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Mulitple Abduction of The Reed Family, Alien Mystery Series, Video

SHEFFIELD -- Matt and Thomas Reed were sitting in their family home on Boardman Street one evening in September 1966 when their first experience with extraterrestrial life occurred.
Thomas & Matt Reed
Thomas, who was 6 at the time, recalled flashes of light emitting from the Frisbee-shaped object that landed in their yard. It felt like the pressure in the house changed before the brothers inexplicably found themselves on the other end of their property, face-to-face with beings not of this planet.

"I don't run with terminology, but what they looked like was a young, frail human with some characteristics that some might reference as odd-looking beings," Thomas said.
"They put off some type of glow," he said. "I was able to see my brother clearly enough."
And the Reeds have the evidence to back up their claims, much of which will be presented on March 3 during the premiere of "Alien Mysteries," a new show on the Discovery Channel in Canada. The episode will eventually be aired in the United States.
The Reed family's story is the subject of the new series' pilot episode.
"The reason we put it first is because they're just regular people who have had amazing experiences," said Sally Karam, the show's producer. "I think their story is, for many reasons, very strong."
Close encounters
The 1966 encounter was the first of three with a UFO that the Reed brothers claim to have experienced in Sheffield. Subsequent experiences took place in 1967 and 1969. A fourth encounter took place in 2009 in Brownsburg, Ind.

Video Reed Family Abductions Part 1 & 2

In the first incident, Matt and Thomas Reed found themselves on the other end of their property, about 700 yards away from their home. The figures walked them onto a nearby spacecraft, one that resembled a "large turtle shell," both of the Reeds said.
"It looked a little beat-up," Matt said. "It was well-used."

Thomas estimated it to be about 15 feet high and 60 feet round.

Aboard, Thomas was shown images of a willow tree and body of water on a large screen, he said. The Reeds don't remember how they got back home.

It happened again to the brothers in 1967, when Matt was 5, he said. They were in their bedroom when the bright lights and silence happened again. Then, they inexplicably found themselves back on the spaceship.
"The stuff happens very quickly," Thomas said. "You're not sure if it's 2 seconds, or 10 minutes, or 20 minutes."
This time, Matt said, it was the visitors' "indoctrination" of the brothers.
"They were very intrigued with my cleft foot that I had at the time," he said. "We're walking Petri dishes -- they are either extracting something, or putting something in us."
The last UFO encounter in Sheffield that the Reed family reported was in 1969, as the Reed brothers, their mother and grandmother, Marian Burrows, were driving home from Ashley Falls along Route 7. Then the usual tale-tale signs happened again --lights, change in pressure and silence. Thomas was no longer in the car --he "was in what looked like a huge hangar," he said.
Each of the four family members recall being in a different section of a spacecraft before the family members inexplicably ended up in the car.
"But this time," Thomas said, "my mother was in the passenger seat. At least 40 people saw [the spacecraft] and made reports."
A drawing of the UFO that Reed did when he was at school in Sheffield is now hanging in the Roswell Museum in New Mexico.
The last reported alien encounter by the Reed family came from Matt Reed when he was living in Brownsburg, Ind. As he was driving home, Matt said, lights appeared and he inexplicably found himself aboard a spacecraft, where "everything kind of glows."
He recalled seeing three different types of aliens that night -- a reptilian one, an alien that resembled the kind commonly seen in pop culture and a larger one with elephant skin.
"You can't make sense of anything that's happening," Reed said. "They put me on a table. I had something on my head, and it sounded like you were hearing a radio and someone was turning the dials left and right."
All of the Reeds share the same Rh-negative blood group.
"We don't know the ultimate motivation behind the Reed family, but we think it has something to do with our genetic make-up, or blood type or DNA," Matt Reed said. "We're adamant our grandma knew something."
The evidence
Thomas Reed knows that people may have a hard time believing his story.
"I know it sounds nuts," he said. "We have a lot of documentation that others don't, and we have a case that went to the U.N."
The family's attorney, Robert Blechman, represented the case that went in front of the U.N. on Oct. 2, 1992.
Howard Reed, the father and a Select Board member in Canaan, N.Y., died on Oct. 2, 2006 -- 14 years to the day that their case was heard.
Before his death, Howard Reed had announced that he was going to write a book about their experiences. Suspicously, the family said, the CDC found a vial containing a deadly virus in his air-conditioning unit, and the building was condemned.
The Reed family's claims have been studied by several organizations, including Bigelow Aerospace and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
Evidence from the Sheffield incidents include official reports filed in the town, spiked radiation and magnetic readings and witness testimonies.
The magnetic field was felt by the Reed family with every incident, Thomas said.
"I think that plays a big part in the silence and different feelings you feel," he said. "This happened every time. The change was noticed and recorded."
According to reports, a compass needle would spin freely when it was near Matt Reed's car after the 2009 incident.
In 2010, Thomas took a polygraph test in his home of Knoxville, Tenn. He was questioned about the 1966 incident, and answered truthfully, according to the polygraph documents.
"If you ask me if I think he's a wacko, the answer is no," said Jim Morris, a retired Knoxville Police officer who administered the test at his private practice. "He seems like an ordinary person, and I've dealt with wackos before."
An interview with Morris is included in "Alien Mysteries."
Frank Kessler, an attorney in Cookeville, Tenn., is working to authenticate the evidence that the Reeds have brought forward.
"We're going to take it before a circuit-court judge and have it authenticated," said Debbie Kessler, the law firm's paralegal. "We're hoping to say that instead of [the Reed family] claiming that it happened, they'll be able to say it did happen. Thomas Reed has tangible documents, which is phenomenal in and of itself."
The show
"Alien Mysteries" uses a green screen to recreate the Sheffield incidents, Karam, the show's producer said. Other parts were filmed on location in Brownsburg, Ind.
"We're not trying to debunk anything or present answers," Karam said. "We're providing real-life accounts of people's first-hand experiences."
"[Thomas Reed] is so engaging and open about his experience that it's hard to take your eyes off the screen," Karam added. "He feels very, very honest."
The Canadian premiere will be unavailable to watch online or in the United States, but should eventually find its way on U.S. television sets.
"There is big, big buzz on this series internationally," said Tony Leadman, head of worldwide program distribution at Exploration Distribution, Inc., in a statement. "We are currently in negotiations with several American networks. And we expect to make an announcement on American broadcast dates shortly."


