the UFO reports. After the 1957 wave of UFO reports had swept through America, he stated:

"During my tenure with Project Blue Book we had reports of radiation and induction fields in connection with UFOs, however the information was sketchy and we were never able to pin it down.... [The reports of electromagnetic disturbances characterized] a whole new dimension to the UFO investigation."

Senior radio engineer who worked for the Department of Transport in Ottawa, Dr. Wilbert Brockhouse Smith (1910-1962) through his government-funded study into UFOs known as Project Magnet, also believed there was a link between UFOs and electromagnetism. During the study he was trying to measure the electromagnetic and gravitational fields of UFOs at the world’s first UFO observation station at Shirleys Bay using scientific instruments and managed to discover an anomalous reading on all the instruments of something that flew nearby on a fog-filled day just before funding was suddenly withdrawn.

However, Dr. Edward U. Condon, the American physicist who headed the last major scientific study into UFOs in 1969 concluded:

"Our general conclusion is that nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past twenty-one years that has added to scientific knowledge. Careful consideration of the record, as it is available to us leads us to conclude that further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified in the expectation that science will be advanced thereby."

With help, SUNRISE aims to prove UFOs can advance science. SUNRISE will not only show that UFOs are electromagnetic in nature, but that the answer to the self-acceleration principle lies in UFO reports, and that the benefits are accessible to humanity. Should the reality of the principle be proven, it would have other important implications to science in terms of the likely origin of UFOs being witnessed by the public.

For as little as AUD$10, you can pledge your support to .

About SUNRISE Information Services
SUNRISE is a private research center aimed at producing original, stable, interesting, and easy to read education and research information for the global community, while uncovering new and original knowledge.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Cesar Trujillo
SUNRISE Information Services

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2 UFOs Change Direction over Shropshire UK

Poster Comments
Possible UFOs or US Military NOSS (Naval Ocean Surveillance System) satellites were caught on film transisting over the UK on 26th May 2013 just after 2300 hours. Although NOSS satellites cannot be confirmed these two objects remain unidentified as they did not show up on any satellite tracking software. But are consistent with this type of satellite system.
Many people confuse these NOSS satellites for UFOs because of the way they move across the sky. China have a similar satellites system which uses three satellites in formation and they have been the cause of many high altitude triangle UFO sightings.

These were too high for conventional aircraft and certainly not birds or balloons. UFOs or satellites? You decide....

This footage was captured using a Pulsar Recon 550 digital night vision monocular and a Yukon MPR.

Clear Video of A Circular Blue UFO Over Brazil - The Object is Very Well Lit

Not sure if the is genuine, it could very well be some sort of RC object but the person doing the filming said that the lights were very far away, plus the video is over 5 minutes which usually precludes a RC craft. 

Poster Comments
The Video shows a very distant object, light at night on Ranch

Ex NASA/JPL Official Found Dead Under Very Bizarre Circumstance - UFO Cover Up

Considered on of the 10 best UFO photos ever taken - credit NASA
I hate like hell to go into conspiracy mode but when I came across this article today and saw that the mainstream media is all but ignoring it, it peaked my interest. Also the extremely bizarre circumstances surrounding his death (possible homicide) make it more than suspicious.

Muller was in charge  of the Apollo navigation team. As many of you probably know the Apollo missions landed man on the moon in 1969. It has been rumored and highly suggested by several prominent astronauts that these missions encountered UFOs on the moon and were told not to come back. Also something that most people do not know is that there were many secret Apollo mission the public was never told about. I keep meaning to write an article about it but as usual there never seems to be enough time. 

Like many aging astronauts, military and government officials they want to get the truth out before they pass on. Was Paul Milford Muller murdered to guarantee his silence?  I found this in the obscure

Paul Milford Muller
Born 1937, Childhood in Los Angeles, BA (math) CSU, NASA Apollo Nav Team, Magellanic Gold Medal of the American Philosophical Society (1971), PhD Physics/Astronomy, Original Proposing and Founding Director of Sage Plc (UK) a FTSE 100 company, IT consultant (human-computer interfaces)senior partner and owner of Aarau Literary Agency. Numerous papers in the refereed scientific journals, three fictional novels in press at Club Lightouse Publishing, Canada (summer/autumn 2012). I see myself today as a professional editor and writer.

