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Best of UFO Sightings March 2013 - 2 Different Videos

Two different UFO video compilations for Mar 2013

UFO Disclosure - Dr. Greers Final Trailer, SIRIUS in Theaters April 22, 2013

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the worldwide Disclosure Movement and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is working with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka and his team at Neverending Light Productions to produce one of the most significant films of our time. This film will be in theater April 22, 2013. 

This film exposes the greatest story never told:
  • The Earth has been visited by people from other worlds who are not malicious, but in fact concerned for the future of humanity.
  • A cabal of military, industrial and financial interests have kept this contact and what we have learned from it secret for over 60 years.
  • Their secrecy is meant to suppress the knowledge that can liberate the world from the yoke of oil, gas, coal and nuclear power and replace the current world order with one of New Energy and true Freedom.

There have been several small update videos, which were produced every few weeks to inform the public about the progress of this important film.These updates have been collected in one playlist and can be viewed HERE.

UFO Hovers Over Airplane in Canada

A witness has reported sighting a UFO hovering over an aeroplane in Lowe Farm, Manitoba. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Artist Likeness

The witness begins the report by describing what he was doing at the time of the alleged sighting. He also talks about the location, direction and altitude of the UFO.

“I was walking my parents’ dog on a gravel road near their farm approximately 3 miles outside of the town of Lowe Farm when I saw a low flying Airplane coming towards me at a fairly low altitude heading in a southwest direction in a straight line of travel,”
The witness then talks about the colour and appearance of the object.
“I noticed that there was a grey object directly above this airplane as it appeared very metallic and shiny which instantly caught my eye.”
The witness further talks about the diameter and altitude of the UFO. He also tells us that the object did not make any noise.
“I am not certain as to how many feet above the plane this object was, but estimate it was several thousand feet. It was close enough to tell that it had a large diameter, and produced no noise on top of the noise from the low flying airplane.”
The witness then compares the object to another UFO he had witnessed in the past.
“The object that I witnessed appeared to be an exact match to a sighting that I witnessed on December 12 2011 in Morris, MB. The major difference in this case is that there was no smell of sulphur as I witnessed before, and that this object was moving at a faster rate of speed.”
He also talks about how long he was able to view the UFO and the plane.
“I was able to view both the airplane and the object for approximately 2 minutes before losing sight of them.”
The witness then tells us that he was not physically affected by the object and also says that he is unsure if the object caused any electrical interference.
“I was not physically affected in any way by the object and did not have any devices on me at the time so it is unknown as to whether or not there was electrical interference at the time.”
He further tells us that he was unable to view this object as clearly as the object he had viewed in the past and expresses his certainty about the two objects being similar.
“I was unable to see this object as clearly as I did on my Dec 12 2011 sighting but am almost certain that the object was indeed identical.”
Finally, the witness describes how he has been watching the skies since his last UFO sighting.
“ I have been watching the skies in this region since my first sighting and this has been the first UFO I have witnessed since that time.”
The above quotes were edited for clarity.

MUFON requests the readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.

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A Day With ET, Fantastic Space Cites & Technology Beyond Belief

A Day With an Extraterrestrail

An abduction account. Many people believe that we are alone in the universe; we are not alone. Many people want proof of extraterrestrial visitation and why not. However, those who have been taken or visited by extraterrestrial beings are not given proof; all they have is their own unique experiences. Most will not share their experiences with others fearing job lose or other humiliations that comes when telling others of such extraordinary and bizarre experiences. Human abductions by extraterrestrial beings happen— believe it or not.

A Day with an Extraterrestrial is a story about ongoing Alien abductions that have remained hidden and unknown by most of the human population on Earth, says Lou Baldin. Abductions and visitations by Alien beings have occurred throughout history and have become more frequent in modern times as humans are bombarded by ever-increasing amounts of technology; technology that has drastically change humankind from a low-tech pastoral existence (horse and plow) to a Space Age existence in less than a hundred years.

The rapid and drastic change in technology over the last hundred years fell into place seamlessly, taking place with little notice or much distraction as if it were a natural human progression; a process that happens throughout the galaxy on other similar planets under similar circumstance and unfolding as blossoms on a cherry tree; most blossoms will produce nearly exact cherries, so too the many planets blossoming on the branches of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Alien abductions happen in many places and in various ways for numerous reasons while the abductees rarely if ever know that they have been taken by extraterrestrial beings and placed into UFOs and tampered with. Extraterrestrials use technology that is far superior to any technology humans are in possession of, and can abduct people as easily as humans capture, sedate and manipulate animals for various reason and then turn them loose, with the animal never knowing that they were tampered with.

The story in the book is about the abduction of a man who is taken on a journey to a space city near the sun where other abductees are and is exposed to fantastic realities that are usually only found in science fiction novels, writes Baldin. The space city is like a grand central station where large cylinder type ships ferry humans and other type beings to the furthest reaches of the solar system, where reside utopic cities in orbit around the gas giant planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Some cities appear as moons, and some moons harbor cities hidden within them, claims Baldin.

