Sunday, March 3, 2013

Update On Dr. Greer's Movie SIRIUS, Info on Joe Rogan/Greer Interview

On Sunday night - March 3, Dr. Greer will be recording a 2 hour show with Joe Rogan. This promises to be a fantastic informative and fun discussion. Check for air times of the podcast.

After March 4, watch an explosive interview with John Callahan former FAA Division Chief. 
He had radar tapes of 30 minutes of UFO activity and documents, visits by the CIA and more.

This exclusive interview with Dr. Greer includes documents and a peek at the radar tapes given to The Disclosure Project by Mr. Callahan. His testimony is astonishing.


At one point he summarizes part of the problem...."I'm walking around with the answer, but nobody wants to ask the question. " This interview is not to be missed.

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