A 76-year-old American man has been found dead inside a house in Tak province, police said on Tuesday.

Paul Milford Muller was a former official at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) and the Jet Propulsion Lab, and the author of three books.

According to his website, he worked for 10 years at Nasa/JPL and served as a senior member of the Apollo navigation team.

Pol Col Ekarat Intasueb, chief of Mae Sot police station, said Muller was found with a rope tied around his genitals and waist and another rope tied around his neck, hanging from a knob of his bedroom door.

He said there was no sign that the American had been assaulted.

Equipment for injecting crystal methamphetamine, five methamphetamine pills and several sex toys were also found in the room.

Muller appeared to have died from asphyxiation or from a heart attack after a drug overdose, police said.

His body had started decomposing and giving off a bad odour. Police suspect he had been dead about three days when his body was found. It was sent to Mae Sot hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Police were trying to contact his relatives to take charge of the body.

Muller was the author of books including "Suicide Inc" - described on his website as a "romantic and erotic thriller".

A Compiliation Of Some Of the Better UFO Sightings - May 2013

Posters Comments
Thanks to UfosAreRealFresno, 777thefreedomfighter, Mark Bennis, Marc Heisenberg, EastTexasUFOs, SAUFOTX, hector velazquez
Music by Ogis Marble©

Triangular UFO Filmed in Daytime Over Rome, Italy

Posters Comments
triangle ufo caught in rome italy 26/05/2013 around 6:30 pm.
this object appeared very bright and at an altitude of several thousand meters and with slow speed.
ufo triangolare catturato a roma il 26/05/2013 intorno alle 18:30.l'oggetto si presentava molto luminoso ed ad una quota di qualche migliaio di metri ed con velocità lenta.

Slow Moving Bright UFO/ORB Over Rudolph Ohio -Direct Over Witnesses

Posters Comments
My husband and I were sitting out in our backyard. He suddenly looked over my shoulder and said "What the hell is THAT?" The object was almost directly over us and was huge. It was a large translucent square and within the square was a very bright pulsating white light that changed to a faint glowing red and then back to white. We watched it slowly and silently float across the sky until it was out of our view due to the tree line. It moved slower than a plane. We both video taped it with our smartphones.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great New UFO Video Out Of Vancouver Canada, Energy Orbs or UFOs?

These two videos ran in the Vancouver Sun on Monday May 27, 2013, along with the accompanying story. It was submitted by Vancouver resident Charles Lamoureux. 

Charles Lamoureux is a registered nurse and amateur astronomer. He told UFO AM that he was skeptic of UFOs until one evening he saw something shoot across the night sky while he was looking at the moon with his telescope. Ever since he has been using night vision equipment to hunt for UFOs and says he has recorded some very interesting objects.
Awesome capture of 2 specific UFO's and "Friends" traveling near city of Vancouver, on original file and zoomed in the pulsating UFO actually looked like it was tumbling, the UFO/meteor actually changed direction before disappearing so strange for sure, other objects noted if you look closely during the entire clip, second capture is my infamous Orb making a brief cameo in my video...awesome!! All captured on my Yukon Night Ranger NV monocular. Nothing all night then suddenly they all showed up, I will try to edit and zoom in particular areas of the video as the loss of quality from uploading will not give you all the details unfortunately., still learning.

Stunning UFO Footage Over California, Strong Blue Lights - Square and or Triangular Craft

Posters Comments
This is serisously f**ked up. Saw this in the sky in Wrightwood California at 9:15pm. It dropped a bunch of lights and moveed really fast.. scared the heckk outta me.