Nurse Takes Incredible UFO Photo, Keighley, Yorkshire, UK

This fantastic photo was taken last week in Keighley, West Yorkshire  There have been reports that these were Chinese Lanterns and even a report from a pilot saying this was space junk reentering the atmosphere but it looks uncannily like a bonafide UFO. 

The one thing I have found over the years is that most people are willing to dismiss these types of sightings once a possible explanation has been offered. All too often the case is closed because people are not not willing to explore something that they find very hard to believe or unwilling to believe. This is not to say that this sighting can not be explained, it is truly an unidentified flying object that should not be so quickly dismissed without some investigation.

Also this is not the first time UFOs have been sighted in Keighley, there have been numerous reports over the years that can be easily found by doing a simple Google search. 

Witness report from Keighley News
This burning ball of light was spotted speeding across the night sky above Cross Roads.

The image was captured by theatre nurse Jeanette Bray on a mobile phone, outside her Myrtle Drive home.

Now Mrs Bray is appealing for anyone who can help shed light on the mystery object, which was seen at 8.58pm on Friday, February 15, to come forward.

For the full story, see this week’s Keighley News.

Have you seen a UFO? E-mail

Jury Still Out on Lloyd Pye's Starchild Skull

A Houma native is on a mission to determine whether an ancient skull is of earthly origin.
The so-called “Starchild skull” is a curiously shaped skull that its curator, paranormal researcher and author Lloyd Pye, has been studying for extraterrestrial descent since it was entrusted to him 14 years ago.

Researcher & Author, Lloyd Pye Holds Starchild Skull
Pye said he believes using a new state-of-the-art tool, the Illumina Genome Sequencer, to retrace the ancient DNA can provide a definitive conclusion about the skull’s origin. The price tag for such a test, however, is in the millions of dollars.
Pye, 66, who lives in Florida, claims the skull is roughly 900 years old and was discovered in the 1930s in a Mexican mineshaft. It has garnered a reputation in the paranormal community as the offspring of an extraterrestrial or a genetic mutation.
The skull’s physical and genetic irregularities, Pye says, simply contradict too many traits of a human skull, even those affected by medical syndromes such as hydrocephaly or Progeria, which can cause heads to be misshapen.
A DNA test was carried out in 1999 at a forensic teaching laboratory by a group of student geneticists who concluded the Starchild is a human male.
Pye said 1999 was the “Stone Age” for genetic testing and the students badly botched the job.
In 2011, Pye said a new round of DNA testing indicated the Starchild is not the human male from the 1999 test.
Additionally, Pye’s website,, lists names of other medical professionals who allege that the jury is still out on the Starchild case.


