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Unusually Clear Video Of UFO Over Brazil, Strong Lights Underneath

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A UFO that is tilted Sideways throughout a 3 minute Video scrubs out an RC Toys and Drones appeared over the famous hills of Rio De Janeiro Brazil. The object which looks to have a mass size is tilted on its side and is lighted up with an array of lights underneath. Anything with mass and size cannot be centered on a tilt which relates to it being an actual UFO. The sighting includes the background voices of a crowd of people all relating their voices to the UFO high in the skies. This UFO resembles a UFO over a football match in Brazil a year ago. So what do you think of it?

A Look Inside The Citizen Hearing in Washington DC - Alien Disclosure

Here is a look inside the Citizen Hearing that are currently going on in Washington DC. 

Has The Government Been Influenced By UFOs?

All you have to do is ask yourself has the government ever emulated UFOs, the answer is without question they have. The have been building craft that mimic UFO since the 1950, shortly after the Roswell incident. These ideas did not spring out of mid-air, they were not dreamed up over night. The US government had first hand knowledge of the speed and agility of UFOs so they embarked on a program to build their own!  Take a look at the top 11 man-made UFOs.

Here are some UFO craft created by the Government. What would be the reasons for them to create such craft? Maybe they were influenced by something out of this world such as an alien flying saucer. All of these photos were taken either by NASA or a US Government entity. They are historic and also very cool that they decided to see if the flying saucer shaped craft would work. It showed a ton of imagination. One of these photos is the Mars Curiosity Rover Shield not a flying saucer but saucer shaped. 

William Shatner's New SyFy Show Explores ET, UFOs - Weird or What

The Shatner factor alone is enough to insure that this new show is fun and most likely a little quirky. First Episode is Tues April 30, 2013 on Sy Fy.

William Shatner returns to TV ... and once again, he's dealing with aliens.

Syfy's Weird or What? explores strange phenomena such as extraterrestrials, monsters, "freaks of nature," medical mysteries and ghosts. According to the network, episodes "could lead you to question your understanding of what is real, what isn't, and what's just plain weird."

I'm including a promo below. If nothing else, the show looks fairly entertaining because of the Shatner Factor:

NASA Doodle A Penis On Mars - Steven Colbert

Stephen Colbert salutes the Mars rover's recent lewd conduct on the red planet: "This is one small step for man, one giant doodle of manjunk. This giant graffiti peenie proves our galactic supremacy. America took a pristine planet 140 million miles away and scribbled on it like it was the face of a passed-out fratboy....It officially makes the space between Mars and Uranus our solar system's taint."

Graham Hancock's Missing TED Talk -

Hancock's TED Talk, “The War on Consciousness”, was deliberately removed from YouTube: “Graham Hancock’s talk, again, shares a compelling and unorthodox worldview, but one that strays well beyond the realm of reasonable science. While attempting to critique the scientific worldview, he misrepresents what scientists actually think…” Chris Anderson, [TED]. After some debate, this presentation was not fully re-posted to TED’s site, but rather subjugated to a new, unseen basement corner on TED’s site, limiting its future visibility.

Graham Hancock is the author of major international bestsellers, his books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His works present the nature of consciousness, Ayahuasca, and altered states of consciousness and offer an essential examination of our culture.

Amazing Buildings That Look Like UFOs

Buildings that look like UFOs: Photos

The architect Bart Prince built this otherworldly residence and studio for himself in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1983. He said of its reception: "When it was finished, the whole city was up in arms. Architects reacted as if a bomb had been dropped on the Louvre."Picture: Alamy

Looking like it's ready to take off at any moment, the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. In the film Oscar Niemeyer, an architect committed to his century, Niemeyer is seen flying in a UFO which then lands on the site of the museum - a tongue-in-cheek reference to how it could have got there.Picture: Alamy

This astonishing space-age home was built for the comedian Bob Hope in California in the 1970s. The first time Hope clapped eyes on his new home, he joked: “Well at least when they come down from Mars, they’ll know where to go.”Picture: Handout

Martians would feel quite at home at the City of Arts and Sciences, one of Valencia's most popular tourist destinations. This is the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, an opera house and arts centre.
Picture: Alamy

L'Hemisferic, another space-age building in Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences. It contains an Imax cinema, Planetarium and Laserium, and is supposedly meant to resemble a giant eye.Picture: Alamy

Looking like a cross between a golf ball and a spaceship, this futuristic dome property causes more than a few drivers to slam their brakes when driving on Route 66. It was originally built as a bar and restaurant, but is now privately owned. Supposedly, locals call it "The Arizona Death Star".Picture: Alamy

It may look like a crashed UFO, but Benesse House is actually a museum and hotel in Naoshima, Japan.Picture: Alamy

Looking rather like a set from Dr Who, Dymaxion House was the brainchild of the architect Buckminster Fuller in the 1920s. He wanted to create a factory-made house that was easily-assembled and efficient to run.Picture: Alamy

This flying-saucer like property is a Futuro house, one of less than 100 pre-fabricated homes designed by Matti Suuronen in the 1960s and 70s. Around 50 survive today.Picture: Alamy

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Pilot Testimony and Witnesses of UFO Encounters - UFO Documentary

After spending more years than I care to talk about in the commercial aviation business I have come to regard pilots as great UFO witnesses. They are trained to judge distance, speed, altitude, direction and much more. I can assure you that there are many more sightings by commercial pilots then are reported, most are afraid of losing their jobs if they come forward. As a rule most pilots will only report a UFO if it is a near miss or has been seen by other crew members and/or passengers. 

This excellent documentary, now available in high quality 720p HD upload! One of the better UFO documentaries that reviews several important cases as experienced and reported by pilots and astronauts, including the famous Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident on Nov 17 1986 and the New Zealand 'Kaikoura Lights' incident among many other important sightings. A must see!

