Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Large Low Altitude Multicolored UFO Over Lemon Grove Calif, Video

This very strange large, low altitude UFO was filmed over Lemon Grove Calif. A very bizarre UFO sighting with clear video, witness says the UFO could not be seen by the naked eye only with the camera. This was just reported in the lemongrove.patch.com. (local news outlet). 

It's not everyday that we hear about UFOs in our backyard. But YouTube user Joel Flores believes he spotted just that this weekend from Lemon Grove.

Uploaded on Sunday, Flores says in his video description that the unidentified flying object was spotted Friday night.

According to Flores, there are five other objects visible in this video that were only seen when he pulled up his iPhone video-- as he couldn't see them with the naked eye.

"It was phenomenal," he says in his video description.

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