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Huge Coronal Mass Ejection Erupts From the Sun Today, Jan 31, 2013

On Jan. 31, 2013 at 2:09am EST, the sun erupted with an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection or CME. Experimental NASA research models, based on observations from the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) and ESA/NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, show that the CME left the sun at speeds of around 575 miles per second, which is a fairly typical speed for CMEs. Historically, CMEs at this speed are mild.

Not to be confused with a solar flare, a CME is a solar phenomenon that can send solar particles into space and reach Earth one to three days later.

Earth-directed CMEs can cause a space weather phenomenon called a geomagnetic storm, which occurs when they connect with the outside of the Earth's magnetic envelope, the magnetosphere, for an extended period of time. In the past, CME's such as this have caused auroras near the poles but didn't disrupt electrical systems on Earth or interfere with GPS or satellite-based communications systems.

NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center ( is the United States Government official source for space weather forecasts, alerts, watches and warnings.

Updates will be provided if needed.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) on Jan. 31, 2013 was accompanied by a large prominence eruption best visible in light with a wavelength of 304 angstroms. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this footage from 10 p.m. EST on Jan. 30, 2013, to 4 a.m. the next morning. Credit: NASA/SDO/Goddard Space Flight Center

High Resolution imagery and additional multimedia from this event is available at

Pilot Films UFO Over Costa Rico at 2200 mph - Video

Footage captured by a pilot over Costa Rico appears to show an unidentified flying object. The footage corresponds to a flight on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In the video we see a rapidly moving object below the aircraft.

The video was captured by the commercial pilot Joseph Daniel Araya, who has more than 500 flight hours. Araya says he was recording with his cell phone when suddenly the camera screen saw the object moving, When he looked out of the aircraft there was nothing, said the pilot.

To find an answer to what happened we went to Jose Alberto Villalobos, astronomer and UFO researcher Alexis Astua. 

Villalobos estimated that the object on the screen could have a length between 7 and 10 meters. Its speed could reach 2200 mph (3600 kilometers per hour), seven times more than the ship from which the footage was captured,

Meanwhile Astua does not rule out a UFO but also a secondary reflection theory.The sighting in the South is not strange, since in this region there are constant reports.

Compilation of Best UFO Sightings January 2013

UFO Sightings Jan 2013

Video compilation of some of the best UFO sightings recorded during January 2013

Starchild Skull Receives More Credibility

Lloyd Pye and his investigation of the Starchild skull attempt to answers our deepest questions, such as where we come from, who are we... and where are we going? George Noory's skillful handling of the delicate subject of aliens on Gaiam's Beyond Belief with George Noory gives the subject the dignity it deserves. Not only does the hypothesis that the Starchild skull is that of an alien get respect, Pye's presentation is laced with cliffhanger-like drama -- Pye says the results of DNA testing and genome mapping may be available as soon as the end of this year.

Plus, the back story of the skull, how it was found, and why it ended up in Pye's hands is loaded with human interest. Check out this excerpt from Pye's book, The Starchild Skull: Genetic Enigma Or Human-Alien Hybrid?
Nine-hundred years ago, two beings died in an obscure mine tunnel in northwest Mexico. One buried the other, then she lay down beside the freshly turned earth and committed suicide. In 1930 a teenage girl found their skeletons, one lying supine on the mine tunnel floor, the other only visible as a "mis-shapen" hand emerging from the grave to wrap around the exposed skeleton's upper arm bone.
The skull took a circuitous route to end up with Pye, who at first just thought of it as "weird." But soon he became convinced it was distinctly not human. Pye's already had extensive testing on the skull that confirms its extraterrestrial origins. Here are a few of his findings:
  • The skull is much lighter than a human skull but much more durable.
  • The wear on the teeth suggests it is a skull of someone much older than a child, although similarly small in stature.
  • Fibers and residue in the matrix of the bone remain unexplainable.
Although the tests continue to corroborate the skull's uniqueness, Pye explains in the show why there has been so much resistance from the mainstream. He compares the slow acceptance of alien life as comparable to the way people initially resisted the idea that the Earth was not a center of the universe. Many scientists, such as Galileo, were ridiculed for their vision of the universe and the earth's place in it. In the same vein, Pye suggests, recognition of aliens would "move humans away from the biological center of the universe." Pye says he always had the vague sense that humans are the black sheep of the planet, never truly fitting the environment.

Getting the funding to test DNA and map the skull's genome has been harder to accomplish than Pye first thought, although he does think that adequate funds will be forthcoming soon. But even with his limited budget, Pye has managed to get some of the biggest science facilities--and scientists--to examine the skull. Most recently, the Stanford Research Institute, which has the world's most powerful scanner at its disposal, was able to confirm the presence of red fibers in the skull, a distinctly un-humanlike attribute.
Pye's scholarly demeanor imbues the whole idea of alien life as a legitimate possibility. Coneheads, Greys, telepathy, intervention theory and terraforming all come up in the interview in a way that invites consideration rather than ridicule.
It takes some cojones to take a stand on the existence of aliens. "Most mainstream scientists don't have what it takes," Pye says. He encourages his audience not to be cowed. Getting the full genome sequenced, Pye suspects, will offer irrefutable proof that we are part of a larger galactic community that extends back billions of years. Do you, dear viewer, have the cojones to at least listen to him explain why?
Elizabeth Marglin is a freelance writer for She writes on everything from acupuncture to temper tantrums. Marglin is the co-author of The Mother's Wisdom Deck and co-writes the blog Mothering with Soul.