UFO Filmed in motion Stabilized Mode Over Vancouver Canada

In-house recording of a UFO incident during live a YouTube broadcast from April 28, 2013, offers slow motion and motion-stabilized views of this remarkable event

Alien Disclosure By NASA Astronaut & Princeton Professor - Brian O'learly

Brian O'leary Former NASA Astronaut
and Princeton Physics Professor

Dr Brian O’Leary was born on January 27th, 1940 and past away on July 28th, 2011 shortly after making a big statement. He was a member of the sixth group of astronauts selected by NASA in August of 1967. The members of this group were known as the scientist-astronauts. Dr O’Leary received a bachelor of arts degree in physics from Williams College in 1961, and a doctor of philosophy in astronomy from the University of California at Berkeley in 1967. He was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as secretary of the American Geophysical Union’s Planetology Section. Furthermore, he was the team leader of the Asteroidal Resources Group for NASA’s Ames Summer Study on Space Settlements. He was a founding board member of the International Association for New Science as well as founding president of the New Energy Movement. He was a fellow at the World Innovation Foundation and a physics professor at Princeton University.

The technological implication of UFOs is one reason for the secrecy that surrounds them. The way they can stop on point and move any direction they choose brings up a big question; what type of propulsion systems and operating characteristics are involved? If we know UFOs are real, one of the questions to ask is how they operate and how they get to where they need to be.

Given all of the official documentation and credible witness testimonies, we are able to question further and make reasonable connections. With the amount of effort and time spent to cover up the reality of UFOs, it is logical to assume that the ones responsible for the cover up have the same questions that we do. How do they operate? Maybe more exists beyond the secrecy, maybe some questions have been answered and seized by those who control the money supply. Anti-Gravity, clean energy, the list goes on and on. Even without UFOs, human beings have the scientific and technological capability to change our planet. It’s time to start asking more questions, if we have alternative and more efficient ways of operating on planet Earth that could benefit everybody, why are they not being implemented and who is responsible?

Australia's Roswell - Mass UFO Sighting, Westfall Sighting

Over 200 students and teachers witnessed an unexplained flying object on Wednesday 6th April 1966 around 11.00 am. They reported it descended into a nearby open wild grass field adjacent to a grove of pine trees in an area known as The Grange. The object then ascended in a north-westerly direction over the suburb of Clayton South.

Mr Ryan has interviewed about 30 witnesses, mostly former staff and students from the Westall secondary and primary schools. He has tried obtaining police and RAAF reports, but so far with little luck. The story was covered then by Channel Nine, The Age and local newspapers.

You can read 18 cases of well documented mass UFO sightings, including Westfall or you can read the full account of the Westfall UFO sightings including the full video documentary. Visit our UFO Documentary page containing numerous full version films.

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Australian Man Takes 100's of Amazing UFO Photos, Pics Authenticated By Sunday Times

This Australian man is a biochemist and teacher who has literally taken hundreds of different UFO pictures. He has identified many different shape and size UFOs all from his home in Darlington, Perth, Australia

UNIDENTIFIED alien spacecraft, a quirk of digital photography or a case of extra-terrestrial fraud?

These are some of the hundreds of "UFOs" that a biochemist-turned-school teacher says he captured on his $600 digital camera from the veranda of his Darlington home in the Perth Hills.

Rob Hartland has taken more than 20,000 photos of the day-time sky in the past six months and analysed them on his computer.

It began when he was taking photos of clouds to test out a new camera when he noticed a "smudge" that, when enlarged and enhanced, "had some structure to it, suggesting it could be some sort of craft in the sky".

He says since then he has identified a dozen different UFOs including round, square and saucer-shaped craft, posting the photos to his website wispyclouds.net for extra-terrestrial buffs and sceptics to ponder.

It comes after The Sunday Times last week revealed more than 400 West Australians had sought advice or counselling through the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network after claiming to see UFOs or meeting extra-terrestrials.

"I take about 30 shots at a time. In 10-15 minutes I'll take 300 to 400 images. Then I connect the camera to the computer. I zoom in and enhance any little thing I note on the images and you get these craft in anywhere from 2 per cent to 20 per cent of shots," Mr Hartland said.

"Some of them appear to have transparent canopies and in some shots it looks like there could be occupants inside.

"I always say 'could' rather than 'is'. There is always doubt. But UFO stands for unidentified flying object and as far as I'm concerned these aren't identified. It's possible some are man-made, but I don't think they all are.

"There's no way it is a bird or insect or plane they look totally different and these craft move much faster."

Mr Hartland, who has completed a PhD in biochemistry, said he had no history of mental illness or drug taking and that he never altered his photos, though he acknowledged many people would find his claims hard to believe.

The Sunday Times picture editor Jackson Flindell said Mr Hartland's images did not appear to have been tampered with, but dust on a digital camera's image sensor could cause anomalies in digital photographs, while powerful magnification could also distort images in some cases.

The Planets Align Tonight and Saturn Steals the Show

Saturn at its biggest and brightest this weekend; look up and marvel

Saturn is having a moment, and you won't want to miss it.

The ringed planet -- arguably the most beautiful in the solar system -- will reach opposition on Saturday, making this weekend an optimal time to see it in the night sky.

When a planet is in opposition, it is exactly opposite the sun as seen from Earth.

So this weekend, when the sun sets in the west, Saturn will rise in the east, and when the sun is farthest below the horizon, Saturn will reach its highest point above the horizon.

This weekend, Saturn will also be at its closest point to Earth, so it will appear slightly bigger and brighter than usual.

The best time to look for Saturn is late in the evening when the planet has risen high in the sky. It will look like a fairly bright star glowing white with just a touch of yellow, said Alan MacRobert, senior editor of Sky & Telescope, in a conversation with the Los Angeles Times.

To locate it, MacRobert recommends looking for the bright star Arcturus, which you can find by following the arc of the Big Dipper's handle away from the bowl. Then look for Spica, to the right of Arcturus. Below Spica and somewhat to the left you'll find Saturn.

And if you have a telescope, you'll definitely want to pull it out so you can see those glorious rings.

