Monday, February 18, 2013

UFO Sighting In Oregon, News Report, Video

The cosmic events on Friday where a meteor streaked across Russia's sky -- made for some international headlines.

But two Grants Pass, Oregon residents say they also saw something in the sky that night.

They claim it wasn't an asteroid or meteorite but an unidentified flying object.

And they caught it all on camera!

It's hard to make out much of anything in the original video. But after NBC 5 added a special filter to make the light more visible you can clearly see something was in the sky over Grants Pass Friday night.

"At first I was like what's wrong with that star? I thought, whoa, that's kind of trippy. So I went to get him and he's like whoa! What is that? And it started moving, said Heather Scherffius.

Scherffius and Gregory Soldner say they just happened to look outside around 10:30 at night and say they've never seen anything quite like this.

"It looked like a metal disk of some sort. I'm not sure, but it was metal and the way it moved was wierd. I mean I don't believe in flying saucers but..." explained Soldner.

The two claim the object stayed in one spot for several minutes and then made a few sporadic movements.

"It moved up and down, back to one spot and then zigzaged a bit. It was there like 20-30 minutes and then it was just gone!"

NBC 5 contacted the FAA to find out if any other sightings were reported or if they knew of any aircraft flying over Grants Pass around that time.

Because of the holiday weekend, staff was limited but they told us very few ufo's are actually reported and an investigation into what was flying over Grants Pass will begin on Tuesday.

The one time non-ufo believers, are still take in what they saw.

Soldner said, "I myself find it hard to believe. But you got it see it."
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