There is a White House Petition circulating, the title of it is;
If you want to know more about it check out this link

Proof of Alien Life Comes in all sizes, Flatwoods West Virginia

I have little doubt that this incident was real but the media played a major role in exploiting this for the sake (once again) of running tabloid headlines. A ten foot monster this is not, it is some form of extraterrestrial.  We will probably never know what actually happened in Flatwoods West Virginia or the origins of this so call "ten foot monster," but we can probably be sure once home these beings sat around having a good laugh at mankind's expense. It is probably a case study in their history books about the frivolity and absence of intelligence that rambles through earthing mainstream media.  


What started out as a usual evening in Flatwoods, WV on September 12, 1952 would prove to be anything but usual for some of the locals. Four boys playing football in the schoolyard witnessed what could only be descibed as a "shooting star". The boys, however, knew what they saw was, by no means, a shooting star.

The object appeared to have crashed on a nearby property known as the Bailey Fisher Property, and as happens more often than not when you get a group of young, curious children together, they decided to make the trek together to see what had fallen from the sky and apparently landed on the Bailey Fisher homestead. Along the way they collected Kathleen May and her two sons, who eagerly accompanied them to the purported crash site.

The Crash Site

As the seven approached the site and night fell, it became foggy with mist and there was a metallic or sulfuric smell according to Mrs. May. As they crested the hill that lay between them and the crash site, they saw an object that was glowing and hissing, and as they approached the site, they agreed that the object was about 10 feet in diameter. They also noticed just a few feet away, two glowing objects that resembled the dull glow of a flashlight.

The Braxton County Monster

One of the curious onlookers had a flashlight and when he pointed it at the object, what has become known as the "Braxton County Monster" was seen. The description was as follows: "...a bright red face, bright green clothing, a head which resembled the ace of spades, and clothing which, from the waist down, hung in great folds". The monster's body was described as beingman-shaped and clad in a dark pleated skirt; later described as being green. Some accounts record that the creature had no visible arms, while others describe it as having short stubby arms; ending in long claw-like fingers, which protruded from the front of its body. It seemed to be floating above the ground towards them. Frightened by this spectacle the group dispersed, but eventually ended up back at Mrs. May's home and phoned the sherriff.

As luck would have it, the sheriff, Robert Carr, and his deputy were tied up on another investigation of a reported burning object suspected to be a downed airplane. By the time they could arrive at the scene, much evidence was destroyed by curious onlookers.

Attempts to Debunk

So; what is to be made of the countless eyewitness reports of the "Braxton County Monster"? Official reports are few and far between. One possible explanation comes from a local insurance salesman and self proclaimed "amature astronomer", Earl Stephens. It is his opinion that the "Braxton County Monster" was, in fact, a meteor, commonly called a fireball, that originated in the outer atmostphere, forming a gasterous ball. Stephens backs up his theory with the fact that the earth entered a meteoric stream in August of that year.

I am not a scientist, professional or otherhwise, so with the lack of offical reports, I can only rely on a handful of eyewitness reports and an opinion of an amature astonomer, as that is all there is available for me to ponder. I'll let you decide for yourselves.

Donald Keyhoe's Explanation 

Pioneer UFO Researcher
Major Donald Keyhoe writes in 1953

"The Air Force hands-off attitude seemed peculiar to me. For the monster story was having a serious effect, in addition to letters from worried Americans... If the Air Force had sent investigators publicly in hopes of killing the story, it might have backfired. Papers and magazines would picture the Intelligence officers as making a serious investigation. It might seem proof, to some people, that the Air Force was soberly impressed by the report - or at least that giants from space were considered a strong possibility... It was far better to brand the whole thing as a hallucination - which Intelligence evidently believed was the answer... Whether or not the Air Force analysis is correct, one point is certain - Intelligence carefully avoided a public investigation in order to prevent hysteria."


Strange UFOs/Lights Over the Ocean, News Report, Florida

UFOs Spotted in Cape Coral Florida

Strange lights turned up in Cape Coral Florida over the last few days, the news media writes it off to Chinese lanterns but they have no way of knowing what to attribute the lights to. 

CAPE CORAL, FL -The strange and unexplained filled the skies over Cape Coral this weekend. Some viewers wrote in and even shared video of bizzarre lights. They called the sightings UFOs.

Wednesday afternoon, Cape resident Pete Maccio told us about his experience.

"I never saw anything like that before," remarked Maccio.

Maccio, who lives in Cape Coral, said he saw bizzare lights flicker this weekend in the early morning off the South Cape.

"They were small lights that hovered over the water at slow sleep and then they disappeared," said Maccio.

He and others speculate the unidentified flying objects seen high above the yacht club could be alien life forms.
Richard Gobi, who visited the area Wenesday, said he isn't sold on that idea.

While he thinks there is extraterrestrial life somewhere in the vast universe, he said they're probably not visiting Cape Coral.

He countered the lights are probably just a big misunderstanding.
"Probably reflection. Something that's in the waters that reflects in the sky," explained Gobi.

We reached out to the MUFON organization, the Mutual UFO network, which tracks suspicious spottings.

