Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alien Abduction Victim Now Helping Other Victims, News Report

Sandy Nichols say he was
abducted multiple time
Dedicated To Providing help For Other Abductees

THOMPSON'S STATION, Tenn. - One local man said he's had close encounters of the extraterrestrial kind.

During a time when your imagination is your best friend, a then 6- year-old Sandy Nichols said that's when he made his first memorable encounter with aliens.

"They were only about 4, 4-1/2 feet tall. They had big heads, big dark eyes, bald and small nose; small ears and hardly any mouth," said paranormal researcher and investigator Sandy Nichols. | Nashville News, Weather

From his East Nashville yard 55 years ago, he said he was taken on what many of us would call a spaceship.

"Instead of being a strange looking kid, there was a strange looking adult standing next to me and he said, through ESP or telepathy somehow that these are not toys, you are here to learn," said Nichols.

For his entire 61 years of life, Nichols said he has been in touch with the other world.

"I'll tell you right now, I do not like these abductions. They go against my free will because they take me at any time they want to," said Nichols.

In 2005, as Nichols and his wife were building their home in Thompson's Station, he said he was driving down Bethesda-Arno Road when he noticed, what looked like a tall person from a distance.

"The head of it was a little bit taller than the sign, the top of the head. That sign, I went over and measured it and it was over 7 1/2 feet tall," said Nichols.

Nichols said he knew what he was seeing was not a person. Slowing down to just 20 miles an hour with his window down, Nichols said he got a good look at "it."

"I call it the Mothman type creature, because I do not know if it was actually Mothman, but it had a lot of similarities," explained Nichols.

Trying to keep his eye on the object as he turned the car around in the road, he said, "when I came back it was gone."

That was not the last time Nichols would see the Mothman. In 2008 while driving on I-65 south near State Route 840, Nichols said this time the sighting was from the sky.

"It turned to where instead of looking at it at a flat angle, I could see the back of it and i go, 'oh my gosh, that is the thing I saw years earlier,'" said Nichols.

Nichols said these sighting by the chosen few are not easy physically or psychologically, that's why he created the Alien Research Group to help those abducted from anywhere in the world.

"My main purpose for starting it up is to help other people cope with and deal with the experiences they have had," he said.

The Alien Research Group is designed to help people find support groups or psychologist to discuss what they have seen or is currently happening to them.

For information on the group, visit the website Alien Research Group.
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