Ring or Donut Shaped UFO Sighting Over United Kingdom

This circular or 'donut" shaped UFO was filmed over London on May 6, 2013.

Filmed by MARK BENNIS in London, UK.

Daytime UFO Seen Over Canberra Australia

Posters Comments
First spotted this object from my kitchen in the early evening moving in straight line above the suburbs of O'Malley & Isaacs. (See the zoom at 2:31) It appeared to have a long orange coloured light in the centre...anyway Im not sure if its the real deal or a hoax...

Monday, May 27, 2013

UFO Comes Dangerously Close To A Passenger Plane, Taiwan

Posters Comments
Date of sighting: May 25, 2013
Time of sighting: 12:07:21 noon
Location of sighting: White Sand Beach, Taiwan.

Guys, Me and my wife and kid were excited to get to the beach last Sat since its been rainy for three weekends in a row. I was filming my son making a sandcastle when I heard the passenger jet overhead. I shot it hoping I might catch a cloud orb checking it out, but the sun was too bright and I do not have a viewfinder so the reflection off the screen prevented me from seeing it at the time. Also its really fast so I had to put it into slow motion at 25% speed.

It seems to have come very close to the plane nearly hitting it. In screenshots I see it coming from above nearly hitting the right wing.

I was using my Sony HDR CX380 camcorder. Its a Full HD camera. The video and photos have not been altered. No added contrast or light.

From the screenshot, it looks to me to be an AI drone or in other words, a cloud orb. Cloud orbs can appear as transparent, translucent, black or white...or all at the same time.

UFO Photographed Above Mountains, Vancouver Canada

VANCOUVER -- On Saturday morning around 10 a.m., Vancouver resident and amateur photographer Anthony Ellis snapped a photo of the North Shore Mountain. It wasn't until he got home and viewed the digital photo on his computer that he saw the speck hovering over the mountain.
Vancouver Photographer Anthony Ellis believes the circle object in the photo above
North Shore Mountains in Vancouver is a flying saucer. 
“I was quite surprised,” said Ellis, who believes the object is a UFO.

Ellis says he didn't alter the photograph in any way, and the black speck does not appear on other photos taken the same day.

According to the 2012 annual Canadian UFO survey, 1981 Canadians reported sightings, a jump of nearly 100 per cent over previous years. Of those, only 7.5 per cent were evaluated as unexplained. Ontario residents log the most UFO sightings annually, with B.C. ranking second with 20 per cent of the sightings.

Reported UFO sightings generally peak in spring and summer months, with one possible explanation: more people are generally outside at this time of year.

UFO Over Fresno Hovers in the Sky For Hours - News Report - Video & Photo

It's a mystery that hung over the Fresno sky Wednesday afternoon. This particular sighting is reminiscent of UFOs that were filmed in the now famous NASA Tether Incident and also a recent UFO NASA video from the moon.

Several Fresno residents reported seeing a bright, spherical-shaped object in the sky. The low-hovering object remained visible for hours.

We reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Fresno Air Terminal and the Army National Guard Wednesday afternoon. The agencies could not provide an explanation for the object.

Fresno UFO 2013 by ufoblogger

Various UFOs Filmed Over Melbourne Australia, Some With Night Vision

All recorded from my backyard - Melbourne Australia.

Bright UFO Over Tampa Florida Had Multiple Witnesses

A group of men observe a bright pulsating orb moving intelligently across the sky at low altitude over Tampa. Was it recorded on radar or by other sky gazers?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Very Bizarre and Unusual Oval Shaped UFO Over Richmond Virginia

This unusual UFO video was recorded over Richmond Virginia on May 18m 2013.

Posters Comments
I've witnessed three separate UFO incidents earlier in my life which led me to finally purchasing night vision gear and the means to capture the event should something occur. I've captured activity every night I've gone out and have recorded everything. I have hours of material, some of which is posted to my YouTube account, spendiddragon1

I usually stop my recordings after 60-90 minutes each session as that's pretty much the laptops battery life.