"The first impulse people have when they see Saturn for the first time is to say it is fake," said MacRobert, who writes the weekly column "This Week's Sky at a Glance." "It is almost too much of an icon. We've seen the image of that planet with the rings since we were kids, and to see the real thing -- some people can't believe it's real."

If you don't have a telescope, and you can't figure out how to locate someone that does have one, you can get a closer look at Saturn through the online space telescope at Slooh.com. The site is planning to broadcast a live feed of Saturn at opposition on Sunday April 28th, starting at 6:30 p.m.

And if you are planning to spend this weekend in a cave, or a basement, don't fear. MacRobert assured us that the views of Saturn should remain pretty great throughout the spring.

Impressive Daytime Saucer Shaped UFO Over Russia - Video

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A UFO saucer has returned and now recorded by camcorder, the footage recorded mid day clearly shows a full sized disc. This coming days after 2 girls photographed a disc in Russia. The area not discribed is in the Russian owned land. So what do you think? Alien craft or Military machine! my take is its the perfect historic Disc saucer UFO

Bob Beckel on Fox News 'The Five' Discusses/Admits Aliens are Real -

Dirk Vander Ploeg is the Publisher of UFO Digest recently wrote this short article on Fox show he was watching called 'The Five'.

The long and short of it is that Bob Beckel one of the long time host's on the FOX show the five came about as close to UFO disclosure as anyone has in recent memory. Beckel has great credential and has spent a lifetime working for president and being in and around the government his entire life. After a political baptism as a college student in Robert Kennedy's 1968 campaign, a tour of duty in the Peace Corps and a successful stint heading up his own consulting firm, Beckel joined the government in 1977

I was watching The Five, a talk show on Fox News Channel, Friday, April 5, 2013, hosted by Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfied, Dana Perino, Andrea Tantoaros and Bob Beckel, (Democratic strategist). They usually discuss news of the day and politics in a round circle format. The show I watched they were debating conspiracies and Bob Beckel began his comments,
"I think, I have to be a little careful on how I say this. I think there absolutely has been visitors from other places on this planet."Here there was laughter from the others with comments such as aliens, undocumented workers and extraterrestrials.."There have been things found from outer space that have been kept quiet" Beckel added.
Then Dana Perino said, "Roswell?"
"Of One..."I don't want to talk about it", he added as more laughter erupted.This was a pretty amazing statement coming from a souce that has worked closely with the White House and the Democratic Party.
According to wikipedia:  Beckel was born in New York City, New York. He holds a B.A. from Wagner College. While in college, he worked for Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1968. Early in his career, he joined the U.S. Department of State and became the youngest deputy assistant secretary of state for the Carter administration. Beckel was the campaign manager for Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign. During that campaign he became known as the man who effectively wrapped the Wendy's slogan "Where's the Beef?" around Gary Hart, Mondale's opponent for the Democratic nomination.

The Case Of A UFO Crash in Wales - Europe's Roswell

On a dark winter's night in January 1983, the sleepy Welsh village of Llanilar near Aberystwyth was buzzed by a strange flying craft, which hit trees, scattered shiny metal debris over four fields and flew off apparently unaffected.

One farmer witnessed the debris and clean up operation; one national newspaper carried the story; one civilian investigation team made it to the site; one collection of strange metallic debris remains. Witness for the first time ever in graphic detail genuine pieces of a crashed UFO.

Mark Olly is an author, musician, historian, archeologist and lecturer. Best known for writing and presenting the ITV Granada/Sky History Channel's popular television series "Lost Treasures." Here he presents this first investigation in a series of internationally important hidden mysteries.

Our documentary page has a collection of full version, uncut and often hard to find UFO documentaries

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Great UFO Video, Blue Spiral Over Russia's Yamal's Peninsula

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Have a look at this one, another Spiral maker, Spotted over Yamal Peninsula Russia,25/04/ 2013.

UFO Chronicles - You Can't Handle The Truth - UFO Disclosure

Sean David Morton is a born psychic, trained Remote Viewer, intuitive consultant, investigative reporter, and accomplished award winning director, producer and screenwriter. Mr. Morton's expeditions to Area 51 made front page news in newspapers across America in the 80's and 90's. In 2005, Morton received his PhD. doctorate in Therapeutic Psychology and counseling from the International Institute of Health and Spiritual Sciences in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Morton has been the most popular guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell since his first appearance in 1991. In this shocking, no holds barred interview, Morton exposes the deceit, manipulation and control the government and military factions impose over the human race in the continued effort to cover-up the reality that we are not alone.

Shaun Ryder Part Time Singer Full Time UFO Hunter

With a career in music dating back over 30 years, Shaun Ryder’s had one heck of an interesting voyage.

But when he’s not on stage, the Happy Mondays frontman has journeys of a different kind on his mind. Ryder will be in the UAE at the weekend for a concert at Dubai Tennis Stadium.

But aside from the music, he presents a TV show about UFOs, exploring the history of sightings, and unpicking fact from fiction. He explains: “It’s been brilliant. I get to travel around the world and interview a lot of weird people about UFOs so that’s great. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this, I’ve been interested in it a long time. “When I was young, about 14, I saw something flying around in the sky - this was before the drugs and drink so it wasn’t that - and from there on I’ve been interested in that sort of stuff.”

Explaining how late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had a hand in launching his music career, the Mancunian musician praises the much-criticised Iron Lady who died earlier this month. He says: “At a time when there weren’t many jobs in the north - the early 80s, Thatcher came along and gave us the Enterprise Allowance Scheme (an initiative that paid unemployed people who set up their own businesses).

“We started on that so we have to thank her for that. When you’ve got nothing else to do except hang around as a bunch of lads, you can either get in trouble or make music.”

As a dad of six, it can’t be easy juggling gigs (it’s the band’s first tour in 19 years), a TV show and working on a TV adaption of his autobiography, but Shaun says he copes well. He didn’t get much time to spend with his kids when the Mondays reached their peak back in the late 80s and early 90s,

but the 50-year-old says being a dad these days is easy.

