Thursday, March 21, 2013

James Fox On Alien Disclosure - We The People Hearings

The “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” is being staged over a five-day span in late April and May at the National Press Club in Washington by Steve Bassett. Like Fox, Bassett has managed to climb out of a self-inflicted hole, turning a $36,000 loss from his 2010 X-Conference into an unnamed $1.1 million sponsorship to float the latest gig. If you don’t know about Bassett, that’s another riff altogether. What’s supposed to distinguish Bassett’s Citizen Hearing from other National Press Club UFO testimonials is a panel of former congressional representatives who’ll listen to the eyewitnesses and conduct the five-day proceedings the same way they did it on Capitol Hill. So far, at last check, no erstwhile public servants are on the roster. And there are few surprises on the witness list.

“I haven’t seen anything in there that’s groundbreaking or that I haven’t heard before,” said Fox. “But I admire (Bassett’s) efforts, regardless of how you might feel about him. I admire his tenacity; if it could lead to congressional hearings on UFO Disclosure, hey, more power to him.”

If only F. Scott “There are no second acts in American lives” Fitzgerald had lived in the 21st century …
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