They told us many of the recent reports filed with them across the state could be explained by a sky lantern.

The increasingly popular contraption uses hot air to float high into the sky.

At Fort Myers' American Discount Firework, store owner Chris Whited told us when he first saw one from a far took a second look.

"They're going to think this is a UFO," said Whited. "It will get to where it's a pen prick of light because of the distance and height."

While we may never be certain the lights in Cape were manmade, some told us they plan to look up with more watchful eye and perhaps spot something surreal.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Military Veterans Urged To Talk About UFO Sightings

Researcher Urges U.S. Military Veterans to Divulge Their UFO Sightings at Nuclear Weapons Sites

WASHINGTON, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Noted UFO researcher Robert Hastings is asking U.S. military veterans to contact him regarding their UFO-related experiences at nuclear missile sites, weapons storage areas, and atomic/thermonuclear bomb test sites during the Cold War era and beyond.

On September 27, 2010, Hastings co-sponsored the UFOs and Nukes press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., which CNN streamed live.

During the press conference, seven U.S. Air Force veterans discussed UFO incursions at ICBM sites at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, and Walker AFB, New Mexico, as well as the Weapons Storage Area at RAF Bentwaters, England.

The incident at Malmstrom, on March 24, 1967, involved several missiles inexplicably malfunctioning moments after security personnel reported observing a glowing, disc-shaped craft hovering over the Oscar Flight Launch Control Facility. (Other UFO sightings by civilians living near the facility have been reported as recently as September 2012.)

Similar incidents have occurred at various ICBM bases over the years, according to other veterans interviewed by Hastings. UFOs also reportedly hovered over nuclear bomb storage areas and B-52 bomber alert pads. Declassified documents relating to some of these incidents may be read at 

Currently, Hastings is chiefly interested in sightings occurring during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as well as those that took place over the past decade. However, he is also seeking information relating to any UFO sighting involving nuclear weapons. Hastings hopes to publish as many reports as possible, once they have been vetted, but requests for confidentiality will be honored.

Hastings notes that Soviet Army veterans have revealed cases of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites in the former U.S.S.R. Those events have been confirmed by KGB and/or Ministry of Defense documents, including one occurring on October 4, 1982, during which nuclear missiles temporarily activated just as a disc-shaped craft hovered above them. Elsewhere, on July 28/29, 1989, another UFO hovered over a Soviet nuclear missile warhead depot and directed laser-like beams onto it.

Hastings believes that the American people, and citizens of all nations, deserve to know the facts regarding the reality of UFOs and the ongoing situation involving our nuclear weapons. Military veteran testimony will greatly contribute to this objective. He may be contacted at

Valley of the UFOs, UFO Watchtower, Multiple Sightings By Credible Witnesses

How can you talk about Space and not talk about UFOs? In this latest (highly intriguing) installment we venture to Hooper, Colorado (Population of 105) to investigate some of the stranger things that have gone down in our skies - from shooting stars to strange weather patterns to aliens descending on Earth in their extraterrestrial space pods.

UFO Watchtower, Cattle Mutilation, Valley of UFOs, Aliens, ET and much more.

Very Bizarre UFO Event, Wormhole, Potal or Stargate, Russia

This very odd UFO sighting was captured on Video Jan 21, 2013 out of Russia. It almost appears to be some sort of opening or even tornado like event.

The video is certainly making the usual rounds and more people than not believe that it is real. I am not really convinced but it is entertaining. 

Strange Daytime UFO Over Slovenia Power Plant, Video

Posters Comments
Unknown lights or UFOs hovering over Krsko nuclear plant in Slovenia, Central Europe - Saturday, 26th January 2013

UFO over Nuclear Power Plant Jan 26, 2013

A Ufologist Latest Venture, Space Hotels, Robert Bigelow

Las Vegas UFO Aficionado Bets $500 Million on Space Hotel

Robert Bigelow is more than just a UFO aficionado, he is a rich UFO aficionado that has spent million attempting to get to the bottom of UFO sightings, animal mutilations, and alien contact. He feels that contact with an intelligent alien is imminent and that the government and religion are not preparing mankind in a way that will insure a good outcome.  His latest space venture will be in low orbit space! 

Robert Bigelow got rich off budget hotel suites that start at $189 a week. Now they are funding his dream of building inflatable space habitats with rates topping $400,000 a day.

For the Las Vegas businessman, his desire to build low orbital dwellings is the ultimate gamble. He has bet $500 million of his own money on his closely held venture, Bigelow Aerospace LLC -- five times what billionaire Elon Musk invested in his own space company.

“If you don’t have bucks, there’s no Buck Rogers,” said Bigelow, 68, echoing a phrase from the film, “The Right Stuff,” about the early days of the U.S. spaceflight program.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration this month announced a $17.8 million contract to Bigelow Aerospace for an inflatable room that will be attached to a port on the International Space Station sometime in 2015. Astronauts will use the prototype for two years, allowing NASA to test the technology for “pennies on the dollar,” said Lori Garver, the agency’s deputy administrator.

Bigelow has spent about half of his stake. He may never recoup the investment, according to Jeff Foust, an analyst at Futron Corp., a Bethesda, Maryland-based technology consulting firm.

