Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Truth About Area 51, UFO & Aliens, The Bob Lazar Story

Readers and viewers should be aware that Bob Lazar is a very controversial subject. He certainly has his supporters and detractors which makes his story all that much more fascinating. 

Bob Lazar shatters the cloak of secrecy surrounding the Unites States military's most highly sensitive operations located at an area known as S4 of Area 51, in the Nevada Air Force Range. Lazar gives a full account of Alien spacecraft the Government has hidden at S4 as well as details on their propulsion systems and how they operate. Bob Lazar was part of the reverse-engineering team. As chief physicist on project "Galileo", Lazar reveals what the US Military has known and held secret for decades. The Lazar Tape - describes and portrays the components and capabilities of an extraterrestrial vehicle used for interstellar space travel; a gravity propelled disc.

Between December 1988 and April of 1989, as a young nuclear physicist, Bob Lazar was part of the back engineering team. As part of this team his job was to understand and attempt to duplicate the propulsion systems of these craft.

1. How is it possible to travel vast distances of space without exceeding the speed of light?
2. How do you generate a gravitational field?
3. What is the power source for interstellar travel?

All of these question are answered and more in the Original and Official -- Bob Lazar Video.

NOTE: This is a rare archival video. Portions of this video have been restored however the information contained in this program remains intact from the time when it was original produced.
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