He explains: “I spend as much time at home as I want really, and go out when I want to. My youngest are five and four. They’ve been to the odd show but I don’t take them around at all. My other kids, years ago, they’d come on the tour bus but these days I spend a lot of time at home, watching ‘Peppa Pig’ (children’s animation series). I love it - I spend hours watching it!”


89 Year Old Ex-Canadian Defense Minister to Testify on UFO/Alien Disclosure

Why is Lester B. Pearson’s 89-year-old former minister of National Defence coming to Washington next week to testify before a make-believe Congressional hearing as to the existence – and multiple visits to Earth – of little green men (not to mention tall white dudes) from outer space?

It is the eve of what is being billed as "the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of an Extraterrestrial Presence Engaging the Human Race."
Hellyer, the former Liberal, Tory and independent MP who first sat in Parliament in 1949, will be arguing -- hardly for the first time -- that, as he tells me by phone from his home in Toronto, not only has ET been here, "there are more than one species, in fact there are several species.
"There has been collaboration between one or more of them with the U.S. government and the U.S. defence department. They've been sharing technology, some of which they wouldn't want the public to know about. Not only anti-gravity machines, but also diabolical weapons -- so many things that will affect the future of humankind."
Why didn't you ask them about this when you were minister of national defence? I ask.
"I'd never heard about this at that time," he answers.
Alien intelligence, Hellyer says, "is like a scroll that opens up in both directions; it has no end, it goes on and on. There are people from other dimensions, too, and a lot of them have visited Earth and they still do. Some of them look very much like us. The species we call the Tall Whites have been seen shopping in Las Vegas."
Hellyer is not alone in his certainty that we are not alone. Last month, a polling firm in North Carolina sampled 1,000 Americans and discovered 21 per cent agree a UFO crash at Roswell, N.M., in 1947 was covered up by the U. S. government, and 29 per cent concur with the proposition that "aliens exist."
(When asked, "Do you believe that shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies, or not?" only 88 per cent said they do not.)
The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure etc., is going to occupy five full days at the National Press Club.
Hellyer and dozens of other witnesses will present their opinions and their evidence to five former members of the House of Representatives plus ex-senator Mike Gravel of Alaska, the iconoclast Democrat who made a bid for the White House in 2008 but whose support never exceeded what the experts call "statistical zero."
Gravel, who is 83 and the son of emigrant Quebecers -- "I have more relatives in Canada than in the United States, but they're dying"-- promises his role in the hearing will be that of an impartial auditor.
"From my point of view," he reasons from his home in California, "the number of UFO sightings would indicate that, even if the numbers are exaggerated, they should be examined and reported to the public. France, Canada and a few of the others have revealed all the information that they have -- the exception to this rule is the U.S. government. This canard that the American public would panic if there was anything proven is ridiculous. The people are mature, they understand that there are many facets of life that are explainable.
"Are there little green men? We'll see what the testimony is."
What would change in our lives if they really do exist? I ask Gravel.
"Nothing," he replies. "Nothing. People would be satisfied that there are unexplained events, but that's not unusual. The whole belief in God is empirically unproven, yet we accept that."
Both Gravel and Hellyer agree the United Nations should be involved in any further venture into intergalactic affairs. This path has been trodden before. In 1978, prime minister Eric Gairy of Grenada beseeched the UN General Assembly, "Why should man be precluded from information on UFOs, a matter of great interest and importance to man?" While Gairy was meeting with secretary general Kurt Waldheim in New York, he was overthrown by a leftist coup at home.
Hellyer does not believe that proof of extraterrestrial visitation would provoke, as Gravel says, "nothing."
"The ramifications are just enormous," Hellyer affirms. "The question is, what's the end game as far as the people are concerned who have the knowledge and are doing the engineering and building the machines that the aliens showed them that will blow your mind away? If the United States is doing these things, then Russia and China know about it and are doing the same thing. These are big issues, especially when people are starving."
Have the aliens conquered death? I wonder.
"Some of the species live 900 years," Hellyer replies. "If you read about Methuselah in the Bible, there might have been some around then. Personally, I have no desire to live 900 years. I have no desire to even live one hundred."
If you do make it to 100, will you run for your old seat in Parliament? I ask the seeker of truths.
"Funny you should ask," Hellyer says. "In one of my dreams recently, I saw myself dabbling in politics again. When I woke up, I realized that I'm really too old for that kind of strenuous living."
Allen Abel is a Brooklyn-born Canadian journalist based in Washington, D.C.


UFOs & Alien Disclosure - Citizens Hearing

With the upcoming Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, will there truly be any change in Government disclosure on the UFO/Alien topic? Interviews with different ufologists regarding disclosure give us insight into what may happen should disclosure take place, or if it will happen at all.

Great Recent UFO Sightings - Video Compilation

Friday, April 26, 2013

Very Bizarre UFOs Filmed Over Melbourne

Lou20764 from Melbourne has captured a very strange and unique grouping of UFOs over Melbourne Australia. 

Posters Comments
Gone quiet again. Just captured these objects - just seem a little 'strange' - Judge for yourself.

Has UFO & Alien Disclosure Already Happened?

A lot of UFO researchers talk about disclosure, but who do we want to make this disclosure, and what are we looking for them to disclose? There are those that believe disclosure has already happened, and depending on your answers to these two questions, you may think so too.

The most common idea people have of disclosure is the President making a special announcement that they have discovered some UFOs are flown by extraterrestrials. This is the sort of disclosure that the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is seeking this weekend in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club. There will be a panel of former congress members reviewing five days of testimony from witnesses and UFO researchers. The idea is to inspire real congressional hearings that will prompt the President to announce that they knew it all the time.

This sort of disclosure sounds simple. However, a lot of these people feel the government is currently lying about the subject. How would we know what we were being told is now the truth? If proponents of this type of disclosure already believe the government cannot be trusted, why would they trust any announcement?

