Monday, April 1, 2013

Clear Daytime UFO Filmed Over Chicago

Posters Comments
Watch in 1080. Sorry no edge detection this time. You be the judge. FYI this thing is at least 15,000k feet up and prolly as big as a leer jet. Stayed in same place for a while then disappeared. I try and view thru a small 2 inch view finder and sometimes the object is not as easy to see in the lil screen compared to my eye. Sorry bout the shaky film try to do my best cleaning it up post production. It you are not sure of the angle or need comparison watch a few of my other vids its all from the same angle in my back yard. My Sony CRX 150 is on manual zoom infinity focus. I can make out distinct features of most craft except this. Idk tho.... Seems to look like the same thing I've seen multiple times. I am going to dub it the Forest Park Flob, short for this flying blob of energy or mass that seems to have personality and intelligence even tho it is just a flying blob. Some say its angelic, possibly, but if that's true then there must be numerous remedial lemurs out there too.

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