Friday, February 1, 2013

UFO Disclosure Event Planned For Feb 2013 in Toronto

Toronto has been chosen to host a premier international event on February 7th to preview and promote a Congressional forum for Citizens' Hearings on Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The Toronto preview will feature addresses by former Canadian Minister of Defense The Honourable Paul T. Hellyer, Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group - Washington DC and Canadian research analyst Grant Cameron.

Toronto January 28, 2013 [ZNN] A consortium of Toronto based UFO disclosure advocates under the direction of Chris Russak from Third Eye Talks, will host a special international preview event for the press and general public on Thursday February 7th 2013 to promote the Citizen Hearings on ET Disclosure sponsored by Paradigm Research Group (PRG) Executive DirectorStephen G. Bassett.

This premier Toronto Disclosure event will preview what many are describing as spectacular yet disquieting testimony by over 30 witnesses' acquired by Stephen G. Bassett concerning the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. This testimony will be given at the prestigious Washington DC National Press Club later this spring in April.

Toronto Keynote Address and Presentations

Former Canadian Minister of Defense The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer will deliver the evening's keynote address at the February 7th Toronto ET Disclosure Event.

Mr. Hellyer's address will be followed by individual presentations from Stephen G. Bassett and renowned Canadian UFO research analyst, Grant Cameron.

Each presentation will focus on the political implications and social impact of the disclosure of extraterrestrial related phenomena and the facts surrounding the associated 65 year UFO/ET cover-up of an extraterrestrial presence by the United States and Canadian governments and other G20 countries.

Mr. Bassett will also preview and discuss testimony that will be given by some 30 witnesses at the Citizens' Hearing he will sponsor in April at the Washington DC National Press Club.

In an earlier interview, Stephen Bassett told ZlandCommunications that he has carefully drawn his cadre of witnesses from the broad spectrum of the American and international scientific community, former military personnel, police, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the UFO research community. Countries represented are: the UK, Canada, the USA, Brazil and Peru. It is worthy of note that senior statesmen former Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and The Hon. Paul Hellyer have been called as primary witnesses.

A Live Stream Event

This premier Toronto media event will be streamed live over the internet.

Registration details for on-line participation by the general public to view the proceedings and to ask questions can be found on the Toronto ET Disclosure Event Facebook Web site at:

The presentations by Messrs. Hellyer, Bassett and Cameron will be followed by an open forum question period for the benefit of the press, assembled guests and from the international live-streamed audience.

The event moderator for this event will be Canadian broadcaster and research journalist Victor Viggiani – News Director of The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork.

The Toronto ET Disclosure Event Details:

Event name:

Citizens’ Hearing on ET Disclosure – Canadian Perspective and Support


Thursday Feb 7, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm


Conspiracy Culture Book Store

1696 Queen Street West

Toronto, M6R 1B3


Contact Details: 

Chris Russak Event Co-ordinator - 647.992.9940-Victor Viggiani Media Liaison - 905.278.1238

Media Requests:

Media requests for camera space and interview time with Mr. Hellyer and Mr. Viggiani can be made by contacting Chris Russak – event co-ordinator – by email at prior to the event date.
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