That is a point that is often made by retired Army Colonel, Dr. John Alexander. He is convinced the UFO phenomena is real and is likely of an extraterrestrial nature. However, he feels government disclosure has already happened. The FBI and the Air Force are two examples of government agencies that currently have thousands of files available on their investigations into UFOs. Alexander says they have released all of their research, but they haven't discovered much and are as baffled as the rest of us.

Much ado has been made of an unofficial group of friends inside intelligence circles Alexander helped to organize that looked into government UFO secrecy. He thought maybe they would find a group of secret keepers. What he found is that the topic is a bit of a hot potato. No one wants to deal with it, because it is too weird and they fear ridicule. He thinks the real lack of serious investigation by the government is due more to incompetence than anything else. However, he does feel official investigation is needed and advocates for organized research into the topic.

Another UFO investigator who often says disclosure has been accomplished is Dr. Steven Greer. Greer has been in the news a lot these past few weeks for his new documentary, Sirius. He was the first to bring credible witnesses to the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to address the media in 2001. It was an impressive group that included retired military officers, an FAA official, and credentialed people in the private sector. They testified to their knowledge or involvement with UFO research or sightings. To many, the credentials of these people were sufficient enough to be a sort of disclosure. In fact, this event prompted me to not only sit up and pay attention, but to get involved with reporting and researching the topic.

Others feel that the secrets are locked up so tight that getting answers is a much more difficult and complicated task. Richard Dolan, a UFO historian, thinks that the answers are probably locked up in deep black projects. Even the President may not have the need to know, giving him plausible deniability, and making it true that the White House doesn't know anything about UFOs because they are not in the loop. If we don't know where the secrets are, how do we, or the President or even congress get to them?

The only really solution to getting at the truth is for the people to demand hearings, demand honesty and demand that the facts be brought forward. Then and only then will we start to get some answers. 


Great Video of Huge Silent UFO Hovering Over Oregon

There are an extremely small handful of UFO chasers that you can actually trust, they consistently film anomalies in the sky that are not conventional craft, weather balloons, and they are definitely not hoax video's. Lou20764  comes to mind from Melbourne Australia and whotookmymojo is another who always seems to film in Oregon on the west coast of the US. Here is Mojo's latest offering. 

Posters Comments
Less than a minute upon arriving at the location an object is noticed moving from south to north. There was no time to film with other gear but the Hi8 has been dependable in catching some great flyovers.

UFO Flies Extremely Close To Jet Over Wisconsin

Posters Comments
UFO Spotted By Commercial Airliner Madison Wisconsin 4-23-2012.

Team of Scientist To Search For Extraterrestrial Life - Spacing Out

Researchers from fifteen UK research institutions have teamed up to search for extraterrestrial life. And a UFO encounter in Australia is being memorialized in a strange way. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

NASA Could Find Extraterrestrial Life Within 10 Years

NASA may find a planet capable of supporting extraterrestrial life within the decade.

Counter to what many believe, most such planets capable of holding extraterrestrial life would not orbit a sun-like star, but rather a white dwarf. White dwarfs are dead stars that eventually cool down and fade off. They are the most likely candidates for supporting Earth-like planets because they contain heavy elements. 

Planets orbiting white dwarfs are also easier to spot than those that orbit other types of stars. In order to detect a planet orbiting a white dwarf, scientists look for a dimming of the dead star's light as the planet passes in front of it.Scientists have conducted an experiment showing that NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scheduled to launch in 2018, will be able to locate planets able to support extraterrestrial life in unprecedented numbers, possibly taking just a few hours to find water and oxygen in a planet's atmosphere.

"The difficulty lies in the extreme faintness of the signal, which is hidden in the glare of the 'parent' star," researcher Dan Maoz said in a press release. "The novelty of our idea is that, if the parent star is a white dwarf whose size is comparable to that of an Earth-sized planet, that glare is greatly reduced, and we can now realistically contemplate seeing the oxygen biomarker."

In order to help determine the accuracy of the James Webb Telescope in detecting planets that can support extraterrestrial life, scientists performed a test using a simulated spectrum. The scientists tried to see if the telescope would be able to detect the spectrum, which was made to mimic an inhabited planet like Earth that orbited a white dwarf. The test results indicated that the telescope would have the ability to detect the extraterrestrial life-supporting planet.

The study is published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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Witness Says The UFO Had The Appearance of an Angel - Mexico

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UFO to take a very distant point I was hard to keep in the frame, it is transparent and then suddenly emits strong light that is surprising, with the appearance of an "angel"

Dr. Steven Greer's Manifesto Alien & UFO Manifesto

Extraterrestrials And The New Cosmology

by Steven M. Greer, M.D.

There is no doubt that there is a lot to read here but it is worth the effort, after all it is one of the most important issues that man has ever confronted. 

Dr. Greer Talking About His Manifesto
The universe is teeming with intelligent life. In fact, the universe itself is intelligent and alive. The multiplicity of life in the universe, while diverse, is essentially a singularity; beyond division, it exists in the unitive state, a marvelous, consciousOneness. All that there is exists in its true nature as pure, undifferentiated, eternal Mind. And yet from the awareness of that which is relative, we find inner and outer,mind and body, good and evil, oneness and separation. Truth is often born from the contemplation of these paradoxes; both perspectives are true, but are dependent on the level of awareness of the observer. As we ponder the universe and a new cosmology which accounts for the existence of advanced non-human life forms, the lesson of the paradox will visit us over and over again. But if we look intently with the eye of oneness, perhaps the cosmos will offer up a few of its mysteries. Cosmological Confusion, this term best describes what happens when 20th century humans are confronted with the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life forms. For not only are these beings not human, they possess technologies which are inherently mystifying to us. It is unlikely that a people capable of interstellar travel will be using microwave signals for communication, or fossil or nuclear fuels for propulsion. Since a hologram or laser would appear magical to a human 200 years ago, a large measure of scientific and cosmological humility and patience will be needed for us to begin to understand these civilizations, their technology, and most importantly, the lessons on the nature of reality we may learn from them. Moreover, the co-existence of a non-linear, non-local and transcendental universe with the so-called 'physicaluniverse' must not only be factored into our understanding of cosmology in general,but of the manifestations of advanced extraterrestrial people in particular. Biological life forms, us and extraterrestrials, possess both mind and body, we each manifest a reality which is both physical and spiritual, linear and non-local, fixed in time and space yet simultaneously transcendent. And what happens when science and technology find the point of communication between the hard physical and the unitive state of mind? It would be truly confounding to both the modern physicist and the modern philosopher or theologian. For such a quantum leap in the understanding of the universe would bring into close relation the separately held realms of science and spirituality, mind and matter, body and spirit.When you factor into this perplexing situation the existence of non-physical intelligent beings who, while not possessing a physical body, are nevertheless intelligent, sentient, and to a certain extent capable of interacting with biological humans and biological extraterrestrials. The tendency in the popular culture is to dismiss such beings as figments of one's imagination, to belong to a primitive belief