The author/abductee states that he was made aware by his captor/companion that in a former life he once lived in one of the cities that orbit around the planet Uranus, and chose to come to Earth and be involved in a project that was administered by the beings from that city. According to Baldin all of the technology on Earth came from such places in the solar system and was/is provided by highly advanced beings in a scheme to facilitate humanity's progression into the next millennium.

Earth's population explosion will continue and the technology for larger and more efficient infrastructure to handle the increased population on this planet and the eventual human expansion into Space is orchestrated by various and competing overlords of this solar system, claims the author.

Small Fleet of UFOs Flies over St Petersburg Russia

A MUST WATCH!!! A very strange, glowing light UFO was captured over St. Petersburg, Russia on March, 26th 2013!!! Full ZOOM and constant 5+ minutes of real footage! Please share and help spread the TRUTH!!!

Aliens: The Definitive Guide- How To Prepare for Contact

Season 1 Eposide 2 (S01E02)
We are not alone. Earth’s most impressive minds say so. For millennia, we earthlings have stared up at the night sky looking for…something. Now, you’re about to find out what that something might be. Here is a link to episode 1 the Aliens: The Definitive Guide.

This series injects a huge dose of cutting-edge scientific research into a fun and entertaining action-packed journey through space, to find out exactly what’s lurking out there – and even what it smells like.

UFOs Over Sweden, Do Not Show Up on Radar But Can Be Filmed

Posters CommentsLocation: Göteborg (Close to mölndal) at approximately 19.00 pm.
Descripction: These craft´s don´t show up on normal radar software like for example "flightradar24" nor on webtrak, they are violating altitude laws frequently and nobody seems to care not even (UFO-Sverige), they don´t seem to behave or look like normal airplanes. Some of these crafts occasionally blink and this might be because that they are either trying to alter their shape to mimic our airplane technology (in order to pass for airplanes) or some of them might belong to foreign countries secret military technology. Most of the time the crafts do not seem to have a solid shape and mostly resembles glowing orbs or lights with a strong pulse that frequently changes their color spectrums. For years this behaviour has been going on yet the Swedish media refuses to adress it, if they do they only make fun of this phenomena and call in the "UFO-experts" who debunk everything as usual.

Please share this video in order to keep both youtube and media from not making the phenomena seen!

Fast Moving UFO/Orbs Fly's Close to Eiffel Tower

Paris has had it share of UFO sighting in recent weeks, to see a triangular UFO that was captures over Paris in March 2013 click here

Posters Comments
Real UFO Takes Extreme Turn To Avoid Hitting The Eiffel Tower.

This fast moving white UFO/Orb seems to skirt around the Eiffel Tower before disappearing into the atmosphere. 

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The Original Roswell Investigator Talks About The Famous UFO/Alien Incident - Stanton Friedman

Stanton Friedman is a professional Ufologist who resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident. He studied physics at the University of Chicago and worked as a nuclear physicist on research and development projects for several large companies. He is a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S.

Check the most viewed FBI UFO file on record. Is there evidence of UFOs containing alien visitors? Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, shares his conclusions.

In 1970, Friedman left full-time employment as a physicist to pursue the scientific investigation of UFO's. Since then, he has given lectures at more than 600 colleges and to more than 100 professional groups in 50 states, nine provinces, and 16 countries outside the USA. Additionally, he has worked as a consultant on the topic. He has published more than 80 UFO-related papers and has appeared on many radio and television programs. He has also provided written testimony to Congressional hearings and appeared twice at the United Nations

Is There A Will Smith Effect on UFO Sightings - UFOs and Hollywood

In 1996 something strange happened in the UK. From out of nowhere the UK was swarmed with reports of strange lights in the sky, mysterious craft and flying saucers. The Ministry Of Defence's UFO desk was inundated with almost six times as many sightings as the year before.

Was it an invasion? Was E.T. finally here? Well, no... it was Will Smith.

“Popular culture informs what we see in the sky, and then how we interpret it,” says UFO expert Dr. David Clarke, “You can’t help but absorb it.”

“We’ve grown up with science fiction movies like ‘Independence Day’, and no one can divorce themselves from it. Not that people were seeing that one movie, and then going out to look for UFOs - It simply raised their awareness, and they became more likely to report things,” he says.

David is a Sheffield based journalist, folklore expert, and official consultant to MOD’s Classified UFO files at The National Archives. Think Fox Mulder with a South Yorkshire accent.

Roland Emmerich’s alien-invasion spectacular ‘Independence Day’ was 1996’s summer blockbuster and it sent the world extraterrestrial mad. “Newspapers even began running UFO campaigns,” says David, “and the figures leapt from 117 sightings in 1995 to 609 in 1996”

“People would write in with sightings from decades before, encouraged to do so by the craze. It’s the power of popular culture.”

This phenomena of a film affecting UFO reports led to the coining of endearing term “The Will Smith Effect”, but it’s not all down to the Fresh Prince.

“The biggest spike was around 1977/8 - around the time we got ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’,” says David, “But there are also anomalies: 1982 for example, when ‘E.T.’ was released was a particularly quiet year.”

“You couldn’t look at it scientifically and say ‘Right, this film is coming out – therefore we should expect this many sightings’. It doesn’t work like that. But by-and-large there is a strong relationship between aliens on screen, and UFOs in our skies.

