Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Has The Government Been Influenced By UFOs?

All you have to do is ask yourself has the government ever emulated UFOs, the answer is without question they have. The have been building craft that mimic UFO since the 1950, shortly after the Roswell incident. These ideas did not spring out of mid-air, they were not dreamed up over night. The US government had first hand knowledge of the speed and agility of UFOs so they embarked on a program to build their own!  Take a look at the top 11 man-made UFOs.

Here are some UFO craft created by the Government. What would be the reasons for them to create such craft? Maybe they were influenced by something out of this world such as an alien flying saucer. All of these photos were taken either by NASA or a US Government entity. They are historic and also very cool that they decided to see if the flying saucer shaped craft would work. It showed a ton of imagination. One of these photos is the Mars Curiosity Rover Shield not a flying saucer but saucer shaped. 
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