system, or to lump all such beings, whether human, extraterrestrial or purely non-biological, into a veritable smorgasbord of undifferentiated 'entities'.It is obvious that the risk of profound cosmological confusion rises exponentially as the multiplicity of intelligent life forms is contemplated. A new cosmology is needed if we are to understand the universe around us.In the civilian UFO community, there is much confusion over the nature of the objects and life forms which are moving about in our time/space reality. On the one hand, we find indisputable physical manifestations, such as crashed spacecraft, radar returns, verified photos and videotapes, metal samples, and 'flesh and blood' biological extraterrestrial life forms. Yet on the other hand we find multiple accounts of non-linear manifestations of these same objects and beings: telepathic communication, lucid dreams, mind-matter interactions, remote viewing, bi-location levitation and others. No objective student of the extraterrestrial phenomenon can ignore these numerous and widespread manifestations. Yet our acceptance of these manifestations really requires that we re-think our entire understanding of 'reality'.Some of the advanced technologies and capabilities of extraterrestrial civilizations,especially those interfacing with mind and thought, can appear in ways very similar to so- called 'astral' or spirit beings. In fact, the manifestations can be so similar as to lead many to say that the originating beings are one and the same. Not true. Not all that glitters is gold, and similarity of manifestation does not equate to sameness of origin. Add to all of this the fact that certain adept humans can manifest abilities which are extremely similar to both extraterrestrial and 'astral' beings.Finally, let us add one more factor into all of this. Covert military and paramilitary human groups which have developed both the technologies and innate mental abilities approximating those of both the extraterrestrial civilizations and the non-biological spirit beings.The universe is a big, complex place. But it need not be overly difficult to understand. Its comprehension is aided by first utilizing a few simple principles and concepts. This task recalls the ancient Sufi saying, "knowledge is a single point, but the foolish have multiplied it"!


• Linear, relative reality and non-local, non-linear reality both simultaneously exist as Reality. Their perception and understanding is wholly dependent on the level of consciousness of the observer. Even physical matter has an aspect of its nature which is non-local, transcendent and conscious.• Conscious, intelligent biological life forms, whether on earth or from some other planet, have physical realities as well as spiritual realities. Pure mind, or unbounded consciousness, is innate to all such life forms. It is the ultimate highest common denominator which all life shares.• Beings which do not have biological bodies (so-called astral or spirit beings)are also conscious, intelligent entities, and as such can interact with other conscious life forms, both biological and otherwise. On rare occasions they can even effect a physical manifestation. Once again, the highest common denominator linking these beings with other life forms is unbounded consciousness, or non-local mind.• The universe consists of both linear and non-linear, or transcendent, aspects which, while seeming paradoxical, simultaneously exist at every point in time/space and non- time/space. From this standpoint, every point in time and space exists in every other point in time and space, through the quality of non-locality.• The concept of God, or of a Universal, All-Knowing Being, is enhanced and magnified, not diminished, by the recognition of the vast multiplicity, infinite diversity and limitless scope of life in the cosmos.So how does intelligent life in the universe actually manifest? While keeping the above concepts in mind, let's review this diversity of life and how we our inner and outer senses may perceive them.

BIOLOGICAL: TYPES• Humans - Intelligent, higher life form existing initially in a biological body and native to earth.• Extraterrestrial Life Forms - Intelligent, higher life forms existing initially in a biological body and native to various planets other than earth.• Planetary Life Forms - Non-anthropomorphic intelligent beings identified within entire planetary body; for example, the earth as Gaia. Other planetary,solar and galactic bodies are thought to be individual conscious organisms as well.• Other Biological Life Forms - On earth, cetaceans are highly intelligent yet non-human; theoretically, other planets may possess corollaries.


(This listing describes how biological intelligent life forms may present or be perceived by both inner and outer senses)• Physically - In physical bodily form, with or without spacecraft
• Technologically - Via radio, TV, and advanced ET technology involving technological interface with mind/thought• Mentally - Via telepathy, lucid dreams, or other direct mind interface• Astral Body Projection - The presentation of a human, ET or other biological life form in its subtle, non-biological component, which may be perceived by another biological life form in waking or dream state.• Causal or Thought Body Presentation - The perception of another biological thought form in its most subtle individual aspect, the thought essence 'body',which may be projected without either biological or astral body components.• Pure Mind/One Mind - The ultimate state of oneness. Any and every conscious life form is essential non-local, pure unbounded mind and may be so perceived.

• Physical Senses - Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, Taste• Physical Capabilities - Movement/motion, etc.with/without technology• Mental Abilities (Traditional) - Thought, ideas, creativity, visualization,memory, sensory perception and recognition, others.Non-Local Mental Abilities (Non-Traditional) - These involve recognition and utilization of the non-local aspects of both mind and matter:• Telepathy - The ability to send and/or receive thought from one being to another.• Precognition - The ability of any intelligent higher life form capable of being aware of awareness to access via non-local mind probable events of the future.• 'Post-cognition' - The ability to perceive via non-local mind distant past events not personally experienced by the perceiver. Non-local mind can access past as well as future points in the time/space linear continuum.• Remote Viewing (or Remote Sensing) - Here defined as the ability to see via non-local, unbounded mind distant events in space, either in real time or an the past or future.• Dream State Abilities - The ability, while in the dream state, to experience precognitive dreams, post cognitive dreams, remote viewing and lucid dreaming.