Most objects are disks and orbs, and with night vision there is no discerning any particular color characteristicsS other than the IR spectrum in which I record it (either B&W or NV green).

My last two videos, UFOS ON A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, and HOW TO DECLOAK UFOS are probably the most telling of the group. A short excerpt of the DARK AND STORMY video recently aired on UFO Planet.

Peru National News Report - Giant Fireball/UFO Descending Over Lake Titicaca

This fireball was filmed over Peru and picked up by the national news media.

Robert Bingham Summons UFOs at Will? UFO Sighting California

This video is of Robert Bingham, he claims to be a person capable of summoning UFOs at will. He is a very controversial person who does stimulate a lot interest within the UFO community. Whether or not Mr. Bingham's abilities are genuine or not remains to be seen. 

Posters Comments
This was footage shot at MacArthur Park in Downtown Los Angeles. You will see the UFOs making a triangular formation in the daytime sky. They way these objects move you can tell they are not balloons or anything else. Take a look. Thanks Robert Bingham for having this and other events like it. Photographed by John Graf and edited by Chris Toussaint.

Preparing Humans For First Contact With ET - Mary Rodwell, The New Humans -Updated 2013

Mary Rodwell - The New Humans - 2013 Update

Mary Rodwell
Mary Rodwell presented testimony at University of Leeds in 2010 from over 1600 cases she has collated that indicates how advanced extraterrestrial intelligence are preparing the human psyche to accept their presence on our planet. Evidence of complex extraterrestrial programs, which will enable us to interact with and communicate with them, as well as understand our place in the cosmos.

This video is an 2013 update on the original talk. She pretty much covers all the info and a bit more in this updated version but if you care to see the original talk it is the second video below. The news video is from the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada.

In this update video Mary  talks about our children being different, more ready to accept the changes that disclosure will bring about. She also discusses the difficulties these children are facing in the education system. A very interesting subject to say the least and Mary is a very believable witness and researcher.
2013 Updated Talk

Mary Rodwell's original talk at University of Leeds 2010

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bright Pulsating UFO Hovering Over La Plata Argentina

Group of Young Children Film 4 Daytime UFOs over Their Home

Posters Comments
A group of kids sit back and record bright lights in the sky, clearly they are very bright in daylight, they are in a low formation, She states: We were just standing outside when all of the sudden these lights appeared in the sky. I still to this day have no idea what they were. so what are they? Credits Mrs Rogers

The SETI Alien Wow Signal, Was it Ever Investigated, What Happened?

The Wow! Signal: Intercepted Alien Transmission?

Most of us have heard about the WOW signal, but was it ever investigated and what was the outcome? Here are some answers. 

SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, has seen astronomers scouring the sky for decades in hopes of receiving artificially generated radio signals sent by alien civilizations. But then, there’s a good chance we've already found just such a signal. And 1977 saw the most tantalizing glimpse ever.