“Are there enough customers out there to make this a worthwhile venture?” Foust said. “It’s yet to be seen.”
Spare Room

NASA’s award to Bigelow Aerospace means that the 3,000- pound inflatable spare room that uses a Kevlar-like fabric called Vectran will be tested to see how it withstands space debris and radiation.

The technology is based on an idea conceived in the 1990s by NASA, which let Bigelow license the patents, according to Mike Gold, director of Washington operations for Bigelow Aerospace. The company has taken the blueprints to fruition by building actual test structures, Gold said.

“He’s a capitalist in every sense of the word,” said Jay Ingham, a Bigelow vice president who previously worked for Raytheon Co. (RTN) “The guys who work hard and are big contributors do really well here.”

NASA retired its shuttle fleet in 2011 and relies on Russia for rides to space at a cost of about $63 million per astronaut. It has turned to the private industry to ferry cargo and eventually humans to the station.
Boeing, SpaceX

Bigelow needs U.S. companies such as Boeing Co. (BA)and Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, to develop lower-cost alternatives, Foust said. Otherwise, his private stations “literally won’t get off the ground,” he said.

SpaceX’s first flight last year of an unmanned cargo ship to the International Space Station signaled the start of a new era in commercial spaceflight, Bigelow said.

Eventually, Bigelow intends to build stand-alone stations launched by privately operated rockets that can be used as research laboratories orbiting Earth or be part of an effort to establish a permanent presence on the moon or Mars. Although a permanent habitat won’t be ready before 2016, his company is promoting a round-trip flight and 60-day stay aboard the “Alpha Station” for $26.3 million per customer.

Bigelow is a lesser known figure in the privately funded space race that has drawn high-risk adventurers such as Musk and British entrepreneur Richard Branson, whose Virgin Galactic is taking bookings online for $200,000 “Pioneer Astronaut” sub- orbital flights.
‘Following A Dream’

“I guess it seems strange or unique to other people,” he said. “To me, it’s just following a dream that I have had all of my life of doing something important that was space- related.”

The hotelier grew up in Las Vegas. During his first semester in college, his father died in a plane crash. He later graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in business. He and his wife, Diane, raised two sons.

Bigelow has nursed a lifelong obsession with unidentified flying objects after his mother regaled him with the tale of his grandparents seeing a glowing flying object while driving through the desert in 1947.

He has amassed a library of about 3,500 books about UFOs, cosmology and related subjects. He gave financial backing to the National Institute for Discovery Science, which hunted UFOs and studied paranormal activities before disbanding in 2004. He has personally recorded interviews with almost 250 people who claim to have had a sighting or encounter with a UFO, and said he believes alien wreckage was discovered in Roswell, New Mexico, in the 1940s.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crop Circles - Has Historian Uncovered The Truth?

An Aussie historian believes he has buried forever the ‘cereal’ lie that crop circles are the work of hoaxers – by unearthing Black Country images of them dating back to 1945 and beyond.

Arial shot of crop circles in the Black Country

It’s ‘barley’ believable, but Greg Jefferys has also uncovered evidence of the phenomenon in scientific documents dating back to 1880.

The boffin, from Hobart, Tasmania, says his findings prove there’s more to the mysterious circles than hoaxers playing silly tricks.

“This discovery proves that claims by various artists to be the sole creators of crop circles are themselves a hoax,” he says.

“It just goes to show that the circles remain unexplained.

“I hope this discovery will stimulate renewed interest in crop circles by serious scientific researchers who have been fooled by the hoax claims.”

Greg, aged 59, who cut his teeth locating shipwrecks, used Google Earth’s new 1945 overlay – images of places taken 68 years ago – to make the breakthrough.

He spent more than 300 hours scouring the English countryside using the technology – and found a large number of crop circles.

Two of the most significant were on the outskirts of Stourbridge.

“Searching the old images presented many challenges,” Greg told the Sunday Mercury. “Some of the original photographs had physical and chemical damage that produced circular flaws on the Google images.

“I had to develop a methodology to distinguish between flaws on the film and genuine crop circles.”

Greg began his quest after reading an article in an 1800 edition of science journal Nature.

It suggested that crop circles had, in fact, been around since the 1700s.

And Stourbridge, believed to be a paranormal hotbed, was an obvious area to search.

In 2010 the town, once famed for glass-making, made headlines when a BBC journalist filmed a strange, orange orb in the skies over Wollaston.

But crop circles were not the only thing Greg uncovered while scrutinising the old aerial photographs.

“I also found a number of circular prehistoric structures similar to ‘Woodhenge’ – a timber, Neolithic monument close to Stonehenge,” he says. “But these were outside the Midlands.

“The aerial photographs from 1945 are particularly useful for finding prehistoric remains because they were taken at a time before farmers began the extensive use of heavy machinery in their fields, which disturbs the soil to a deeper level than previous farming methods.”

But there is one question Greg’s laborious research has failed to answer: if crop circles are not a hoax, what are they?

He has an idea of how to unravel this mystery.

“Firstly, I believe that the claims of various ‘artists’ to have created them all is patently false,” he says.

“That is itself probably one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the scientific community, and I think that my 1945 Google Earth work does this.

“Secondly, there is a significant body of evidence that indicates high frequency electromagnetic energy is involved in the creation of crop circles.

“What is not clear is what generates that energy and organises it into circular patterns. This is one of the questions I hope to answer, at least partially.”