• Celestial Perception - The ability to perceive aspects of physic objects.• Telekinesis - The ability to move an object through observable space via interface between subtle, non-local mind and a comparable aspect of an object.• Teleportation - The ability to move or manifest an object a substantial distance via non-local mind and the non-local aspect of matter, which negates the linear aspect of space.• Transmutation (Non-Technological) - The ability to convert one material object to a different element or object using the subtle interface of mind and non-local matter.• Bi-location - The ability to manifest a body or object in two or more points simultaneously in the time/space continuum. (Example - Appearing and perceiving in two or more places at the same time.) Related ability - Bi-timing- the ability to appear in the same space in more than one point in time (so-called time travel).• Materialization/Dematerialization (Non-Technological) - The ability of a life form to make manifest or un-manifest a material object using mind/matter interface.• Out-of-Body Experience/Astral Projection - The ability to project at will the subtle astral or light body, to a point in time and space outside the biological body.• Near-Death Experience - The transient separation of the subtle or astral body from the physical biological body due to bodily illness or injury. May involve perception of the so- called next world or subtle aspects of the cosmos, usually astral but advanced perceptions may involve causal or pure thought realm. AND MANY OTHERS...Note that all of the above abilities are innately possible in both human and extraterrestrial life forms. It is also important to remember that each of these abilities can be achieved through material technological augmentation of innate mental abilities, or totally achieved by technological advances alone.

Adding to the complexity of the universe is the existence of realms, dimensions, and aspects of the cosmos which are entirely non-linear and non-material, as we currently define it, actually more vast and complex than the physical material universe. No cosmology can be complete without an attempt to initially assess its basic characteristics and manifestations. Because this aspect of the cosmos can interact with the physical one for both humans and extraterrestrials who live in biological bodies, it is important for us to consider it and account for how it may resemble and differ from the diverse manifestations of biological life forms as discussed above.


Astral or Light Beings• of earth origin, that is, deceased previously biological humans• of non-earth origin, either deceased ET biological life forms,• or those originating from the causal or astral realm.Causal or Thought Beings (existing primarily as 'thought bodies')• of earth origin (deceased biological humans)• of non-earth origin (previously biological ETs, or which• originated from the causal or astral realms)Note that non-biological beings, of all the above types, can appear to biological lifeforms in the waking state, in dreams, in meditative states, etc. Depending on the culture, degree of evolution, and degree of acceptance of non-material beings, these entities may be known by this partial list as:• Ghosts or spirits• Spirit guides or angels• Archangels• Ascended enlightened beings (avatars, prophets - Christ, Krishna, others)• Planetary Nature Spirits (known as Devas in Vedic and other traditions)• Animal Spirits• and others too numerous to list.

TYPES OF EXPERIENCES AND ABILITIES OF NON-BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS Essentially everything listed under Biological Life Forms, and perhaps others such as materializations and poltergeist activity, pertain to Non-Biological Life Forms, except that they interface less frequently with the world of matter since they exist in non-material realms. When analyzing the multitude of possible experiences humans can have, it is important to have a cosmological understanding broad enough to comprehend the diversity of the cosmos. Otherwise, we will be unable to distinguish an anomalous manifestation of extraterrestrial technology and an unusual astral causal cosmos manifestation.


The preceding is simply an overview to bring us to our main focus here - the extraterrestrial presence. A universe filled with both biological and non-biological intelligent species presents a special challenge to anyone attempting to understand the extraterrestrial peoples currently visiting earth due to the areas of phenomenological overlap between quite different types of beings. Would a hologram projection of a person not be interpreted by a 17th century human as a ghost? What of the simple flashlight? Absolute magic!For this reason, among others, a cosmological crisis dominates the ET/UFO question.This has been helped along by deliberate disinformation and psychological warfare programs of certain covert groups (more on this later). The result has been a mixing of apples, oranges and stardust - calling them all one thing. We are reminded of the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy", where a small plane drops a Coke bottle over are mote, primitive area in Africa where it becomes an object of great mystery,conflict, supernatural meaning and power to the indigenous people who find it. While the movie is a comedy, it contains an important, relevant message: Are we now behaving like the finders of the Coke bottle?For example, may observers of the ET/UFO phenomenon conclude that the extraterrestrial spacecraft are actually not at all physical or material because they can at times simply 'disappear'. Magical? Inter-dimensional? Or extraterrestrial technology simply allows the craft to go from hover to beyond the speed of light in one instantaneous quantum acceleration? The neural pathways of the human eye are incapable of tracking an acceleration of this magnitude, and so the object seems to simply vanish.Three main factors contribute to this cosmological confusion. First, the innate nature of advanced extraterrestrial technology is so far advanced that it appears'supernatural' rather than just super technology. For this reason (and good old fashioned scientific arrogance), even rigorous scientists are inclined to dismiss certain aspects of the extraterrestrial phenomenon out of hand, or regard it as not real,supernatural or superstitious.Consider the development of consciousness-assisted technology (CAT). For example,rather than using keystrokes to enter data on a computer, one might simply think the command. The computer has been pre-programmed to recognize and accept your thought signature. A number of witnesses have seen extraterrestrials doing just that on board a spacecraft. Impossible? Magic? Nonsense? Be careful! A very human scientist at UNLV named Dean Radin is working on a so-called 'psychic switch' which is precisely what is described above. How far along this path might advanced extraterrestrials be?


