Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pilots Witness UFOs - Video Compilation Of Pilot Testimony

Often some of our best UFO witnesses are military and commercial pilots, after all they spend every working day around jets. They have been trained to observe, altitude, direction, speed and distance. Military pilots are well versed on friendly aircraft and aircraft of potential enemies. Millions of people everyday trust commercial pilots with their lives. On the vast majority of commercial jets and most military transport there are at least two or more people in the cockpit. So it stands to reason that when pilots see a UFO, we should pay attention.

Sadly it should be noted that there is still a stigma attached to pilots reporting UFOs or anomalies by most commercial airlines and by virtually all military. Pilots consider it a career ending maneuver and the best case is removal from the cockpit and assigned desk duty. For a pilot this is indistinguishable from ending ones career. Occasionally there is safety in numbers, such as when two or more people in cockpit and several crew member report seeing the same anomaly, or when multiple passenger make the same report. If you spend time with pilots you will understand that UFOs and other anomalies are seen infrequently but they are seen and rarely reported. In an effort to make full disclosure I have been in the commercial aviation business for many years, too many to mention. 

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