Those who have previously made a study of the strange symmetrical shapes – Reg Presley, former lead singer of 60s band The Troggs among them – already have their own theories as to how they are created.

They say that they are a warning about the perils of plundering our planet’s resources, not just two blokes with a plank and piece of rope.


In a blog, expert Freddy Silva explains: “Crop circles are organised harmonic forms that manifest around the world, the result of an energy interacting with the physical world – in this case plants. This energy is comprised of light, sound and magnetism.”

That’s one in the eye for the Ministry of Defence who, up to 1990, blamed all crop circles on two pensioners named Doug and Dave.

The theory was debunked when the structures, which some claim have healing qualities, appeared as far afield as California and Western Australia.

In fact, they have been spotted in 29 countries, created out of wheat, barley, linseed, rice paddies and even ice.

Doug and Dave only had bus passes.

And cynics still cannot explain what happened at Stonehenge on July 7, 1996.

At 4.15pm an RAF pilot reported nothing unusual below. Just 15 minutes later, a second airman reported a 900ft formation, comprising 149 circles aligned along a spiral curve.

The media may have lost interest in them, but crop circles are still out there. Last year provided a bumper harvest, with 18 recorded in August alone.

Reg, the country’s best known circle investigator, believes the striking agricultural artworks are messages from space.

Twenty years ago, he shocked the world by revealing: “A 200 foot long penis turned up in a crop formation just by Chequers.

“Everybody laughed – so did I.

“But one week after that appeared near the Prime Minister’s home, we discovered that the American male had lost half of his sperm count.

“Two months after that it came out that we’re losing it over here, too.

“I don’t believe that crop formation was a hoax. I think somebody was trying to tell us something.

“It’s all so bloody weird.”

More UFO Sightings Myrtle Beach South Carolina - Video

South Carolina and particularly Myrtle Beach has been a UFO hotspot for years. An exhibition celebrating the history of UFOs will be held in Myrtle Beach this spring. You will find the details just below the video. 

Posters Comments

The world's first exhibition exploring the history of UFOs will debut at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, S.C. in Spring 2013. The exhibition, entitled "Encounters: UFO Experience," presented by Intergalactic Brands, will feature more than 200 original artifacts, conceptual models, and documented film clips and recordings that support claims of ancient encounters through modern day sightings.

The exhibition will feature seven galleries that will showcase ancient alien encounters, the military's role in modern sightings, and pop culture's fascination with extraterrestrial life. Interactive aspects of the exhibition will enable visitors to personally experience an alien abduction that is based on observations and reports from alien abductees.

American Indians - Encounters With Star People

A noted American Indian researcher offers up a collection of intimate narratives of encounters between contemporary American Indians and the Star People. The first person accounts, described as conscious experiences and recalled without the aid of hypnosis, reveal a worldview that unquestionably accepts the reality of the Star People. The stories also reveal cultures that almost universally regard Star People as ancestors, which allows for interactions that take place without fear and helps explain the uniqueness of the encounters and experiences.

The stories are told by people from all walks of life. Some had graduate degrees; others had never attended school. Some were adept at technology; others had never used a cell phone, owned a computer or a television set. A few of the stories are about events that occurred before the 1947 Roswell incident, however, the majority of the events took place between 1990 and 2010. This book significantly contributes to the knowledge about UFOs from a group that until now have mostly remained silent. For readers, it is likely they will never look at the UFO phenomenon in the same way again.

UFO Sighting Dunedoo Australia, Photos and more info

Damien Nott from Dunedoo claims to have seen UFOs, phot taken Jan 19, 2013 
A RESIDENT of nearby Dunedoo says he regularly sees strange lights in the sky he believes are UFOs.

Fairfax Media reported Damien Nott, 33, moved to Dunedoo last year to refurbish the property that used to belong to his grandparents.

Since then, he has been filming the lights, which have also been seen by members of his family.

Mariana Flynn, the president of UFO Research NSW, visited Mr Nott two weeks ago to observe firsthand what he was seeing.

Although Mr Nott says he has had to endure disbelief and hostility from some in the town, he said others were beginning to accept what he has seen.

"I moved up in August and on my second night here I started witnessing strange objects flying through the sky,'' he said. "It has been happening continually since.

"Five or six family members have now seen the same objects cruising through the sky and doing all sorts of amazing things.

"I have wanted this story to get out for a while but I have been too afraid of the ridicule."

Mr Nott said he had on occasions made as many as 10 or 11 observations in one night. He had converted family members who were initially sceptics, he said.

"They are tough, country people who don't lie, they tell you what they see,'' he said.

"Surely other people out there have seen these things and either thought they were crazy or imagining things. People's attitudes towards this subject should be changed. All I want to do is get this subject matter out there so that people know they do exist and don't laugh at the next person who says they have seen something in the sky."

Visiting Mr Nott on a clear night, Fairfax Media saw two high-altitude spots of light moving in tandem. But Airservices Australia and Sydney Observatory said it was likely they were satellites.

Mr Nott said: "I have seen satellites before, these things we saw changed direction and their speed and colour. That's not the behaviour of a satellite."

Ms Flynn said: "I think he is genuine; he is not looking for publicity; he's not looking to make moneyout of this. He feels genuinely that he would like to publish his footage so that others can see what is actually up there and make up their own minds."