“It’s not mass hysteria, and it’s not just movies - TV, books and comics contribute too - it’s just a zeitgeist. When UFOs are popular, people see them.”

To David, explaining UFO sightings is all down to trends: “People’s descriptions alter with time,” he says. “In the 50s it was all flying saucers, and right now it’s big black triangles. Largely influenced by Stealth aircraft sightings. That’s then echoed in our media, and people largely begin to see only what it’s popular to see.”

There’s two explanations for this, says David: “Either aliens are very fashion conscious and move with the times, or people interpret their experience through what’s going on around them.

“Quite often we see what we believe, and not believe what we see.”

A man dedicated to explaining the unexplainable, David doesn’t stop with the crafts themselves - he says there’s a problem with cinema’s depiction of aliens too:

“The image of the little grey alien with the big black eyes seems to be endemic in our culture,” he begins, “but there’s lots of other types of ‘aliens’ that people see. There are reptilians, and even cat-people. But the interesting thing is how prevalent that one image is in the West. If you go to parts of South America, they tend to have very different ‘aliens’. Their experiences are a mix of their own indigenous beliefs, and parts of Western cinema.”

“Ever since H.G Well’s early work, we’ve had this idea of the big-headed, big-eyed, tiny-bodied creature. Cinema picked it up, and it’s never changed.”

He summarises: “There’s not a single story in the current UFO literature that hasn’t been anticipated by science fiction, somewhere along the way.”

To David, the very nature of the word “alien” shows the problem with how the movies do it: “The fact that we’ve evolved like we have, with a body, two arms, and a head, is an outcome of a billion different chance-like things. And the probability of those same chances occurring on a different planet, with a different set of rules and conditions, in another solar system…. It just wouldn’t happen”

“The bottom line is, there’s just too many extra-terrestrial experiences for them to all be true,” says David. “In reality, in all of human history we might expect one single visit. If we’re lucky. But in the absence of evidence, there are far more rational explanations in human belief, psychology, sociology, folklore and culture.

“I’m completely open to the prospect of life on other planets,” he adds, “but the movies tell it a different way. And they change how we think about aliens. There are genuine experiences, but they tend to be so un-generic and weird, that they get forgotten. They just don’t fit with the Hollywood ideal.”

David, whose favourite movie is actually ‘Close Encounters’, has of course faced criticism for his seemingly skeptical approach, and even accusations of “government collaboration” - but as he points out, even the movies that he singles out come under fire from conspiracy theorists:

“Some people genuinely believe that Hollywood is doing the bidding of the US Government,” he says, “and that blockbuster sci-fi is actually a slow drip-feed of alien exposure, to get us all used to the idea…

“There’s this great anecdote about President Ronald Regan, who was a great believer in UFOs himself. Regan invited Steven Spielberg to the White House for special screening of ‘E.T.’ – then halfway through the movie, he turned to director and said: ‘You’ll never believe this Steven, but there are people in this room, who know that all the things in your movie are perfectly true…’”

Triangle UFO Spotted at Very Low Altitude over North Carolina

Artist likeness

A North Carolina witness at West End traveling north on Highway 211 reported being within 100 feet of a triangle-shaped object with "a row of white lights with a red flashing light beneath them" as it moved overhead on March 26, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
"We kept driving and got within 100 feet of the object and could make out a triangular outline," the witness stated. "We could see the lights clearly and that got our attention."

UFO Over Central
North Carolina

The witness said the lights on the object were not standard.

"I noticed these were not the standard arrangement for aircraft lights. As we passed beneath the object, we lost track of it."

No images or videos were included with MUFON Report 46447, which was filed on March 27, 2013. West End is an unincorporated community in Moore County, NC.

Source: MUFON

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Dr. Charles Hall - Alien Disclosure on Tall White ET's, News Report

Dr. Hall tells of tall white aliens
The Millennial Hospitality series is a truly groundbreaking account of one man’s actual experiences with extraterrestrials in the Nevada desert. Charles shares his amazing stories of this part of his life with us.

Charles Hall’s Photon Theory, which is carried as an appendix in Millennial. Hospitality III, The Road Home, is of particular interest. The Hall Photon Theory maintains that Einstein is not entirely correct, and, if scientists accept the hypotheses presented, vehicles can be built which will travel faster than the speed of light. Charles is currently working as a Nuclear Physicist and data base manager. With all the children grown, he and his wife Marie maintain their empty nest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Charles Hall at the X Conference
It takes about a minute before the video below gets started.  

Many People Who See UFOs Become Victims

UFOs and Discrimination

In an effort at making full disclosure I want you to know that not only do I believe in UFOs (and I mean truly believe), but I also know that UFOs exist for a fact. How could one possibly know this in a factual sense. Without getting into all the details; which you can read about at the page called 'My UFO Experience', I can only tell you that once you have such an experience it changes everything, your thoughts on the universe, religion and government to name just a few things

 In essence you become a victim of knowledge with no where to turn and no one that you can talk to. Yes, I have friends and family that have heard my story and they indulge me, they listen attentively and I am grateful for that, but inevitably the conversation gets around to discussing whats for lunch or sports or any number of things except what is all important, the UFO sighting that you can't put down, it will not leave your mind. You play it over and over and over. There is no where to neatly file this memory, you can't stuff it into a drawer, file it on a disc or put in on your flash drive and forget about it for a few days. It is ever present and you want to shout it to the world and have people respond in a way that matters. You know that it will never happen until we have some legitimate form of UFO / Alien disclosure.