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The Best Movies Showing Aliens Landing on Earth

Astronauts Have Confirmed the Existence of UFOs and Aliens For Decades

By Doc Vega
Reported on UFO Digest

Aside from the numerous incidents that sometimes left US armed forces pilots dead, missing, or simply stunned in the wake of pursuing the enigmatic UFO during the late 1940’s and through out the 1950’s it would take some time before NASA mission astronauts would begin to acknowledge the truth as well. Probably one of the first US astronauts to report the existence of UFOs in the vicinity of his craft was Joe Walker, a seasoned test pilot who flew in the X-15 program. Incident occurred in 1962.

Early encounters

Joe Walker, made a public statement after seeing objects he could not identify that were pacing his high speed space plane. The X-15 was probably the fastest manned experimental test plane ever flown by the pilot himself attaining speeds of 5000 mph and altitudes exceeding 100,000 feet. It was the first manned craft to transition from the earth’s atmosphere to the very fringes of space and then re-enter the earth’s atmosphere and land. The astronaut did this without the modern onboard assistance of flight computers automatically adjusting the spacecraft in-flight. Today’s complex fighter aircraft and space re-entry craft have computer aided in-flight control making split second adjustments that a human pilot could never manage.

NASA’s official version of test pilot, Joe Walker’s, report was that he was seeing frozen fuel or ice that had broken off the fuselage of the craft and were gliding alongside the X-15. Walker did not agree with that assertion by authorities and on another mission again reported a sighting. Walker would later die in a fatal episode while flight testing the Valkerie XB-70, a high speed, high altitude bomber for Rockwell International. According to Chuck Yeager, the first pilot ever to break the sound barrier, and a World War II ace in air to air combat, Walker was a cocky individual, who didn’t like to take advice, advice that could have saved his life.

Legendary test pilot refused to make public admission
Chuck Yeager himself, who had flown the Bell X-1 to a speed of mach 1.3 in 1947 had admitted to not only seeing UFOs but using code phrases with control tower operators in order to pursue the occasional unknown object during his test flights, but he never made an official statement. He did say, publicly that those pilots who did report UFOs rarely received promotions or experienced promising career opportunities as a result. I met a relative of Brigadier General Retired, Chuck Yeager, who said that only to friends and family did he ever admit to seeing UFOs or chasing them in air to air engagements while involved in test flights.

Mercury program astronaut reveals his early experience
One of the original Mercury Project astronauts, Deke Slayton, admitted years after his experiences with the program that as a pilot in 1951, he had an encounter. As he was approaching a runway to land, Slayton, piloting a P-51 Mustang spotted an unidentified aerial object, aborted his landing, and pursued the strange airborne anomaly. He attempted to make a high speed turn in order to intercept the UFO, but said that his prop driven fighter was no match for the mysterious intruder.

Area 51 landing
Mercury program astronaut Gordon Cooper reported numerous encounters with UFOs stating that when stationed in Germany in the mid 1950’s flying the F-86 he and his squadrons were scrambled on many occasions to intercept high flying objects that simply outclassed their capabilities. Later in his career while assigned to Area 51, Cooper reported the attempted landing of an unknown craft that once settled on the ground close to his photographical team, immediately took off when his men raced toward it. Colonel Cooper reported that under orders, he immediately expedited the film footage of the event to high command, but was told never to speak of the incident again, and subsequent inquiries on his part were never answered in the weeks afterward by his superiors. Such is the case with military policy in the realm of the UFO. Cooper became a much sought after authority by many investigators of UFO evidence in the years to come.

Public admission out of Dallas, Texas
Astronaut James McDivitt publicly stated that, “UFOs are out there.” He said this while among reporters in Dallas. During a Gemini Mission in the two man spacecraft while in orbit, contact was made. He and fellow astronaut Ed White while on Gemini Mission 4 in 1965 sighted and took photos of a cylindrical object that paced their spacecraft for hours. One observation made by McDivitt was that the unknown object actually had mechanical arms. Photos taken by the astronaut were analyzed by Mission Control officials, but were never officially commented on.