Monday, January 28, 2013

UFO and Black Helicopters Hover Above Ft. Myers Florida

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On January 08, at around 10pm strange bright lights appeared to hover over SWFL International Airport, up to 8 helicopters were witnessed surrounding the area, If anyone has any information, please contact your local MUFON office.Now I am not saying this is not authentic not fake , it could be flares being dropped from helos but jumping and disappearing flares ?

UFO and Helicopters hover abover Fort Myers Florida, Jan 8, 2013

UFOs Cruise Over New Zealand, Video

Posters Comments
All Sky objects captured on 25.01.2013
The first object captured during day light hours ,North 5.45pm
the second south 9.45pm, the other 2 north
3 cams used, Panasonic HDC-HS9, 1 Homebuilt N.V with a canonfs36 & Samsung 550p cctv
please watch in full screen

UFOs Over New Zealand Jan 25, 2013

Apollo Astronauts Talk About UFOs

Apollo Astronaut Chats About UFO, Alien Belief

Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 Astronaut, the 6th man to walk on the moon says his knowledge and belief in aliens and UFOs is nothing new.
Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell returned from his mission to the moon a changed man. He has spent the last 35 years trying to use the tools of science to figure out what happened. Along the way, he says that people knowledgeable about an alleged crash of an alien spaceship in Roswell, N.M., shared the information with him.
He's been speaking out ever since, most recently on a radio talk show that tripped off an unexpected wave of media attention. In a telephone interview with Irene Klotz, Mitchell sets the record straight -- as he sees it.
Irene Klotz: Hi Dr. Mitchell
Edgar Mitchell: Just a minute ... I'm sorry. My dog jumped in my lap and knocked over my coffee cup. It's OK. Go ahead.
IK: What's your dog's name?
EM: Oh, that's Cutie (Q.T.?)
IK: Cutie?
EM: Yup, I've got two of them and right now they're telling me that it's their suppertime and I must come in and fix their supper ... at least that's what they want.
IK: Well first of all thanks very much for making a little time. I wanted to ask you if there was anything about the radio interview you did that was different from what you've said in the past.
EM: No, there's nothing different. Several of (the reports of the interview) that I've seen come around have some flaws in them. Some of the reports pushed it or spun it incorrectly. NASA had nothing to do with anything I've done. I wasn't briefed by NASA. There haven't been any sightings as a result of my flight service there, so if that part of it comes out on anything you've seen it is just totally wrong.
IK: Yes, I did want to clarify that.
EM: My major knowledge comes from what I call the old-timers, people who were at Roswell and subsequent who wanted to clear the things up and tell somebody credible even though they were under severe threats and things -- this was back in the Roswell days. Having gone to the moon and being a local citizen out in the Roswell area some of them thought I would be a safe choice to tell their story to, which they did. Even though the government put real clamps on everybody, it got out anyhow.
Subsequent to that, I did take my story to the Pentagon -- not NASA, but the Pentagon -- and asked for a meeting with the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and got it. And told them my story and what I know and eventually had that confirmed by the admiral that I spoke with, that indeed what I was saying was true.
IK: You mean what had been told to you was true?
EM: Yup, in other words. There was a UFO crash. There was an alien spacecraft. This gentleman tried his damndest to get me in and like so many others in the administration over the last 60 years, since JFK's time, was unable to. He was told 'Admiral, you don't have a need to know, and therefore go get lost,' essentially.
IK: Have you ever come out and said who this person was who briefed you?
EM: No, I have not.
IK: Would you at some point?
EM: No, it is out and around but I don't feel like I have the liberty to do that.
IK: When did you have your meeting at the Pentagon?
EM: It was in the late '90s in Washington when I was there working with The Disclosure Project, trying to get all those opened up with another Naval officer by the name of Will Miller and Steven Greer, who you probably heard of. Steven and I don't really work on this anymore together, but we did at that point and getting to the Pentagon and seeing what we could do there to try to get this opened up.
IK: Why do you think the government hasn't acknowledged that there is life outside of Earth? I thought that was sort of the point of NASA.
EM: Well most people in government don't know. The government is highly compartmentalized. You could work next door to somebody for 30 years not knowing what they're doing in certain areas. The whole point of all of this ... goes back to World War II. This Roswell incident took place right at the aftermath of World War II when the U.S. Army Air Corps was split off and became the Air Force and the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), which was the intelligence service of World War II, was disbanded and eventually became the CIA. At that point the Cold War was just starting to move under way and we were at odds with the Soviets.
The Air Force was brand new and supposedly in control of the skies and didn't know what they were doing, and the CIA didn't know what they were doing, so Pres. Truman was in a big problem here: Here people were telling him there were aliens around and nobody knew if they were hostile or what they were and what was he going to do about it?
So he formed a committee, a very high-level military and academic and intelligent people -- politically powerful people -- and said 'You guys work on this.' And that was called ... the MAJIC 12. And they did pass a National Security Act, or so I'm told, under highly classified auspices, that gave this committee virtually unlimited power to deal with this issue, which they have done for the last 60 years, slowly excluding everybody -- including presidents.
You may remember that Pres. Clinton tried to send (Webster) Hubbell to find out about this at Wright Patterson. He got rejected. And Barry Goldwater, back in the '60s when he was getting ready to run for the presidency and who was a brigadier general in the Air Force Reserve tried to get information about it. He got rejected. And I'm told that Jerry Ford tried to do some finding out and he got rejected.
Jimmy Carter announced his observation of UFOs, but that never went anywhere so obviously he made no progress. Only in recent years has the public interest become acute enough and enough stories leaked out so that people are starting to believe that it's all real. And the fact of the matter is, it is.
They're still around and there's a lot of stuff going on.
Are you aware of the so-called Phoenix Lights Incident? That wasn't our stuff.
IK: I'm sorry. Can you say that again?