There is no safety in numbers either, the Belgium Wave occurred March 30/31, 1990, a case where more than 13,500 people saw a UFO and more than 2600 people filed written statements (Top worldwide mass UFO sightings) . The police gave chase in cars, fighter pilots gave chase in F16's and thousands of people from all walks of life saw what was unquestionably a UFO. The government sent "experts"  on TV telling them that they experienced a form of "mass delusion" they even went so far as to call it a mass "mass psychosis" .  A new theory cropped into the language  called psychosocial hypothesis. They told people that they were seeing helicopters and the noise from street traffic drowned out the engine noise from the helicopters. When people said that was impossible they claimed that there was a strong natural wind and that drowned out the noise. 

The point of all this is to show the kinds of length the government goes to make witnesses appear to be wrong, to make them seem like unreliable witnesses, it is pure and simple mass intentional discrimination. Is it any wonder that this case is so well known but nobody talks about it much, the experts do not point to this case as proof positive of the existence of UFOs/alien life. Apparently the mass deception by debunkers and the government worked. 

The suffering and plight of most UFO experiencers goes unacknowledged by the people. Whether it was a single event such as a traumatic UFO encounter or a series of abductions with beings that can only be described as otherworldly. The pain that comes from dealing with something so... surreal, it begs the question of how these witnesses live with it.

The lot of them are truly victims, not just witnesses. They've experienced something that often defies rational explanation. When coming to terms with these events, many choose to forget about it. Faced with something beyond their belief structure, they discard the experience in favor of upholding their world view.
Those brave enough to confront it have to deal with a number of obstacles. First and foremost, accepting the experience(s) at face value implies their government is withholding information about the same. Given the technological advances and intelligence gathering capabilities of todays governments, this presumption is not without warrant.
The US has consistently denied and at times ridiculed the phenomenon. Sadly, this attitude has trickled down through the general population. For those that live with it, speaking out about their experience is akin to jumping off a cliff. The fear of public humiliation, ridicule, job terminations, divorces and more keep most suffering in silence.
Empathy is a difficult thing when you can't relate with a situation. People can understand why there is Mothers Against Drunk Driving, people know returning war vets are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), people can relate with the loss of a loved one. Who though can feel for the person that was abducted by aliens? Who can understand what a traumatic UFO encounter really is?
Support groups for experiencers do exist and have helped many people by giving them a place to share, without judgment or ridicule, and often with others that have gone through similar things. Yet, this is the extent of it. The sad reality is mainstream support doesn't exist. It's not like you can ask your doctor to scan for alien implants without fearing that they suggest looking for brain tumors first.
Equality is something Americans pride themselves on. Race, gender, age, religion and now sexual orientation are perfect examples. While the reality is not as black and white, their rights are publicly acknowledged and contested. But what if you're of this minority? The acknowledgement most get is typically at the butt of a joke. Discrimination comes in all forms...
Have people lost their jobs because they saw a UFO or showed a belief in them? Have people been discriminated against in the workplace for it? Are witnesses being harassed because of their experience? Does the mass media ridicule them as a rule of thumb? Does your government?
UFO experiencers must deal with that slew of obstacles which make recovery difficult at best. In addition, it's reasonable to presume that some victims eventually take their life. Like war vets, many experiencers suffer from PTSD which is responsible for the deaths of many soldiers that commit suicide. As such, since only a small percentage of witnesses ever report their experience, it's likely the same fate befell some of them without access to proper care or knowledge thereof.
Seeing is believing? People often wish they could see a UFO, but with that comes great responsibility to do something about it. Some rise to the occasion and bring further awareness to this plight. Others turn into followers by showing their continued support for some aspect of it. However, most will never be heard from. At least not until the stigma has been removed from this phenomenon.
Do UFO experiencers have a right to be free from discrimination? Should this class of citizens be subjected to continued harassment and ridicule for their beliefs? Do they have a right to be heard without fear of reprisal?
It's clear that experiencers are subjected to a barrage of discrimination violations. Until the UFO phenomenon is taken seriously, that behavior will continue. An attitude that was propagated by the government through ridicule and denial of its existence. As well, this distorted perspective was reinforced by the mainstream media.
These people merely want to be heard. They want to be taken seriously. UFO experiencers want their day in the sun! A day when they won't be questioned and discriminated against anymore...
The next time someone treats you differently for reasons like your race, age, sexual preference or religion; Imagine being a UFO experiencer.

Are Extraterrestrials Simply Ignoring Earth & Mankind?

