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Many People Who See UFOs Become Victims

UFOs and Discrimination

In an effort at making full disclosure I want you to know that not only do I believe in UFOs (and I mean truly believe), but I also know that UFOs exist for a fact. How could one possibly know this in a factual sense. Without getting into all the details; which you can read about at the page called 'My UFO Experience', I can only tell you that once you have such an experience it changes everything, your thoughts on the universe, religion and government to name just a few things

 In essence you become a victim of knowledge with no where to turn and no one that you can talk to. Yes, I have friends and family that have heard my story and they indulge me, they listen attentively and I am grateful for that, but inevitably the conversation gets around to discussing whats for lunch or sports or any number of things except what is all important, the UFO sighting that you can't put down, it will not leave your mind. You play it over and over and over. There is no where to neatly file this memory, you can't stuff it into a drawer, file it on a disc or put in on your flash drive and forget about it for a few days. It is ever present and you want to shout it to the world and have people respond in a way that matters. You know that it will never happen until we have some legitimate form of UFO / Alien disclosure.


There is no safety in numbers either, the Belgium Wave occurred March 30/31, 1990, a case where more than 13,500 people saw a UFO and more than 2600 people filed written statements (Top worldwide mass UFO sightings) . The police gave chase in cars, fighter pilots gave chase in F16's and thousands of people from all walks of life saw what was unquestionably a UFO. The government sent "experts"  on TV telling them that they experienced a form of "mass delusion" they even went so far as to call it a mass "mass psychosis" .  A new theory cropped into the language  called psychosocial hypothesis. They told people that they were seeing helicopters and the noise from street traffic drowned out the engine noise from the helicopters. When people said that was impossible they claimed that there was a strong natural wind and that drowned out the noise. 

The point of all this is to show the kinds of length the government goes to make witnesses appear to be wrong, to make them seem like unreliable witnesses, it is pure and simple mass intentional discrimination. Is it any wonder that this case is so well known but nobody talks about it much, the experts do not point to this case as proof positive of the existence of UFOs/alien life. Apparently the mass deception by debunkers and the government worked. 

The suffering and plight of most UFO experiencers goes unacknowledged by the people. Whether it was a single event such as a traumatic UFO encounter or a series of abductions with beings that can only be described as otherworldly. The pain that comes from dealing with something so... surreal, it begs the question of how these witnesses live with it.

The lot of them are truly victims, not just witnesses. They've experienced something that often defies rational explanation. When coming to terms with these events, many choose to forget about it. Faced with something beyond their belief structure, they discard the experience in favor of upholding their world view.
Those brave enough to confront it have to deal with a number of obstacles. First and foremost, accepting the experience(s) at face value implies their government is withholding information about the same. Given the technological advances and intelligence gathering capabilities of todays governments, this presumption is not without warrant.
The US has consistently denied and at times ridiculed the phenomenon. Sadly, this attitude has trickled down through the general population. For those that live with it, speaking out about their experience is akin to jumping off a cliff. The fear of public humiliation, ridicule, job terminations, divorces and more keep most suffering in silence.
Empathy is a difficult thing when you can't relate with a situation. People can understand why there is Mothers Against Drunk Driving, people know returning war vets are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), people can relate with the loss of a loved one. Who though can feel for the person that was abducted by aliens? Who can understand what a traumatic UFO encounter really is?
Support groups for experiencers do exist and have helped many people by giving them a place to share, without judgment or ridicule, and often with others that have gone through similar things. Yet, this is the extent of it. The sad reality is mainstream support doesn't exist. It's not like you can ask your doctor to scan for alien implants without fearing that they suggest looking for brain tumors first.
Equality is something Americans pride themselves on. Race, gender, age, religion and now sexual orientation are perfect examples. While the reality is not as black and white, their rights are publicly acknowledged and contested. But what if you're of this minority? The acknowledgement most get is typically at the butt of a joke. Discrimination comes in all forms...
Have people lost their jobs because they saw a UFO or showed a belief in them? Have people been discriminated against in the workplace for it? Are witnesses being harassed because of their experience? Does the mass media ridicule them as a rule of thumb? Does your government?
UFO experiencers must deal with that slew of obstacles which make recovery difficult at best. In addition, it's reasonable to presume that some victims eventually take their life. Like war vets, many experiencers suffer from PTSD which is responsible for the deaths of many soldiers that commit suicide. As such, since only a small percentage of witnesses ever report their experience, it's likely the same fate befell some of them without access to proper care or knowledge thereof.
Seeing is believing? People often wish they could see a UFO, but with that comes great responsibility to do something about it. Some rise to the occasion and bring further awareness to this plight. Others turn into followers by showing their continued support for some aspect of it. However, most will never be heard from. At least not until the stigma has been removed from this phenomenon.
Do UFO experiencers have a right to be free from discrimination? Should this class of citizens be subjected to continued harassment and ridicule for their beliefs? Do they have a right to be heard without fear of reprisal?
It's clear that experiencers are subjected to a barrage of discrimination violations. Until the UFO phenomenon is taken seriously, that behavior will continue. An attitude that was propagated by the government through ridicule and denial of its existence. As well, this distorted perspective was reinforced by the mainstream media.
These people merely want to be heard. They want to be taken seriously. UFO experiencers want their day in the sun! A day when they won't be questioned and discriminated against anymore...
The next time someone treats you differently for reasons like your race, age, sexual preference or religion; Imagine being a UFO experiencer.

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