Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alien Encounter Leaves Witness With Perfect Y Incision & Bloody Head - MUFON

Witness Woke Up With Perfect Y Shaped Incision and a Bloody Scalp 

The following is taken verbatim from a MUFON Report dated Feb 24, 2013 
 This was not a UFO sighting , I don`t know who to contact or talk to. I`ve experienced paranormal acivity most of my life, but the last year in 2 separate events things have become physical .January 29th 2013 I went to bed @ 2am and woke up @ shortly after 6am , ran my hands through my hair and felt a clump of something , I pulled my hand down and it was covered in blood and a bit of hair , totally shocked I angled the medicine cabinet mirror into the bathroom mirror and bent over backwards to get a look at what the blood was coming from . 

 When I saw I almost fell to my knees , there was a perfect large Y shaped incision on the top of my head !? I live alone , and in no possible way could have or would have done this to myself . I have documeted the healing of the Y scar by taking photos every other day , and I still can`t believe it when I look into the mirror and see it ontop of my head, but it`s all too real. 
 If anyone knows someone I can talk to or send all of my data to please let me know. Thanks .
 Source: Reported to MUFON.com - the Mutual UFO Network February 24, 2013 at 10:33AM
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