Once again in 1965 during a record breaking 14 day mission, the Gemini team of astronauts, Frank Borman and Jim Lovell made a startling UFO sighting. Cape Kennedy control attempted to explain away the sighting as being the Titan booster rocket, but James Lovell stated that he and Borman could see not only the jettisoned booster, but the unexplained object that was shadowing their craft from a distance. Both astronauts knew they were not alone.

Apollo missions ominous implications
The Apollo mission was to unveil even more controversy in man’s conquest of our natural satellite and first interplanetary venture. There have been reported sightings by Apollo astronauts while enroute to the moon as well as sightings made while on the surface after making successful landings. Once again Mission Control refused to acknowledge sightings made public with any comments other than explaining the unknown craft as the jettisoned Saturn booster rocket that was merely in the distant vicinity, which most scientists considered an impossible explanation.

It is rumored that as Apollo Missions proceeded that the Astronauts were instructed to use code words instead of describing their sightings as UFOs or their conversations would be scrambled all together to prevent the public from tapping into their conversations. In 1969 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reported that alien spacecraft were literally parked on the edge of one crater watching human activity. At one point the astronauts reported light inside a particular crater, which would have been impossible had the moon been unoccupied, while the intense shadows would have been blinding to personnel attempting to explore there.

According to astronaut, Scott Carpenter, who made his revealing statement that at no time were human astronauts ever alone or without being observed. According to Carpenter there was a constant surveillance by UFOs. Among the original Mercury Program astronauts, Carpenter corroborates the testimony of his comrades such as Walter Schirra, who was the first astronaut to use a code word for UFOs “Santa Claus” during a 1968 mission on Christmas day while in orbit.

Another presence on the moon
There are many disturbing accounts that raise grave question concerning the occupation of the moon by extraterrestrials not necessarily friendly to human explorers. Some sources have stated that NASA and the Russian space exploration programs were warned off the moon all together. This is why we have never returned, according to this line of reasoning. In his book, “ The Day After Roswell,” the US Army had already submitted a plan named “Project Horizon” by 1960 after taking reconnaissance photos of the moon. A proposed military outpost space station operated by a crew of 4 men or more would have been deployed as a lunar base. This, according to Philip J. Corso, former Captain of US Army intelligence and scientific advisor to the Eisenhower administration, was an effort by the military to deter UFO operations on the moon or to maintain surveillance of their activities from the lunar surface.

Well known NASA authorities confirm astronaut testimony
It is clear from such former NASA officials such as Albert Chop, Doctor Otto Binder, Dr. Garry Henderson, and Maurice Chatelaine, that Apollo and Gemini Project spacecraft were followed either distantly or on occasion alarmingly close during the years of those missions. Even though the astronauts were under tight instructions not to publicly voice their opinions or experiences, some did anyway. Without their candid and heroic insights in the face of possible military retribution, these men told the truth, and made public their observations. We greatly indebted to these pioneers of space travel who risked their lives to explore the unknown.

Two exceptional astronaut's contributions
My article would not be complete without mentioning the support and public statements of two other NASA astronauts who helped to buttress growing awareness about the presence of others in space as well as this knowledge having inspired and enlightened them as well. Doctor Edgar Mitchell was so impressed and influenced by his Apollo mission experiences on the lunar surface that he was compelled to establish the Institute for Noetic Sciences devoted to paranormal studies. Mitchell began a personal investigation into military personnel who had been involved in UFO sightings as well as secret projects that had been undertaken in the pursuit of research on UFOs.

Probably the most experienced astronaut who had logged more hours in space than any other space pilot or technician for NASA was Storey Musgrove. He had been responsible for the in orbit repair and refit of the defective Hubble Mission space telescope. His attitude toward the possibility of extraterrestrial contact was open, sincere, and peaceful. He publicly stated that during orbital missions in space that he had prepared his mind for such a meeting and outwardly focused his thoughts to that effect. Storey was opened to the possibility of an experience that few human beings have ever had the opportunity to have encountered. In the light of a photo and the alleged meeting of a 9 foot tall entity in the cargo bay of the Shuttle with two of the mission’s astronauts, one can never under estimate just to what degree our space programs and our astronauts have experienced what authorities refuse to reveal to us.