Back in 1924, when Mars made its closest approach to the Earth in two centuries, scientists in the U.S. and Europe eagerly tried to establish contact with the extraterrestrial civilization that many thought might exist there. In Switzerland, astronomers used a heliograph--a giant mirror--to flash Morse code translated into light flashes, in hopes that Martians would notice it and respond. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the Chief of Naval Operations, Edward W. Eberly, sent a telegram to Navy radio operators, asking them to monitor the airwaves for "any electrical phenomenon (of) unusual character" that might be a sign of the Red Planet's inhabitants trying to communicate with us by radio. A New York Times article excitedly pondered what the aliens' opinion of their human cousins might be:
...They are of an order of intelligence much superior to ours...It is reasonable to suppose that the Martian knows much more about us than we know about him or his world, and it is interesting to speculate what he thinks of us, of our feverish struggle for a living, our vanities, our suicidal World War, our little gardens and our big deserts. Perhaps he thinks our deserts are pygmies and envies our gardens, for Mars has deserts far more cruel than we can imagine.

But much to everyone's chagrin, the incredibly wise, but possibly envious Martians never bothered to reply to our entreaties, probably because they existed only in humans' imaginations. (NASA's Curiosity Rover has turned up evidence, found in samples of mudstone rock, of past environmental conditions on Mars that once were"favorable for microbial life," but so far, there's no sign that more complex organisms ever existed there.)
But what about other planets outside the solar system? We've had similarly poor results. Astronomer Frank Drake's famous message transmitted from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974 went unanswered. Worse yet, scientists' extensive efforts to spot radio signals from distant extrasolar civilizations over the past few decades have resulted in precisely one possible 72-second transmission--the so-called Wow! Signal, spotted in data from a radio telescope in Ohio in 1977, which came from the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. Subsequent scans of that area with more sensitive equipment, and efforts to beam video messages in response, all came to naught.
Some might take this as a sign that there aren't any extraterrestrial civilizations out there in the cosmos. But there's another, distinct possibility, one that might come as a blow to human pride. What if aliens are indeed out there, and they're deliberately ignoring us?
SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) researchers don't seem to have invented an acronym to describe this concept, so let's call it Manifest Extraterrestrial Heedlessness, or MEH . Cognitive scientist and artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky--one of the brightest minds we have--touched upon one possible explanation for MEH in this 1985 essay. It could be that Aliens are such much more advanced what we simply bore them, the way Pong or Space Invaders would seem impossibly dumb to my 13-year-old son.
Communication may be infeasible. Our arguments may apply only to those aspects of intelligence which constrain relatively early stages of mental evolution--stages concerned with survival, communication, and expansion of control over the physical world.
In an interview last year with Discovery News, Florida Gulf Coast University mathematician Thomas Hair offered another possible reason why extraterrestrials might choose to ignore us. It could be that there's no payoff in it, because we don't have anything that they need. "Any ancient civilization is probably not biological," he explained. "...They don't need to come here and steal our water."
A third possibility also exists. It could be, as that New York Times writer dreamed back in 1924, that extraterrestrials have been watching us for a while, and that they don't like what they have seen--our alarming self-destructive tendencies to wage war, ravage our environment, wipe out other species, and make seemingly endless dopey"Harlem Shake" parody videos. Perhaps, in the fashion of Dr.Cornelius dynamiting the ancient human cave at the end of the first Planet of the Apes movie, they figure that the best way to ensure their own survival is to pretend that they never even knew we existed.
Image Credit: Bettmann/CORBIS

The Coyne UFO Incident - The Pilot Put The Helicopter Into a Dive

The following article appeared in the Nov. 4, 1973, edition of the Mansfield News Journal. It was written by a United Press International reporter. This case stands out as one of the most credible UFO incidents of all time, there were multiple witnesses on the ground in in the helicopter itself, all of unimpeachable character. It has been endlessly investigated and determined to be a real. 

CLEVELAND -- Army Reserve helicopter pilot Capt. Lawrence Coyne is a military commander who doesn't believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or little green spacemen. But after a near miss two weeks ago between his helicopter and a "big, gray, metallic-looking" object in the sky over Mansfield, he doesn't know what to think.

"I had to file an official report in detail to the Army on this thing," he said.

"Coyne is a member of the 316th Medical Detachment stationed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. He was returning from Columbus at 11:10 p.m., Oct. 18, when the UFO showed up near where the Air National Guard has a squadron of jet fighters based.

He said a check turned up that none of the unit's F-100 Super Saber Jets were in the air when the UFO appeared. Coyne said when he first encountered the UFO, his helicopter was cruising at 2,500 feet. He had the controls set for a 20-degree dive, but the craft climbed to 3,500 feet with no power.

"I had made no attempt to pull up," he said. "There was no noise or turbulence, either."

Coyne said a red light appeared on the eastern horizon, and was first spotted by his crew chief, Sgt. Robert Yanacsek.

"The light was traveling in excess of 600 knots," Coyne said. "It came from the horizon to our aircraft in about 10 seconds. We were on a collision course."

The pilot said he put his helicopter into a dive.

"At 1,700 feet I braced myself for the impact with the other craft," he said. "It was coming from our right side. I was scared. There had been so little time to respond. The thing was terrifically fast."

There was no crash.

"We looked up and saw it stopped right over us," Coyne said. "It had a big, gray metallic-looking hull about 60 feet long." "It was shaped like an airfoil or a streamlined fat cigar. There was a red light on the front. The leading edge glowed red a short distance back from the nose. There was a center dome. A green light at the rear reflected on the hull."