Apollo Astronaut Chats About UFO, Alien Belief

by Irene Klotz
EM: Lights. Just a few years ago. Three humongous craft flew over Phoenix, very slowly in the middle of the night that clearly were not -- I happened to be on the phone with people out there when that happened and have had pictures of it -- clearly those were not, to those of us who know aviation and spacecraft, clearly those were not local stuff, home-grown stuff.
IK: So you're saying the incidences are becoming more prevalent among the general public? People are having their own sightings?
EM: Just several weeks ago, this so-called incident at Stephenville, in Stephenville, Texas. Another one. And naturally a lot of discounting and unfortunately the press, the giggle factor got up and the press tended to ignore it, but the fact of the matter is this is the real stuff we're dealing with. We're not alone in the universe. And it has nothing to do with NASA. As far as I know it has to do with what's going on and has been going on for a long time.
IK: As a man of science and engineering, how did you make this leap from doing what you needed to do to be an astronaut to what you're doing today?
EM: Because I was told by people who were utterly sworn to secrecy under severe penalty if they talked and because I'd been to the moon, because I was a local resident of Roswell when the so-called Roswell incidenttook place, some of them thought I was a safe person to tell before they passed on so that the knowledge didn't die. There are others like me, people out here who have done an enormous amount of investigation who have seen through the facade and seen through the cover-up and can talk chapter and verse, better than I can. We know it's real.
IK: Can you describe what changed you after you were in space? How did that happen?
EM: Well I've got a research foundation that has been working on that problem for 37 years.
I was coming back from the moon after completing a successful mission on the moon. My job was being responsible for the lunar spacecraft for the lunar surface activities. So on the way home, my successful job had been mostly completed and we were just coming home. We still had experiments and work to do, but the big stuff was done.
We were orientated such and rotating in order to keep the thermal balance of the spacecraft so that every two minutes you could see the Earth, the moon, the sun and a 360-degree panorama of the heavens came through the window every two minutes. That's powerful stuff, particularly since it's space. Without the atmosphere to block, the stars don't twinkle, and there's 10 times as many as you could possibly see on Earth because of the lack of interference and it's much closer to what you could see through the Hubble Telescope these days, with those pictures and I hope you've looked at some of those: it's overwhelming -- and I realized as that happened, because I do have a PhD from MIT and I studied astronomy at Harvard and MIT and knew that molecules of matter in my body and in the spacecraft and in my partners' bodies were made in some ancient generation of stars. That's where matter is created.
Suddenly I realized that the molecules in my body were created in an ancient generation of stars and suddenly that became personal and visceral, not intellectual and I had never had this experience. It was accompanied by bliss, an ecstasy I had never experienced.
Later -- and I'm making this long story short -- with some discovery and some help from scientists at Rice University in Houston, I discovered in ancient transcripts that this type of experience -- a transformational, transcendental experience where you see things as you perceive them but experience them viscerally and emotionally as one, as a part of it -- is called samadhi. In doing more research, I found that it has taken place in every culture on Earth. The political and cultural expression of that turns out to be religion.
The experience is the same -- a heady, overwhelming experience. But when it gets politicized, put into the culture, those things get lost on the people who had the experience and it becomes something else. So that's what it was: a deep, deep cultural experience that is in the culture of our civilization in hundreds of places.
IK: Is that what the Noetic Institute is for? To bring this consciousness ...
EM: I'm trying to use the tools of science to understand precisely these types of knowledge.
IK: Wow, that's quite a calling.
EM: That's exactly what I've spent the last 35 years doing.
IK: What's the tie-in between this pursuit and your experiences with understanding that there are other life forms that have come to Earth?
EM: Well it's just an extension of the cosmology of what's this whole universe about and what are we about and coming to the conclusion that we are not alone. That's some of the most important knowledge that we could discover.
Got something to say? E-mail your questions, comments or concerns to Your words may appear on Discovery Space

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Moondogs Make a Spectacular Appearance - Photo

FULL MOONDOGS: It's winter, the air is filled with ice, and the Moon is waxing full--perfect conditions for a moondog. Sebastian Saarloos photographed a pair of them flanking the Moon over Lower Miller Creek, Alaska:

"Paraselene is the scientific name for a moondog," says Saarloos. "The phenomenon is caused by moonlight shining through ice crystals in the air." Hexagonal plate-shaped crystals, fluttering down from the clouds like leaves from trees, refract moonbeams into rainbow-colored splashes of light 22o to the right and left of the Moon, as shown above.

Moondogs are most often seen on the nights around a full Moon. That means now is the time to look. The Moon is 100% illuminated on the night of Jan. 26-27, so be alert for moondogs!

