Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loud Booms Heard In Upstate NY, Still a Mystery, News Report

Resident of Upstate NY Report Hearing Loud Booms, Strange Noise

Numerous people around the Jamestown area reported loud booms between 6:15-6:45 Sunday evening.

The county sheriff's office reported several dozen saying it sounded like, extremely loud thunder, a cannon, or some type of explosion. One woman reported that he house shook.
Mark Castner, director of Canisius College's seismograph station, tells News 4 that seismograph measured "no significant movement" at all Sunday afternoon.
Neither did the New England Seismic Network (NESN), nor the United States Geologial Survey (USGS).
That doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility of seismic activity completely. However, geophysicists at the USGS don't classify seismic events as "earthquakes" unless they register a 2.5 magnitude or greater.

There is a possibility that it could have been a military jet breaking the sound barrier, causing a sonic boom. As of today the Niagra Falls Air Force Base has not claimed responsibility for the disturbance.

o, the question is, what made the noise? No one is taking ownership or claiming to have knowledge of this event. Similar to other recent stories around the country it remains a mystery.

We will keep you posted if new information becomes available.

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