Coyne said the green light swiveled like a spotlight and beamed through the canopy of his craft, bathing the cabin in green light. He said as he and members of the crew stared at the craft his helicopter began to climb without his guidance.

"I had made no attempt to pull up," he said. "All controls were set for a 20-degree dive. Yet we had climbed from 1,700 to 3,500 feet with no power in a couple of seconds with no g-forces or other noticeable strains."

Coyne said the UFO finally moved off to the west and was gone.

MANSFIELD -- More than 40 years ago strange things were happening in the skies over north central Ohio. A close encounter in Mansfield, that has since become known as "The Coyne Incident," is still raising eyebrows among believers and UFO investigators. That evening, in a soybean field on the west side of Galion, Rene Boucher and her brother Brad encountered a bright light in the sky that has lured her from Florida for another sojourn into that field.

It was about 11 p.m. on Oct. 18, 1973, when an Army Reserve helicopter came perilously close to colliding with an unidentified flying object. Arrigo "Rick" Jezzi, 56, who now lives in Cincinnati, was flying the Huey helicopter that night. Three decades later, he is still not sure what happened. Jezzi was one of four members of an Army Reserve unit based at Hopkins Airport in Cleveland on board. The crew was en route to Cleveland from Columbus.

"Capt. Larry Coyne was the pilot," Jezzi said. "I was in the left seat, actually flying the Huey at the time. We were near Mansfield flying at 2,500 to 3,000 feet."

John Healey and Robert Yanacsek were in the back of the Huey, near a cargo door with a Plexiglas window.

"One of the guys in the back reported a red light. He said it looked like an aircraft light on the right horizon," Jezzi said. "I couldn't see it."

Jezzi was flying from the left seat. On the other side of the Huey there was a 12-foot section of fuselage between the side window and the cargo doors. He figures the red light was in his blind spot.

"Then I heard 'I think its coming toward us'," Jezzi said. "The next thing I knew Larry took control of the throttle. We went into a maneuver, a controlled free fall. We dropped about 2,000 feet."

Jezzi said if Coyne had not made the drastic maneuver there would have been a collision.

"It took just a couple of seconds," Jezzi said. "I remember looking up through the ceiling and I saw a white light moving over top of us. I followed it to the left horizon where it disappeared."

Jezzi isn't sure what he saw. It was like no aircraft he'd ever seen. He guessed it was traveling at least 500 knots, twice the speed of his Huey.

"Red navigational lights aren't located in the front of an aircraft," he said. "That's what was moving toward us. I don't know what it was."

The incident was documented by witnesses on the ground. In UFO lore the "Coyne Incident" is regarded as one of the most reliable UFO sightings of all time.

"It caused a lot of hullabaloo," Jezzi said. "The first thing I thought was those Commie bastards. What are they up to."

The next morning two of the other crew members, while being questioned about the incident, sketched drawings of the cigar-shaped craft they observed.

"They both came up with similar drawings," Jezzi said.

The magnetic compass in the Huey never worked right after the incident and had to be replaced. Rene Bouchard doesn't know what she saw in Galion about 60 minutes earlier that same evening.

"I was in high school. My brother was in junior high," she said. "There had been a lot of sightings in the days and weeks before that. Even the governor reported seeing something. We thought we'd give it a try."

She and her brother walked out in the field behind their home and started watching the sky.

"We saw a bunch of stuff that looked like it was maybe 30,000 feet in the air," she said. "But it wasn't anything spectacular. Then I think we both put our heads down for some reason. That's when we saw this brilliant white light. It was as bright as the sun. I don't know what it was but it scared us. We ran for two blocks until we got home."

Rene has since moved to Florida. Her brother is in California. She's back in Galion today and plans to go out in that same bean field to spend part of her evening.

"We really saw something that night," she said. "I don't know what it was. But I'll be back there (tonight). I called my brother and asked him to fly here so he could go with me. He said no. I'm not expecting to see anything. But I'm going to be there."


Alien Abduction Victim Now Helping Other Victims, News Report

Sandy Nichols say he was
abducted multiple time
Dedicated To Providing help For Other Abductees

THOMPSON'S STATION, Tenn. - One local man said he's had close encounters of the extraterrestrial kind.

During a time when your imagination is your best friend, a then 6- year-old Sandy Nichols said that's when he made his first memorable encounter with aliens.

"They were only about 4, 4-1/2 feet tall. They had big heads, big dark eyes, bald and small nose; small ears and hardly any mouth," said paranormal researcher and investigator Sandy Nichols. | Nashville News, Weather

From his East Nashville yard 55 years ago, he said he was taken on what many of us would call a spaceship.

"Instead of being a strange looking kid, there was a strange looking adult standing next to me and he said, through ESP or telepathy somehow that these are not toys, you are here to learn," said Nichols.

For his entire 61 years of life, Nichols said he has been in touch with the other world.

"I'll tell you right now, I do not like these abductions. They go against my free will because they take me at any time they want to," said Nichols.

In 2005, as Nichols and his wife were building their home in Thompson's Station, he said he was driving down Bethesda-Arno Road when he noticed, what looked like a tall person from a distance.

