Saturday, March 30, 2013

UFOs Over Sweden, Do Not Show Up on Radar But Can Be Filmed

Posters CommentsLocation: Göteborg (Close to mölndal) at approximately 19.00 pm.
Descripction: These craft´s don´t show up on normal radar software like for example "flightradar24" nor on webtrak, they are violating altitude laws frequently and nobody seems to care not even (UFO-Sverige), they don´t seem to behave or look like normal airplanes. Some of these crafts occasionally blink and this might be because that they are either trying to alter their shape to mimic our airplane technology (in order to pass for airplanes) or some of them might belong to foreign countries secret military technology. Most of the time the crafts do not seem to have a solid shape and mostly resembles glowing orbs or lights with a strong pulse that frequently changes their color spectrums. For years this behaviour has been going on yet the Swedish media refuses to adress it, if they do they only make fun of this phenomena and call in the "UFO-experts" who debunk everything as usual.

Please share this video in order to keep both youtube and media from not making the phenomena seen!

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