Nicknamed the “Wow!” signal, this was a brief burst of radio waves detected by astronomer Jerry Ehman who was working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope, Ohio. The signal was, in fact, so remarkable that Ehman circled it on the computer printout, writing “Wow!” in the margin — and unintentionally giving the received radio signal the name under which it would become famous.
Despite a lot of effort, no identification has been found for the signal’s source, and no repeat signal has ever been found. It’s a complete mystery. The only conclusion that can be drawn is if the signal truly did originate in deep space, then it was either an astrophysical phenomenon of which we’ve never seen before, or it truly was an intercepted alien signal.
To explain scientific observations, the normal method is to construct hypotheses and then test them. If your hypothesis is incorrect, it will fail to explain the observation. You can then continue this way, using different hypotheses, until you find something which can accurately describe what you’ve observed (if you ever watch Mythbusters, you may be familiar with how this works).
But with the Wow! signal, researchers ran into difficulty. After trying and failing to find any repeat of the signal, Ehman was skeptical of its origin, stating that “something suggests it was an Earth-sourced signal that simply got reflected off a piece of space debris.” But when he tried to investigate that explanation, he only found more problems.
Investigations found that it was scarcely possible the signal could have originated on Earth, and reflection off a piece of space junk was equally unlikely. The received signal was very specific, and these explanations required too many assumptions. A pattern of logical thinking known as Occam’s razor was pointing towards this signal having an astrophysical origin. But this provided no explanation for what it might be.
The Hydrogen Line
The curious Wow! signal is more or less a perfect match for what would be expected from a received extraterrestrial transmission. It’s been closely analyzed as a result, but to date no one has come up with a satisfactory explanation for where the signal came from.
For a start, the signal’s intensity was observed to rise and fall over a period of 72 seconds, consistent with the rotation of Earth, and a single source tracking across the sky, through the Big Ear telescope’s view. This gave the signal a characteristic signature, caused by objects seen in the sky. It would be nearly impossible for any Earth-bound object to match it.
It also stood out dramatically over the background noise found in deep space, being about 30 times louder than anything else around it. But by far the most interesting thing about this signal was its frequency.
This signal was very sharp, transmitting at only a single frequency. Natural radio sources don’t work like that. They spread across a range of frequencies, meaning that the same signal covers a broad band of transmission. The Wow! signal is not like this at all, showing only one very specific frequency at approximately 1420 MHz.
1420 MHz, also known as the hydrogen line, is a frequency internationally banned from use by terrestrial radio signals because of its use in radio astronomy. Astronomically, it’s usually emitted by neutral hydrogen atoms in interstellar space. It’s observed roughly evenly in all directions, and has been used before to help map out the galaxy. But in the SETI program, it has another use.
Hydrogen is the most simple and abundant element in the universe, and any intelligent civilization would know of this frequency’s presence in space and probably be using it to make astronomical observations. As a result, SETI researchers consider it a logical frequency to check for any alien transmissions intended to be heard. It’s just as logical that any astronomers elsewhere in the galaxy might think the same way.

Is anyone out there and are they paying attention? Maybe Not!
Is Anybody Out There?
The final question in the mystery is where exactly the signal came from. Because of the way in which the Big Ear was designed, the signal’s source can be narrowed down to one of two small regions in the sky. But that’s as precise as it gets.
This puts the source of the signal somewhere in the constellation of Sagittarius. There are a handful of nearby stars, but it’s impossible to tell precisely where the signal originated. At least, not unless we ever hear a repeat signal. And given that no repeat signal has yet been found in any of the searches, it’s probably best not to hold your breath.
To date, most SETI searches have operated by sweeping the sky, observing any spot for only a few minutes at a time. While this allows a lot of coverage, it also means that the likelihood of eavesdropping on any signals that happen to be pointing in our direction is minimal. The other approach would be more like the way the Kepler mission worked, by staring at one particular patch of sky and waiting. Of course, while we now believe that exoplanets are common across the galaxy, we have much less idea when it comes to alien transmissions — for all we know, we may waste years looking in the wrong direction.
Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to know what exactly caused the Wow! signal. As much as some of us would love to use it as proof of extraterrestrial life, that would be a leap of faith, and unscientific at best. Astronomer Robert Gray describes it as “…a tug on the cosmic fishing line. It doesn’t prove that you have a fish on the line, but it does suggest that you keep your line in the water at that spot.”
Logically, the conclusion that must be drawn is that the Wow! signal very likely originated in deep space, but if it did then it was either a completely unknown astronomical phenomenon, or an intercepted alien broadcast — but with nothing else to go on, there’s no way to prove or disprove either of these ideas.
For now, the Wow! signal remains as nothing more than a vague but enthralling hint that there may be more things lurking out there in this galaxy of ours than we currently know of.
Image: Composite showing a scan of the original computer printout with Jerry Ehman’s annotations, and a star chart showing the possible source of the Wow! signal. Credits: Ohio State University Radio Observatory/NAAPO/Benjamin Crowell/Wikimedia Commons

Baltic Sea Anomaly - Is it Metal? Is It a UFO?

