Friday, December 7, 2012

Strange Sounds Heard in 2 States Over 7-10 Counties

Once again strange sounds have been heard over an extremely large area, this time it encompasses two states (Texas & Oklahoma) covering a 7 -10 county area. I think you will find the comments every bit as interesting as the story itself. It is highly unlikely that these sounds could be military aircraft due to the fact that they have been heard on many occasions without visual sighting of aircraft. Also military pilots have to have approval to break the sound barrier and they can only do it over restricted airspace. 

KTEN tells their audience that they found the source of the sound and it was a sonic boom. I have lived and been around military bases my entire life and I can guarantee you that the ground does not shake. It does rattle windows and is exceptionally loud but the events described by the witnesses do not sound like sonic booms. Here is a sonic boom event. (video just below)

Three stories were posted this morning all with mysterious, booms, shakes and loud noises, the geographical range was rather staggering. Here are links to the other two stories.
Strange Booms Shake Arizona


Texoma-- KTEN has had hundreds of reports of loud explosions and the ground shaking in seven counties from north Texas to southern Oklahoma.

People tell us, they felt shaking and heard a loud boom just after eight this morning, and then again a little after two this afternoon.

Reports range from Cooke County to Love County, Carter, Johnston, Murray, Pontotoc and even Marshall County.

After dozens of calls, KTEN has found the culprits.

We spoke with the Public relations director for Lockheed Martin, a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of military aircraft. He said they were flying the jets over Southern Oklahoma Wednesday.

Sonic booms were likely the cause of the ground shaking and loud sounds.

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10 hours ago
was outside in Overbrook. I have heard many sonic booms before. This was easily 10x louder and more powerful than ANY I have ever heard in the past. Was with several others who are ex-military who said no way it was runofthemill SBs. Shook the ground here something fierce. Also 10plus counties now reporting hearing these things all at the same time. Crazy

23 hours ago
@amy...ummm you're at a computer (obviously) a great refresher about what a sonic boom is (you don't remember learning about jets traveling faster than the speed of sound??) and gives a great understanding of how different ppl can hear the same thing but be far away...*somehow i went from being sarcastic to helpful...smh*

1 days ago
It has been a while since I heard a sonic boom but never anything like that! I thought that would be reported as a record earthquake for Southern Oklahoma. Hope those aren't going to be a regular. Kinda scary?!

1 days ago
My husband heard it in Dickson and said it was POWERFUL. The ground shook with such force they thaought it was an earthquake. Hard to think it was really a sonic boom.

1 days ago
They were heard all over...huh wonder how loud those jets were..I guess pretty loud. We better just believe what they tell us lol. OR figure it out on our own:)

1 days ago
then how was they heard in other states

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