Alien Space Rocks Explode Over Japan at 44,700 MPH, Video

Japanese star-gazers have been all a-buzz this week after a fireball lit up the night sky before crashing to earth in Saitama prefecture, a little north-west of Tokyo.

News of the fireball started to flood Twitter in the early hours of last Sunday morning, 20 January, according to RocketNews24.

The entertainment site has posted several still images and vids which illustrate the intensity of the light generated by the falling chunk of space rock.

By coincidence, a car equipped with forward-facing camera was driving in the area at precisely the right moment to capture the explosion, in a YouTube clip that has now been viewed 1.8 million times.

SonotaCo, which monitors the skies above Japan for unidentified flying objects, claimed the fireball was a magnitude of around -11. A fireball is a meteor which is brighter than any of the planets in the night sky, that is, magnitude -4 or greater, according to the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

SonotaCo (tr. RocketNews) said the fireball became visible 100km east of Chichibu City in Saitama prefecture and crashed near the coast at Mito City, probably in the sea - which would foil any attempts to salvage a souvenir from space.

Falling at a 30 degree angle, the object was apparently travelling at a speedy 20km per second or 44,700 mph.

Did The Russians Know About Aliens on Phobos Mars Mission? Video

This is a interesting video that gives some very strong evidence that the Russians became aware of an alien presence (spaceship) on their Phobos 1 & 2 Mars Missions. I think you will find it very credible and very interesting.  

On March 31, 1989 headlines informed that Phobos 2, before losing contact, captured some strange photos of an unidentified object. Phobos 2 operated normally during its cruise phase, travelling the millions of miles from the Earth to Mars with no mechanical problems. It successfully gathered data about the Sun, Earth, Mars, and the interplanetary medium. On March 27, 1989, as it approached within 50 meters of Mars Moon Phobos, it was set to drop a mobile "hopper" lander and a stationary platform. But just before doing so, contact was mysteriously lost.

Russian evidence of Alien Life, Phobos 2 Mars Moon Mission

UFOs, Aliens, Car Wrecks, Alcohol, Is More to these Stories

Here are two case both involving UFOs/Aliens, car wrecks and Alcohol. This unlikely combination of events occurred withing 5 days of each other. The first one in a desolate part of Australia outside the city of Brisbane, the second one occurred not too far from Atlanta Georgia in the Loganville area of Walton County. Many people are very quick to dismiss these incidents out of hand because these people were driving under the influence but when you read these stories, particularly the one from Australia there seems to be more than meets the eye. 

Alien spacecraft' caused car crash

This first story was reported by the Australian Queensland Time on Jan 22, 2012. TWO men who walked away from a car crash near Brisbane's Wivenhoe Dam claimed to be chasing an alien spacecraft when found by police.

Police and the driver's insurance company received several sketchy phone calls from the men, who appeared to be convinced paranormal activity caused the crash.

Police received the first call from the men at 2.25am on Friday, saying they had been in an accident at Split Yard Creek and asked for the RAAF to attend.

It later became apparent the car had gone off the road and down an embankment near the Split Yard Creek bridge.

The phone call dropped out, and after 30 minutes of trying to contact the men, police received a call from RACQ Insurance.

Police said the conversations with the men were vague and at times barely understandable.

The men began to ''freak out'', telling the insurance company they were about to disappear and referred to the area as the Bermuda Triangle, police said.

Police called the men back, with the second male answering the phone, telling police there were ''some really weird things going on'' and they had abandoned the car.

Police received another call from the men at 4am, claiming that ''something paranormal'' had occurred and ''big bright lights'' caused the car accident.

Police found the men at 4.10am at the intersection of Wivenhoe-Somerset and Hyne roads. They were armed with knives and appeared to be protecting themselves.

The men became aggressive, claiming ''there were more of them around''.

The car's driver was breathalysed. He was over the limit and given a notice to appear in court.

One of the men was charged with assaulting a police officer.

DUI Suspect Flees Scene of Wreck, Says Aliens Transported Him

The second incident was reported by the Loganville-GraysonPatch from Georgia, USA. A man was charged with driving under the influence and failing in duty after striking a fixed object following an incident that happened in the early morning hours of Jan. 21, 2013 in the Loganville area of Walton County. His female passenger was transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center.

According to the report from the Walton County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a 911 call after 4 a.m. Monday morning to find a woman in the parking lot of Center Hill Church, bleeding profusely. She is reported to have called 911 claiming someone was trying to kill her. Deputies found a vehicle in the ditch at Highway 20 and Moon Road with the engine running, the wheels still spinning and the two front doors open. Nobody was inside.

The woman reportedly was unable to give deputies any details, but officers were able to identify her by details in her purse. A cell phone also was located with a profile of a man named Joel Lankford.

While deputies were working the scene, a call came in regarding a prowler on the front porch of a home on Escoe Road, which was a short distance away. Deputies responded and, when confronted, the reported prowler identified himself as Joel Lankford. When asked what he was doing there, he is reported to have told officers that the aliens brought him there. According to the report, he told officers he thought he was in Lilburn.

Lankford was taken back to the scene of the wreck and deputies reported that he appeared to be very unsteady on his feet and had the smell of alcohol on his breath. He was arrested and charged with DUI and failing in his duty after striking a fixed object. The woman was transported to the hospital.

A spokesman with the WCSO said the incident is still under investigation.
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