The circle is at least 14,000 years old

The video is not part of the article, it is the latest update from the OceanX's Teams facebook page. 

Here is  a news update on the Baltic Sea UFO/Anomaly. I am afraid we end up with many more fascinating questions then we get answers but none the less this is still a great story with many unresolved answers. This was published in the Swedish Newspaper Expressen on May 24, 2013

The circle in the Baltic Sea continues to perplex.

New test results from Israel shows that a part of the circle is metallic - and researchers there think it is a metal that nature itself can not manufacture.

Swedish researchers say the opposite.

- It can be created in nature, but it has different conditions in different waters, says geologist Fredrik Klingberg.

Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg

In June 2011, the divers Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg, a mysterious discovery on the Baltic seabed. Ocean X team found a circle with a diameter of 60 meters almost 90 meters into the sea. Previous test results from Tel Aviv has shown that there have been burnt organic material on the circle.
Now, the new test results from another part of the circle. Result from Israel shows that the bit is metallic and contains limonite and goethite.

Professor Dr. Steve Weiner of Israel says to the divers that there is a metal that not nature can produce itself.

- I do not know what to believe anymore. The response from Tel Aviv, the object that we found a metal that is designed, makes you get goose bumps, says diver Dennis Åsberg.

"It is not at all surprising"

Swedish scientists have a different view.

- Limonite and goethite close to hand with the BOG-IRON ORE. For me, this could be nodules, they are in many seabeds, says Fredrik Klingberg, a geologist at the Geological Survey of Sweden.

Martin Jakobsson, marine geologist at Stockholm University:
- It is not at all surprising that you found those subjects, nature can produce it itself, he says

The divers also found the stones of granite lying on top of the object and received information that indicates that the object has been there for 14 000 years.

- Then it could be done by people in the past. Before the Ice Age low was a lake where the Baltic is now and the subject is on the coastal strip, said Dennis Åsberg.

Martin Jakobsson think this sounds reasonable.
- I have said it before and are still clinging to it - it seems to be a geological objects that had lain there for long.

Ambiguities about the mysterious circle makes scientists skeptical.
- I am very skeptical about the whole thing, so difficult, it should not be that hard to find out what it really is. One can make such documentation at that depth, says Johan Rönnby, professor of maritime archeology at Södertörn University.

Would love to receive help
Dennis Åsberg agree that it is mysterious - but says he's happy to receive help to find out what it is.

- All are welcome, they are welcome to come down and dive here. We can not do it, we do not have the resources required, he says.

Source (swedish)

The Secret Construction of the Pyramids - UFO/Alien Documentary

Here is one of the best documentaries ever produced on the Great Pyramids. Even if you are skeptic about the origins of the Pyramids you will come away surprised and amazed at some of the info in the film. 

We ask disturbing questions and get unbelievable answers. This video challenges everything we know about this planet. The Great Pyramid is the single remaining ancient wonder of the world so we need to know the truth. The answers are not given freely so we attain them ourselves.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Extremely Large and Strange UFO Filmed Over China

Was That A UFO Over Dallas, Great Photo and Video

What was that unidentified flying object over DFW overnight?

GRAPEVINE –– Did you see a mysterious craft in the skies above North Texas overnight? Well, we're here to solve that mystery for you.

It was actually the world's most advanced solar plane and it landed at about 1:08 a.m. Thursday at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport after flying about 20 hours from Phoenix.

The carbon fibre Solar Impulse, with a 208-foot wingspan, flew in from Phoenix during its second leg of a cross-country trip that began May 3 from the San Francisco Bay Area. The plane is the first able to fly day and night without fuel or polluting emissions.

"When we fly this plane, it's just gorgeous," said Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss inventor born in France who co-founded the Impulse team with André Borschberg. "It's completely silent. It's strange to fly, so for a pilot it's a challenge. It flies slowly so you have a beautiful view. The goal is not to go fast; the goal is to fly almost forever."