"The head of it was a little bit taller than the sign, the top of the head. That sign, I went over and measured it and it was over 7 1/2 feet tall," said Nichols.

Nichols said he knew what he was seeing was not a person. Slowing down to just 20 miles an hour with his window down, Nichols said he got a good look at "it."

"I call it the Mothman type creature, because I do not know if it was actually Mothman, but it had a lot of similarities," explained Nichols.

Trying to keep his eye on the object as he turned the car around in the road, he said, "when I came back it was gone."

That was not the last time Nichols would see the Mothman. In 2008 while driving on I-65 south near State Route 840, Nichols said this time the sighting was from the sky.

"It turned to where instead of looking at it at a flat angle, I could see the back of it and i go, 'oh my gosh, that is the thing I saw years earlier,'" said Nichols.

Nichols said these sighting by the chosen few are not easy physically or psychologically, that's why he created the Alien Research Group to help those abducted from anywhere in the world.

"My main purpose for starting it up is to help other people cope with and deal with the experiences they have had," he said.

The Alien Research Group is designed to help people find support groups or psychologist to discuss what they have seen or is currently happening to them.

For information on the group, visit the website Alien Research Group.

The Real Story of The Elongated Skulls at The Vatican

The report of these elongated skulls is years old at this stage but it does make you wonder what the Vatican knows and when did they know it. For the Vatican to be so open and forthcoming on the existence of extraterrestrials is out of character for such a stodgy and at times archaic institution. Here is the story

"Whatever those remains represent, there's a reason why the good fathers buried them there to be forgotten." Alien Remains Found at The Vatican. Pope Told To Remain Silent. Many alien skulls were found during a restoration project at the Vatican Library.Rendition of the appearance of the excavated skull when alive.

THE VATICAN. SPECIAL REPORT. Skeletal remains resembling 'space aliens' have been excavated from the basement floor of a centuries old vault under the Vatican Library.
The Library had been undergoing a major restoration to its' underground vaults, of which many, CN has learned, still contained dirt floors that have not felt a human foot in over 500 years.

The above picture of a restoration worker holding an alien skull was obtained by CN through an anonymous carrier. The Vatican Military has closed all entry to the Library. Although a Vatican spokesperson was quoted expressing his awe and excitement concerning the find; he later disavowed any knowledge of the comment. Press sources have confirmed that an unprecedented command of silence has been enacted by Pope John Paul upon the request of several world security organizations.

A world security agency meets with the Pope.

UFO organizations are already calling this "the great world government cover-up." Mary Peterson, chairperson for SART (Space Aliens are Real and a Threat), states her opinion "what lies beneath the Vatican floors belongs in our Universities to be studied. This only proves the theory that world government has known of aliens all along. And the Vatican is essentially it's own country with its' own government and military."

The 'fear of God' has already been put into the hearts of many of the faithful. Sister Judy Mebosa, chef at St. John's Cathedral in London, stated "it's the mark that the end is near. Whatever those remains represent, there's a reason why the good fathers buried them there to be forgotten. And there's a reason why God has allowed them to be found."

Michael Maregski, Lutheran pastor of Our Holy Father in Rome, is quoted as saying "the ufologists have been speculating for many years that aliens may have been portrayed as angels to our ancestors in antiquity. If this speculation turns out to be proven true; why would angels be buried at the Vatican only to be forgotten?" Father Edward Muldoon, of St. Jude's in Rome, answered pastor Michael Maregski's question with "maybe they are angels, but remember, there were two groups of angels."

United States envoy, James D. Arnold, states "everyone just needs to calm down about this matter. The Vatican area was once swamp land. I think people are just seeing the effects of swamp gas."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aliens: The Definitive Guide, Projecting Alien Evolution - New Series

ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE showcases the extraordinary scientists who are currently grappling with extraordinary questions about alien life including: what will aliens really look like?; how will they sound?; what might their words look like; and, of course, will they come in peace? This two-part special takes viewers to stunning, remote locations on Earth as well as elsewhere in the universe.

This all-new special is an "Encyclopedia Galactica" of non-Earth life forms, and an investigation into the latest scientific understanding of life beyond planet Earth.

Aliens, The Definitive Guide S01E01 (Season 1 - Episode 1)

Police Officer Captures UFO Photo Over Power Station in Malta

UFO Over Power Station, Malta

An unidentified flying object was caught on camera in Marsaxlokk, Malta. 

The photo, claimed to have been shot by a police officer with his mobile phone, was taken on March 19 at 6pm.

The object, which appeared black and having an oval shape, was sighted in the vicinity of the Delimara power station chimney.

The officer who reported the sighting wished to stay anonymous. 

Citizen Hearings on Alien/UFO Disclosure - Are We Getting Closer,? Video

An event of historical implications will be held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3, 2013. At that time forty plus researchers and military/agency witnesses will testify for thirty hours over five days before former members of the United States Congress. 

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race will attempt to accomplish what the Congress has failed to do for forty-five years - seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time.

For this reason the motto for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is "If the Congress will not do its job, the people will."

This event will be live streamed to the world via the Internet in at least four and possibly five languages. Furthermore, the entire hearing will be filmed as the basis for a forthcoming documentary - Truth Embargo.

