Sunday, March 10, 2013

Educating Humanity on First Contact With Extraterrestrials - Video

This is by far the most powerful short film that has been produced (recently) on First Contact with Alien Civilizations. It is clear, concise and and accurate, when most of us are ready it will happen. I would encourage you to share this video and this post with as many people as you can, believers and non believers alike. 

On one level there will be a huge amount of wonder and awe when contact does happen in recognition of the vastness of the universe. On the flip side there will also be a great deal of fear and defensiveness as Stephen Hawking has displayed, saying we should make no attempts at contact because if a more technically advanced civilization comes to earth the outcome may be like Europeans coming to the new world. 

First Contact Protocols
It is vitally important that first contact be thought through before any action is taken. Assuming contact would be of a peaceful nature what steps or protocols should we follow.
  • Move cautiously and deliberately
  • Demand transparency
  • Establish alien hierarchy, leaders, communicators etc.
  • Establish a multinational panel from earth to coordinate and lead talks
  • No one government including the UN should control discussions
  • Military leaders should not have a prominent role in the discussions
  • Frequent and relevant information to be disseminated to the people of earth
  • Clearly define the motive for first contact
  • Demand reassurances of peaceful intervention
  • Keep an open mind but proceed with caution

First Contact Thoughts & Emotions 
We know that contact with alien species will happen but what can we expect some of our reactions to be and how should we think about it. Each one of us will experience some if not all of the following. To truly understand, we must confront and question many of the prevailing assumptions and emotions that we may experience. These include;
  • Denial
  • Hopeful expectation
  • Misinterpreting the evidence to affirm our beliefs
  • Wanting and expecting salvation from the 'visitors'
  • Believing that ET technology will save us
  • Feeling hopeless and submissive to what we assume is a superior force
  • Demanding government disclosure but not ET disclosure
  • Condemning human leaders and institutions while maintaining unquestioned acceptance of the 'visitors'
  • Assuming that because they have not attacked or invaded us, they must be here for our good
  • Assuming that advanced technology equals advanced ethics and spirituality
  • Believing that this phenomenon is a mystery when in fact it is a comprehensible event
  • Believing that ETs in some way have claim to humanity and to this planet
  • Believing that humanity is irredeemable and cannot make it on its own.
  • Assuming that first contact is a religious event

Now is the time to be thinking about First Contact not after the fact. We need to choose earths ambassadors wisely, scientist, philosophers and even a council of "global elders". Our ultimate goal should be to establish a peaceful co-existence that benefits both parties. 

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