While Piccard flew the first leg of the trip, Borschberg was in the pilot's seat during the second leg that started at about 5 a.m. Wednesday in Phoenix and was completed at D/FW. With a distance of about 830 miles, the flight set an absolute distance world record in solar aviation.

“There is no other plane like this in the world,” Piccard said. He and Borschberg, both Swiss pilots, have been taking turns flying the plane.

The experimental aircraft is a feat in engineering. It weighs as much as a small car, yet it has the wingspan of a Boeing 747 covered with 12,000 solar cells. The panels charge the batteries to propel the plane, which uses as much power as a scooter. The Solar Impulse relies on stored power to fly after dark.

“This airplane is the first ever in the history of aviation who could fly day and night with absolutely no fuel,” Piccard said.

It can climb to 28,000 feet, but it coasts at no more than 43 miles per hour. The trip from Arizona to Dallas took 18 hours and 21 minutes. The next model will be designed to fly for days at a time.

The pilots underwent special training, including meditation, just to stay awake for that long.

“If you focus on what you do and what you have- what you enjoy- in fact, you don’t feel the time passing,” said Borschberg who piloted the plane on its most recent journey.

He and Piccard admit the plane is not designed to revolutionize the airline industry. The plane barely holds one person and is very vulnerable to air currents and weather. Yet its backers simply hope to show what renewable energy can accomplish.

“Honestly, I don’t believe there will be very soon applications for airliners,” Piccard said. “But there is already a lot of applications of these technologies on the ground… Our goal with Solar Impulse is to make a revolution in the mindset of the people when they think about energy.”

Next on the itinerary for the Solar Impulse is St. Louis and a trip around the world is planned sometime in the next two years.

How does it fly using solar power at night? Here their answer:

At midday, each square meter of land surface receives, in the form of light energy, the equivalent of 1000 watts, or 1.3 horsepower of light power. Over 24 hours, this sun energy averages out at just 250W/m². With 200m² of photovoltaic cells and a 12 % total efficiency of the propulsion chain, the plane’s motors achieve an average power of 8 HP or 6kW.

That’s roughly the amount of power the Wright brothers had available to them in 1903 when they made their first powered flight. And it is with that energy, optimized from the solar panel to the propeller, that Solar Impulse managed to fly day and night without fuel!

You can check out the plane for free at an open house from 11 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Saturday at D/FW Airport. Click here to register.

Read more about the plane at their official site

Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting Over Dallas Fort Worth

Wednesday night about 11:30 pm I was heading to Fort Worth on airport freeway. When I got to Euless I stopped at a 7-11. As I came out of the 7-11, I noticed about 5 or 6 people standing in the parking lot aiming their iPhone cameras to the night sky.

They were looking at a shimmering shape way high in the sky. It was not moving. I would say it was at least 1000 feet up. I asked one person "what's that?" He said, "I don't know, I think it's a UFO." He told me he had been watching it for awhile, that at times it would flash all kinds of lights. He also said that it had floated around for awhile before it came to a stop.

I took a picture of it and watched it for about five minutes. Suddenly, it flashed a bunch of lights. Then the lights went dim. It was cigar shaped, the left side was a dim green glow and the right side was dim red glow. I watched it for a few more minutes and then I got in my car and took off. The picture I posted is from my iPhone.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Large Fleet Of UFOs Over Bergen Norway

Along with being one of the more beautiful countries in the world Norway always seems to have some incredible UFO Sightings. I have put 2 links under this video which you might want to take a look at.
Posters Comments
UFO's were visible for more than 10 minutes above this lake in Bergen, Norway. 


Incredible Video of UFO over Norway

UFO Shuts Down Oslo Airport

This Dramatic Video, Clearly Shows a UFO Fleet Moving Past Moore, OK After Tornado

Fleet of UFOs seen over Moore, Oklahoma after tornado moves through. This second video is much more dramatic then anything we have seen to date. 

Our thoughts are with the people of Oklahoma and we wish them a speed recovery. 