The title of this film is fitting as the goal of the Citizen Hearing is nothing less than the end of the extraterrestrial truth embargo this year. The world's people have waited long enough.

Find Out More Here: 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Most Viewed UFO File In FBI History, The Guy Hottel Memo

This is not only the most viewed UFO file in FBI history but the most viewed FBI File of all time. 

The file in question is a memo dated March 22, 1950. It was authored by Guy Hottel, then head of the field office in Washington, D.C. (see below for a brief biography). Like all memos to FBI Headquarters at that time, it was addressed to Director J. Edgar Hoover and recorded and indexed in FBI records.

Of course the FBI is quick to tell the public that the memo does not amount to much and as a matter of fact they did not even follow up on it. Which is not likely because it is widely reported that Hoover was not happy about the military keeping (and not sharing) information on 'flying saucers'. Apparently he went to great lengths to develop as much info as possible on the subject.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has come clean on a 63 year old memo from the head of their Washington D.C. office pertaining to UFO sightings.

The memo was associated to a story relayed to four FBI from a third party reporting that an Air Force investigator had reported three “flying saucers” were recovered in New Mexico.

“They [the saucers] were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter,” the memo states. “Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture.”

“Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed fliers and test pilots.”

In an FBI release on March 24, 2013, the Bureau indicates the story is the single most popular file in their various records released under the Freedom of Information Act.

“Over the past two years, this file has been viewed nearly a million times,” the release stated.

Guy Hottel

 Guy Hottel Biography
Guy L. Hottel was born around 1902. He was a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he was a star football player. He was later inducted into the university’s athletic hall of fame. He entered the FBI as a special agent in 1934. In December 1936, he was named acting head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office; he was appointed special agent in charge the following May and served until March 1941. Hottel was re-appointed special agent in charge in February 1943 and served until 1951, when he took a position in the Identification Division. He retired in 1955. Hottel was married three times and had two sons. Following his FBI career, Hottel served as executive secretary of the Horseman’s Benevolent Association. He died in June 1990.

The file is a single page memo from March 22, 1950 from Washington D.C. field office lead Guy Hottel.

Hottel, who died in 1990, addressed the memo to Director J. Edgar Hoover, which was protocol for all FBI memos. The memo was recorded and indexed soon after.

The informant claimed that the saucers had been found because the government’s “high-powered radar” in the area had interfered with “the controlling mechanism of the saucers.”

The memo ends with “[n]o further evaluation was attempted” concerning the matter by the FBI agent.

The FBI said that when their Vault released this information in April 2011, “some media outlets noticed the Hottel memo and erroneously reported that the FBI had posted proof of a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico and the recovery of wreckage and alien corpses.”

The FBI says they have only occasionally been involved with any investigations of UFO and extraterrestrials sightings, and this particular memo is not new. It was first released publicly in the late 1970s.

There is no connection to the infamous events of July 1947 in Roswell, the FBI says “Hottel memo is dated nearly three years after” that.

“For a few years after the Roswell incident, Director Hoover did order his agents—at the request of the Air Force—to verify any UFO sightings. That practice ended in July 1950, four months after the Hottel memo, suggesting that our Washington Field Office didn’t think enough of that flying saucer story to look into it.”
“Finally, the Hottel memo does not prove the existence of UFOs; it is simply a second- or third-hand claim that we never investigated,” explained the FBI release. “Some people believe the memo repeats a hoax that was circulating at that time, but the Bureau’s files have no information to verify that theory.”

Passenger Jet Flys Between 2 UFO/ORBs Seattle Tacoma Washington

This video starts out slow but between the 1 minute and 2 minute mark it gets pretty interesting. The witness is filming two red UFOs/Orbs and he has the presence of mind to brace himself against a telephone pole for camera stability. Shortly after doing that a passenger jet fly's between the two unknown, silent, hovering objects.

The witness did report his sighting to MUFON, here is the unedited report.

We live in Seattle on Queen Anne hill, north of the space needle. Sea Tac int. airport is close so we see planes all the time. My girlfriend had just gone to bed and I sat down to watch something on netflix. Out the southern window I saw these two bright red lights through the leafless tree outside our building coming our direction. There was a low cloud cover and they didn't look "right" Looked like red road flares but not on the road. I thought they might be planes but they really didn't look like planes. Too brilliant and just red with a whitish center. I called to my girlfriend to come take a look. She did and told me she thought it was strange that they were flying in a wobbly line. She knew I was a fan of funny things in the sky so it wasn't a shock to her when I had my phone, a flashlight and my shoes on by the time she turned from the window. I shot down 3 flights of stairs and out onto the street. I ran to where I could see them and didn't have a street light blinding me. I began to film after I wiped my phone's camera lens. I didn't want to be "that guy" I began to loose track of the lead object when I saw another making 3. I filmed them for a few moments and a jet came from around a building, climbing. It must have seen them. It passed so close. I'm guessing this based off the cloud cover it and they seemed to be under. The plane ascending into the clouds in front of the objects and out of sight within frame of the camera. It could be heard clearly but the objects remained visible and still moving North. They began to get lost in the clouds and I stopped filming. I lost sight of them moments later. The end...?
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