Professor Says Aliens Have A Catch and Release Program

Retired McGill University professor convinced ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that aliens exist

Professor says aliens have a catch and release program

Retired Montreal psychology professor Don Crosbie Donderi is convinced extraterrestrial life exists. The educator, who spent 47 years at McGill University, including as associate dean of the faculty of graduate studies and research — applies his insights into psychology to a book: UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions, a Scientist looks at the Evidence. It will be published in May. Mr. Donderi spoke to the Post’s Jen Gerson on Monday

Q. You write about cases of humans believing they were abducted. I believe your press release refers to a “catch and release” program. Do you have physical evidence to support that?

. I don’t personally have physical evidence to support that. What I say in the book is that the evidence of the extra-terrestrial nature of some of what UFO phenomenon is reported is in my opinion established beyond a reasonable doubt.

Professor Don Donderi

Q. Give me an example of some of that evidence.

A. There is an entire chapter on six UFO abduction cases. Each of them has what you might call in common a touchstone. Every one of the people involved saw a close up of a UFO. Everyone of the people had missing time they could not account for, a period of an hour or more, maybe even two or three hours. After the initial sighting, they ended up driving down a road not knowing how they got there. In several other cases, people saw the UFO as well. Some of these people wound up with scars they could not explain.

Q. Can you tell me a little bit about your background and what you do?

A. I worked at McGill University from 1962 to 2009. I was an associate professor of psychological research and published well over 100 papers on one thing or another. In 1982 I co-founded a consulting company that does human factors ergonomics consulting. I’ve been on the mainstream of science and engineering my entire professional life.

Q. How did you get interested in this particular subject?

A. I was interested as a boy when this stuff started happening in 1947. I was old enough to read the newspapers. I’m a curious person and I was persuaded this was a curious phenomenon. Thirty years later, I had a university position. I had tenure. I could study things without worrying about what other people thought about them. This is a very liberating thing. Nobody except university professors have tenure in the world, it makes you an aristocrat right off the bat. You can do what you like as long as you do your work, which I always did.

Q. We’ve seen a lot of studies showing that human perception is a very spotty thing. People have a way of even inventing memories; sometimes when more than one person claims to see something, they start talking to each other and can affect each others’ accounts, for example

A. I cover all of this stuff [in my book] including everything you’ve talked about, because I’ve investigated some of these things professionally myself. I can assure you the evidence that survives a critical look at what might have contributed to those reports is sound evidence.


Silent UFO Filmed Over Vancouver, Witness Says Feb 25 There Were Multiple Sightings

Posters Comments
This is an extraordinary night for silent UFO's over Vancouver Monday February 25, 2013. I noticed this object initially naked eye just hovering then started slowly to move downtown Vancouver about 1000 feet up, Orange amber in colour and strobing own light but very dim. No noise and traveling from South West to North East unlike what I said. Its 6 minutes long as it travels very slow., not Chinese lantern either ..This was an amazing sighting because I saw it with naked eye but to dim to capture with video. Crazy thing minutes later I captured 2 more videos of 2 more higher up traveling same direction Check next video UFOX2 Separate, I will upload. Just an amazing night, afraid I am missing more action now to upload these!! Feel free to forward to the end when it takes its last turn east..

Mulitple UFO sightings over Vancouver Feb 25, 2013

UFO Filmed in Norway With High Powered Binoculars

Anytime there is a UFO sighting in Norway it gets my attention, some of the best and most credible UFO sightings have come from Norway, also some of the most amazing videos. This is an odd video which someone decided to film through binoculars, obviously to give viewers the best possible look. 

UFO sighting Norway, Feb 2013

Area 51 and UFOs at Papoose Dry Lake, Myth or Fiction?

Are there UFOs in hidden hangars at Papoose Dry Lake?

Why is a dry lake bed in Nevada the source of continuous controversy in the UFO community?
Robert Lazar, a self-proclaimed Area 51 employee, went public with tales of flying saucers and "greys" hidden in plain sight of the fabled military installation. These stories of reverse engineered UFOs and alien interaction created quite a buzz, but is there enough evidence to back the tales up?