UFO Misses Wing of Airplane Over Melbourne, Australia

This is somewhat hard to see but there is no doubt that a small white Orb/UFO narrowly misses the wing of the airplane over Melbourne Australia.

Poster Comments
This is a must see and shows what really happens when your in the air around a high activity zone..i also captured many saucers in the same cloud system yet to upload most of them...

NASA Photos Seems To Show Mechanical Part On Mars Surface - Photos, Videos

Source : NASA
Here is a NASA photo taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover. This object definitely looks extremely mechanical.

As you may know I am not real big on  people reading into pictures something that is not there but this photo clearly looks like it is some type of mechanical part. The photo on the bottom seems to shows an intake valve on the side and a outtake valve on the bottom. The the entrance and the exit looks perfectly round which rarely happens in nature. So take it for what it is worth.

God forbid if we ever do find aliens and their have their space vehicles jacked up in their front yards with interstellar parts strewn about the yard then we really are in trouble.

Brothers Report A Cluster Triangular UFOs Over Fort Worth Texas

Brothers report multiple triangle UFOs moving over Fort Worth

Two brothers in Fort Worth, TX, reported watching a cluster of triangle-shaped object with flashing lights in the sky about 10 p.m. on May 21, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFONetwork (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Artist Likeness
The witnesses were outside standing in a yard when the objects were first noticed.

"We counted between 10 and 15 light ships," the reporting witness stated. "It was hard to count them because we had to use binoculars on some of them. Five ships where closer, two towards the north, one nearly straight up, one to the west and one in the south."

The witness described the objects.

"They were triangular with green, yellow and red flashing lights. At one point a boomerang-shaped ship flew through the sky and was a solid white light, but not as bright as the others although it seemed larger."

The witness said several airplanes flew through the same area during this time that appeared to be large, commercial aircraft moving to and from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 47565. Fort Worth is located in north-central Texas, population 741,206.


UFO Fireball Filmed Over Germany

On Monday 20.05.2013 I recorded this video at sunset. First we see a flashing object on top pulling a tail to it. Then suddenly a bright light appears in the sky huge structure that stands there motionless and suddenly disappeared after about 30min. The location of the event should be at about 92224 Amberg, as it were a straight line approximately 50Km to me. At 4:48 min I zoom the picture so you can see how far it is away!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Email Subscription Problem Fixed

Earlier in the year were had a problem with the email subscription, the letters were white on a white background making it impossible to read. This problem has been fixed once and for all. If you want to resubscribe please do so below. Thanks to all the people that sent emails.

Appreciate your understanding 


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Rich Hoffman Talks About UFO Sightings and Landings & Concerns About Citizen Hearings

Host Rick Scouler welcomes MUFON State Director Rich Hoffman to Topic UFO. Rich presents his top ten list of concerns regarding the recent Public Hearings which were headed up by Steve Bassett.

Two Witnesses 18 Miles Apart Report Diamond Shape UFO Over Pennsylvania

Two Ligonier, PA, witnesses reported watching "a large object in the sky with flickering lights" in the shape of a diamond or cross-like pattern that hovered and moved for about an hour beginning at 12:30 a.m. on May 20, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Artist Likeness

The witnesses were outside walking a dog when the object was first seen.
"I got a pair of binoculars to get a better look," the reporting witness stated. "I could see a dark outline of the object and it appeared to be a diamond shape with multiple colored lights in a cross-like pattern."
The witness and his wife observed the object for about an hour.

"It slowly headed west away from us. It would move slowly and then hover for a while and then move again. We have seen unexplained lights in the sky before, but nothing like this. This was a solid object with definition."
Ligonier is a borough in Westmoreland County, PA, population 1,573. No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 47550.

A Pennsylvania witness at Greensburg - about 18 miles west of Ligonier - reported a 

"slow flying, diamond-shaped" object with three white and one orange light at its four points and a blinking red light at its center about 6:30 p.m. on January 9, 2013. 
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