Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passenger Jet Flys Between 2 UFO/ORBs Seattle Tacoma Washington

This video starts out slow but between the 1 minute and 2 minute mark it gets pretty interesting. The witness is filming two red UFOs/Orbs and he has the presence of mind to brace himself against a telephone pole for camera stability. Shortly after doing that a passenger jet fly's between the two unknown, silent, hovering objects.

The witness did report his sighting to MUFON, here is the unedited report.

We live in Seattle on Queen Anne hill, north of the space needle. Sea Tac int. airport is close so we see planes all the time. My girlfriend had just gone to bed and I sat down to watch something on netflix. Out the southern window I saw these two bright red lights through the leafless tree outside our building coming our direction. There was a low cloud cover and they didn't look "right" Looked like red road flares but not on the road. I thought they might be planes but they really didn't look like planes. Too brilliant and just red with a whitish center. I called to my girlfriend to come take a look. She did and told me she thought it was strange that they were flying in a wobbly line. She knew I was a fan of funny things in the sky so it wasn't a shock to her when I had my phone, a flashlight and my shoes on by the time she turned from the window. I shot down 3 flights of stairs and out onto the street. I ran to where I could see them and didn't have a street light blinding me. I began to film after I wiped my phone's camera lens. I didn't want to be "that guy" I began to loose track of the lead object when I saw another making 3. I filmed them for a few moments and a jet came from around a building, climbing. It must have seen them. It passed so close. I'm guessing this based off the cloud cover it and they seemed to be under. The plane ascending into the clouds in front of the objects and out of sight within frame of the camera. It could be heard clearly but the objects remained visible and still moving North. They began to get lost in the clouds and I stopped filming. I lost sight of them moments later. The end...?
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