An Area 51 Employee Goes Public
In 1989, Robert Lazar, a shadowy figure claiming to work at Area 51, spoke with Las Vegas-area television station KLAS-TV.
In a series of interviews, Lazar told stories of a project to reverse engineer alien technology. The project centered on nine different UFOs collected by the U.S. Government over decades and hidden in hangers amidst in a location named S-4. Lazar's information about S-4 corroborated with Papoose Lake, a now-dry lake bed just miles southwest of Area 51.
As the interviews continued, Lazar went into detail about the intentional construction of the hangars at a devious angle and military attempts to camouflage the buildings.
Lazar also spoke in detail about Zeta Reticulans — the "grey" aliens popularized in movies — present in the hangars who aided in the the military's research and intervened in events on Earth over the past 100,000 years.
Shortly after Lazar went public, his educational and work history came under intense scrutiny. Reports surfaced concerning contradictions as to the origins of his claimed graduate degree, leading to an immediate dismissal of his revelations amongst even the most stalwart of UFO and Area 51 conspiracy fans.
Lazar dismissed any contradictions as the result of government actions to discredit him.
Model Kits and the Mir Space Station
Very little, if any, evidence exists to substantiate Lazar's tales. Despite the lack of evidence, a model company, Testors, created a 1/48 scale version of a Papoose Dry Lake UFO in 1990. Testors called on Lazar as an advisor, with the kit featuring a "sport model" flying saucer described by Lazar. The kit included a gray bipedal alien to go along with Lazar's description of one of the nine UFOs kept in S-4 hangars.
Along with the model came a poster-size image of S-4, an image corroborating with the location of Papoose Dry Lake. In the days prior to Google Image search, Testors acquired the photo from the Russian government. Testors paid nearly $2000 for a digital camera image taken from either the Mir Space Station or a satellite flyby, depending on the report.
While the photo inspires ideas of bases hidden by natural geological outcroppings, upon examination, it reveals little out of the ordinary

Wandering Across Papoose Dry Lake
A group of protestors associated with Greenpeace stormed the grounds near Papoose Dry Lake in an effort to protest nuclear weapons research. The trespassing Greenpeace members traversed Papoose Lake unscathed, reporting nothing out of the ordinary.
Archaeologist Jerry Freeman attempted to make a trek to Papoose Dry Lake. Freeman did not seek information about flying saucers, but to trace the trail of a 19th Century wagon train headed to California in the days of the great gold rush. Jerry did see Papoose Dry Lake, but encountered a small degree of scrutiny from Air Force security along the way.
The Legacy of Lazar's Claims
In the majority of UFO and Area 51 circles, Robert Lazar is exiled for his claims, with wanna-be UFO believers seeing Lazar's stories as wanting for concrete evidence. Lazar makes occasional appearances on Coast to Coast AM, while owning and operating a chemical supply company that caters to hobbyists and amateur scientists.
The company, United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies, carries mildly radioactive materials. United Nuclear came under fire for selling polonium in 2006 and received a federal fine in 2007 for selling components that could be used to make illegal fireworks in 2007.
Due to the lack of concrete evidence, the stories of UFOs being kept and reverse engineered at Papoose is likely just another interesting tale fitting into the mythology of Area 51. If the military ever used Papoose Lake for clandestine tests or operations, they did a great job cleaning up the remains.
While Lazar's story and past are often disputed, the mythology of Papoose Dry Lake is an interesting one that seeks to make amends for the lack of recent sightings around Area 51. For those looking to keep dreams of UFOs whizzing around the desert alive, Lazar's tale might do the trick.
The top image is via Gerhard Uhllhorn/Flickr. Sources linked within the article.

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Large Low Altitude Multicolored UFO Over Lemon Grove Calif, Video

This very strange large, low altitude UFO was filmed over Lemon Grove Calif. A very bizarre UFO sighting with clear video, witness says the UFO could not be seen by the naked eye only with the camera. This was just reported in the (local news outlet). 

It's not everyday that we hear about UFOs in our backyard. But YouTube user Joel Flores believes he spotted just that this weekend from Lemon Grove.

Uploaded on Sunday, Flores says in his video description that the unidentified flying object was spotted Friday night.

According to Flores, there are five other objects visible in this video that were only seen when he pulled up his iPhone video-- as he couldn't see them with the naked eye.

"It was phenomenal," he says in his video description.

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