The flip side is technology-assisted consciousness (TAC). Here, specialized machines assist the function of mind, thought or consciousness. A basic example is the Monroe Institute's Hemisynch tones, designed to assist the development of deep states of relaxation, expansion and, eventually, heightened powers and abilities. A more advanced application, though bizarre to modern scientists, is the ET's ability to use certain technologies to communicate with each other and with humans telepathically.There are literally hundreds of cases from diverse and credible people worldwidede scribing this.In the case of extraterrestrial civilizations, the ability to communicate at speedsexceeding that of light becomes an essential technology. To quote the Moody Blues,"thinking is the best way to travel". Why? Because it is instantaneous. So it really should come as no surprise that starfaring peoples would have developed thought communication rather than using radio waves. There are many cases of witnesses seeing a spacecraft who think something like, "oh, I wish that thing would comeback this way so I can get a better look!" Suddenly, the craft changes direction and comes right over to the person. The high accuracy of such two-way exchanges would indicate that these craft and their occupants have technology which indeed interfaces with their thoughts and those of other life forms.TAC may also be utilized by the extraterrestrials in teleportation, telekinesis, remote viewing and even higher states of consciousness. Once the nexus between mind and matter, and mind and space/time is clearly understood, the potential applications are almost limitless, and boggle the imagination.The reason the question of advanced extraterrestrial technology is important to this discussion of cosmological confusion must be obvious by now. Very advanced technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations may appear similar or identical to other so-called paranormal phenomena. To discern one from the other requires insight,knowledge, patience and, above all, experience.For example, people with 'classic extraterrestrial abduction experiences' who under go hypnotic regression may subconsciously fill in details, especially to please a hypnotist with strong bias towards retrieving alleged memories of extraterrestrial abductions.So - is it real or is it Memorex? Great care must be taken when dealing with the human mind, or we will confuse those aspects of the new cosmology which have clear areas of overlap, such as non-biological intelligent life forms, humans and extraterrestrials. A UFOlogist may jump to the false conclusion that the person who experiences a spirit or astral being almost as a hologram in the waking, dream or meditative state,has been visited by an extraterrestrial. But wait. A more holistic cosmology as outlined above would allow us to consider that it may have been a spirit guide,angel, another living human who project his/her astral body into the bedroom, a deceased relative, a hypnogogic hallucination, OR a technological or mental projection of an extraterrestrial into the room.


The point is this: If you don't know about or accept the diversity of possibilities, you are very likely to misinterpret the phenomenon. Similarly, many people experience a myriad of unusual phenomena (PLEURAL) but they will be considered as only one phenomenon (SINGULAR). The result is the mixing of apples, oranges and stardust. Adopting and understanding a truly holistic cosmology will greatly assist us in avoiding this confusion. But even then, because there are areas of profound overlap where one phenomenon will mimic another, tremendous care and repeated mature experience is required before clear discernment is possible. Otherwise, how will we differentiate between a spirit being an advanced mind/matter interaction effected by extraterrestrial technology? Or, for that matter, from human technology and experiences? And this brings us to the third contributing factor to cosmological confusion: Human covert programs designed to confuse, mislead and deceive society on theextraterrestrial question.It must be remembered that covert human attempts to back-engineer extraterrestrialtechnology have been going on for over 45 years, and more than a little headway has been made. Additionally, certain covert cells within military and intelligence agencies have been working on electronic and psychic techniques which are highly invasive, very specific and operationally effective. These technologies are much farther along than most could imagine. The real capability exists to deliberately mimic an extraterrestrial technology and events for the purpose of disinformation.We have been briefed by trusted members of the military regarding "non-lethal defense" and related fields. They have confirmed to us that psychoelectronic technologies exist, off-the-shelf, which can target an individual or group and remotely make them have a personal conversation with their personal God. And they would so believe it was real, they would pass a lie detector test.


This is a wake-up call. The simple approach of taking all anomalous experiences on face value is not only unscientific, it is immensely dangerous. Technologies do exist which can induce personal and collective experiences which appear ET/UFO related,but which are really quite human. Like past plutonium experiments on humans and germ warfare tests on civilians, these 'experiments' are real, black budget activities which have been developed and perfected over the last 30-40 years. Electronic and implant technologies, all human, exist which can induce a very convincing 'abduction'event. The clustering of abduction experiences around military installations, and the presence of unmarked, black, electronic-filled helicopters near so-called abductees homes is no coincidence.The public has been misled, and the civilian UFO research community have been quite victimized by these special projects designed to deceive, mislead and, above all, dis-inform the public on the extraterrestrial subject. The "Body Snatchers" fix on the extraterrestrial presence is driven by a complex plan to convince the public that there is "...an alien threat which we must all unite against and fight..."


Do not be deceived. The future of life on earth, and our emerging relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations may depend on our eyes being open.The relevance of covert human activities to cosmological confusion must not be underestimated. Human awareness on the subject of extraterrestrials has been manipulated, played like a harp, by those who would hide the real gold under a mountain of fool's gold. Events which look, feel and sound like extraterrestrial ones may in fact be a part of a deception of very human origins. And if we do not at least consider the role of covert disinformation programs in our list of cosmological options, then we will be doomed to misidentify and misinterpret many of these events.The human factor which adds to cosmological confusion is not limited by covert activities. There is the usual array of misperceptions, hallucinations, delusions,wannabees, false memory syndromes, hoaxes, scientific arrogance and general human egotism. All of these contribute to a collective cosmological indigestion whichis in dire need of a cure. And acknowledging the problem is the first step to healing.Extraterrestrial civilizations. Humans. Non-biological life forms. The cosmos is a complex, diverse and fascinating place. Or Non-Place? Ultimately, education and,above all, experience, will guide us on this journey. For if we are to set sail over this vast ocean, we are in need of a rudder, a compass and a few journeys along the near shoreline first.We must join together to gather our knowledge and experience, and with courage and resolve set sail first along the shoreline, then farther from shore and then into the vast and limitless ocean of inner and outer space. For we are not at the end of time, or of history, but rather we stand on the threshold of unbounded possibilities, a time when all that we may dream together will come to pass.

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